Bem vindos a Portugal! Welcome to Portugal!

You are invited to participate in a very special program of travel, study, meditation, plus the human joys of great food, and loving companionship.  This event is also to celebrate Alan Oken’s 50th anniversary of his calling to astrology and the Path of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings which was initiated on October 24, 1967.

The Portuguese Experience 2017 is created in two parts.  You may participate in this event by selecting one or both parts:

Part I (October 15 to 24).  The Astrology of Consciousness with Alan and Melanie Reinhart

Lisbon (Hotel Convento do Salvador)— 5 nights

Lisbon is an incredible, ancient, and beautiful city that is managing to integrate the 21st Century into its foundations while still maintaining its essential character.  The city is alive with Medieval and Renaissance monuments, modern markets and international art museums, traditional cafes and Fado houses, as well as many streets ending in staircases leading to wonderful culinary and architectural surprises.   Lisbon is to be explored.

We have selected the Hotel Convento do Salvador as our Lisbon base.  Located in a very historic neighborhood in the heart of the City, our hotel is just a six minute walk from the iconic St. George Castle (founded 2,000 years ago by the Romans). The hotel was originally a convent but has been totally modernized offering its guests flat-screen TV and free WIFI with many rooms reaching out over the city to the  Tegus/Tejo River.

Obidos: (Hotel Albergaria Josefa d’Obidos)—4 nights

The name “Obidos” is most likely derived from the Latin, “Oppidum,” meaning fortress.  This citadel-city thus has its origins in Roman times.  Obidos is a unique place for several other reasons: it is totally contained within its castle walls, no car traffic is allowed inside this enclosure, and they are known for the manufacture of ginja, a special cherry liqueur that is usually served in tiny chocolate cups!  A stay in Obidos is not complete without a walk atop its walls from where the hills of the region stretch out to the horizon.

Our hotel here is the Josefa d’Obidos.  We chose this newly refurbished hotel for several reasons.  It sits immediately outside the walls, meaning that our bus can pull right up to the entrance and we do not have to carry our baggage in and out of the Old Town.  In addition, the view from our rooms and the restaurant at the Josefa are all excellent.

Seminar workshops:  The Astrology of Consciousness

Melanie Reinhart’s topics:

  • Chiron and The Healing Journey (The Astronomy, Symbolism, and Meaning of Chiron)
  • The Ancestral Field and the Chiron Return
  • The Transits of the “Wounded Healer”
  • Suffering, Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Practice
  • Saturn: A Road Map and the transition between Sagittarius and Capricorn
  • Uranus: Awakening the Bull (the implication as Uranus enters Taurus and remains there until 2026)
  • Incarnation, the Four Angles, and the Moon’s Nodes

Alan Oken’s topics:

  • A guided visit to Hades and sponsored by Pluto:  Going into Death and coming out more Alive than ever!
  • Swimming in Neptune’s Ocean:  Transforming astral pollution into Holy Water.
  • Uranus and our Evolving Archetype: the Process of becoming our Self.
  • Rites of Passage: Transits and Progressions to the Four Major Angles of the Natal Map
  • Grab your mop and bucket: The astrologer looks at karmic hoarding and explores some ways to a clean house.
  • Eclipses and Sudden Awakenings
  • The Potentials for Transcendental Awareness in the Natal Chart

Please note:  The last session of most teaching days will be dedicated to group interchange.  This will include:

  • Question/Answer/Discussion time with Melanie and Alan.
  • Meditation and contemplation.
  • 20-minute presentations by participants.  If you have a topic, a paper, a mini-lecture you would like to present to the group, please send a written copy to Alan no later than August 15, 2017.  Due to time restrains, the number of selections is limited but all submissions will be carefully reviewed by Alan and Melanie.

(Please click here for the full schedule, details of events, costs and registration for Part I: The Astrology of Consciousness)

Part II (October 24-November 1).  The Path—Awakening to Light with Alan Oken

Please note:  On the road to Evora, we will be stopping to visit and reflect at the megalithic stone circles of Cromeleque dos Almendres.  This ritual site is the largest existing group of structured “menhirs” in the Iberian Peninsula and among the largest in Europe.  Historians tell us that this structure was begun some 8000 years ago and completed some 5000 years ago.  Now that is dedication to the Spiritual Path!

Location:  Evora (Hotel Vila Gale’)—5 nights

Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well as a member of MAETN (Most Ancient European Towns Network).  Originally founded by the Celts more than 2,000 years ago, Evora was conquered by the Romans in 57BC.  In fact, one of the sites we will visit in the history center of town is the still standing Roman Temple of Diana.  Entering Evora, still requires going through one of the many gates in the original city walls.  In 715AD, the city was conquered by the Moors and was finally placed under the rulership of the Portuguese kings in 1165AD.

By contrast our hotel is the Vila Gale’ located within walking distance to the Temple of Diana but thoroughly modern in design and amenities.  These include free WIFI, both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, health club, and a lovely restaurant where we will be presented with a bountiful daily breakfast buffet.

Villa Gale’ Evora


Lisbon (Hotel Convento do Salvador)—3 nights

Please scroll up and refer to Part I of The Portuguese Experience for photos and details about our hotel in Lisbon.

Hotel Convento do Salvador

Seminar workshops:  The Path–Awakening to Light

Those of you already familiar with Alan’s work know that for the past 50 years he has dedicated himself to sharing the treasures and personal evolutionary processes contained within the body of The Ancient Wisdom Teachings. We continue this work now during The Portugal Experience 2017.  The Path is a palpable energy, vibrating at different rates according to our place upon It. The focus and purpose of our work during this week will be to steady, reinforce, and give greater definition and structure to this focus and purpose.

Alan’s topics include:

  • The Probationary Path: Preparation for Discipleship.  What is taught? What is tested? What is learned? What is the way forward?
  • The Path of Discipleship: Preparation for Initiation.  What is taught? What is tested? What is learned? What is the way forward?  Discipleship and Group Work.
  • The Path of Initiation:  The first Three Initiations.  The Fourth Initiation.  The three Higher Initiations.  The effects of Initiation.  Results of Initiation.  Responsibility of Initiation.
  • The nature of the Seven Rays and their effects on Personal Evolution.
  • The Work of Restitution.  The Art of Elimination.  The Process of Integration.
  • The 10 Seed Groups and our individual and group participation in one (or more) of them.

(Please click here for the full schedule, details of events, costs and registration for Part II: The Path—Awakening to Light)