Hello everyone.  There are some major celestial happenings occurring in 2018 and one of the most important of these is Saturn transiting between 2 and 9 degrees of Capricorn for pretty much the entire year.  I elaborated somewhat on this event in three consecutive Facebook postings which I am reproducing here in case you missed them or would like to have these comments in a concise form for current and future reference.  Please also note the starting date (February 25/26) for the beginning of my latest “Wisdom of Astrology” webinar series in which I will be speaking at length about the “Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn Experience.” Please click here for details.  Here are the Facebook postings (with a bit of editing to shorten and clarify—how Saturnian!):

January 1: Astrological Commentaries from Bali. Hello everyone and a blessed 2018 to you all. There is an especial emphasis on 2 to 9 degrees of this Saturn in Capricorn, and by energetic contact to these same degrees in Aries, Libra, Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo. All of these positions are major “sign posts” along our Way throughout 2018.

In terms of its effects on any given individual, you need to know the House Position that Saturn will be transiting in that particular natal chart during the year. In essence, where do 2-9 degrees of Capricorn fall in a specific map? This will show you WHERE in one’s life the following types of circumstances will take place:

1. What in life needs to be tidied up, structured, guided, given special attention, put in place, ordered, and properly sequenced?

2. Where do you need to bring more authority and/or act as an authority figure so that order comes forward and chaos recedes?

3. What circumstances need to be seen from a practical perspective and not denied, put aside “until later” or remain in the shadows?

4. Where are self-discipline and positive limitations required in order to bring shape and substance to an important area of life (i.e. the house position)?

January is an absolutely PERFECT time to answer the above four questions because now in addition to Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto are also in Capricorn for all or part of this month, so take advantage of this transit and plan accordingly. Saturn in general and when in Capricorn quite certainly, rewards people for picking up the reins and tending to business!

Please Note: A well applied Saturn in Capricorn is a great cure to hoarding. Stay tuned as my next webinar series will speak about “the astrology of hoarding” on the physical, emotional, and mental levels–well all three do combine “in order” to create the chaos as well as the cure!

Personally during this initial Saturn-in-Capricorn time, I am structuring away, clearing my desk, and preparing for the year ahead. Recently, I categorized, prioritized, forwarded on, filed, or deleted a massive amount of previously answered emails and other created documents, diagrams, and notes. Didn’t actually have to answer too many emails because I do that early in the morning on a daily basis so as to be both courteous and also not allow them to pile up. Saturn and I seem to have a good natal relationship, one that I am increasingly enjoying as I am increasingly aging! Not great for the back and spine but absolutely super for prioritizing and using accumulated knowledge.  PS. Saturn in 2 to 9 degrees of Capricorn makes a transiting Cardinal Grand Cross to my natal map (but also a trine to the MC)…

January 3: Astrological Commentaries from Bali. Hello everyone. I would like to continue the topic of transiting Saturn in 2018 with a specific view to the importance of 2 to 9 degrees of the Cardinal Signs. The significance of these degrees is based on the fact that in 2018 Saturn makes a station (i.e. travels back and forth between 2 and 9 Capricorn) beginning on January 6 and ending in mid-December of this year.

Briefly, when Saturn in the Cardinals is in conjunction (Capricorn), square (Aries and Libra) or opposition (Cancer), the message is: Stop (well you will be stopped in any event!), really Look, and attentively Listen to the nature and orientation of your motivations, ambitions, and goals in life. In addition, objectively Observe your patterns of behavior especially in regards to control issues, authority figures (including yourself as such) and especially Monitor your orientation to Habits (on all levels). The conjunction acts as an intense “ring-pass-not” bringing home the fruits of the previous 29 year Saturn cycle (to that conjunction point) before allowing for the beginning of a new relationship with the Ringed One. The squares say in effect: “Improvement needed in these areas, if you please–I will give you a bit of a pinch–or a bang upside the head–to awaken your sensitivities to these issues.” And the opposition says (Capricorn to Cancer in this case): “Hmmm, there seems to be some faulty psychological plumbing at the base of operations in this situation, please identify and repair.”Top of Form

January 7: Astrological Commentaries from Bali. I have in the previous two posts (Jan. 1 and 3) made brief references to the significance of: Saturn in Capricorn, placement through the Houses, and its relativity to the first 10 degrees of the cardinal signs. I would now like to address the trines that Saturn will make to 2-9 degrees of Taurus and Virgo and sextiles to 2-9 degrees of Pisces and Scorpio. And then there is the “wee matter” of the inconjunction of Saturn in Capricorn to 2-9 degrees of Gemini and Leo.

Wherever Saturn touches it demands (in the case of the conjunction, square, and opposition) that you do your homework and “tidy up,” put things in order, get rid of the hoard, align your preferences to your inner goals as well as understanding your motivations (!) for such goals. Saturn says in essence. “This is time for the Big Homework, one filled with a lot of personal responsibility for your place in your world.”  When transiting in Capricorn by trine to Taurus and Virgo Saturn makes such demands easier to accomplish, more organic in their expression (i.e. not pushing rocks up a hill but gradually and carefully finding the mechanisms to move those stones much more efficiently into place). It is obvious that the Time (Father Saturn/Cronus) has come and you have what it takes to do the tasks demanded of you. In fact–even with difficult transits from Saturn, if you yield to the process and allow for the release of old patterns and the structuring of the new, Father Time will help you (granted hard Saturn aspect can create a good sweat!). Sextiles are “helping aspects” and I find they are energetically related to Mercury and the signs Gemini and Virgo. In essence they aid in the “positive communication” between the energies expressed by the planets involved. Sextile Capricorn to Pisces–make the dream practical and then live it! Sextile Capricorn to Scorpio–refine the task, sacrifice what is required and enjoy the rewards!

As for the inconjunction (quincunx, 150 aspect), well I think these are “major minor” aspects and need to be considered.  In brief, the phrases: “field of adjustment,” “unsettled circumstances,” “desafinado in Portuguese, “out-of-tune” in English–all of these will do. Sooooo, transit of Saturn to 2-9 degrees of Leo indicates that the sense of authority is “out of tune” and needs adjustment; the structure of the ego/sense of self needs a “readjustment” (Sun at 2 to 9 of Leo), etc. Examples: transit Saturn in Capricorn to 2-9 of natal Mercury in Gemini–“What were you thinking?” Whatever it was, it does not work. Tr. Saturn to natal Moon in these positions– “You will need to get more precise in how you wish to communicate your feelings!” etc.

“Saturn-in-Capricorn-time” is great to building upon our own structures of Goodwill and move forward with our focus of service, especially through our profession.  And if we do not have such a structure as a coherent “foundation” within us–well, now is the perfect time to create one! And if we do not have a profession, or we have retired from our profession–well now is the time to create another but this time let’s call it a “vocation.” In any event, no excuses–let’s just get on with our part in the One Work.

With love and blessings to one and all, Alan.

PS.  You are welcome to share these comments with any of your friends or associates.

Please note: All of the following days and times are given out in GMT.

January 20: Sun enters Aquarius at 03.10 am; Jupiter sextile Pluto at 19 Scorpio/Capricorn.

The effects of this wonderful sextile nearly end at this time (see comments directly below).  It has been a “celestial happening” over the past 10 days or so and as previously indicated in last month’s newsletter, it is a great aspect for esoteric teachings or for any subject matter that seeks to bring profundity of knowledge into one’s life.  This would be especially the case if in the natal chart 19 to 20 degrees of Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces were prominent. 

January 24-25: Mercury conjunct Pluto and sextile Jupiter at 19-20 Capricorn/Scorpio.

The effects of the Jupiter sextile Pluto transit are given a final boost by this transit of Mercury. 

For some today this may take form as a “Eureka” moment, when some deep search for understanding has finally revealed the rewards of such efforts.

January 26: Mars enters Sagittarius.

January 27-28: Mercury square Uranus at 25 Capricorn/Aries.

This is not the easiest of combinations as it creates nervousness and mental dispersion.  It is easy to move in too many directions and the same time, find oneself misunderstood or misunderstanding, and engaged in other communication “misfires.”  Of course this becomes a much more personal event should 24-26 of the cardinal signs be importantly configured in a natal chart.

January 29: Venus conjunct the Southern Lunar Node at 15 Aquarius.

This is not the best day for relationships with groups, especially if one’s social values differ from such a social setting.  In charts where 14-16 of Aquarius figures prominently, this definition would be especially accurate should natal Moon, Venus, the 7th or the 11th houses be involved.  In such cases, old friendships or relationships may come forward challenging personal values.

January 31: Full Moon/Lunar eclipse at 11.37 Leo/Aquarius at 01.30pm; Mercury enters Aquarius.

This part of the zodiac (8-15 degrees of Leo/Aquarius) is already sensitized by the resent transit of Venus and the current positions of the lunar nodes.  This is also the second of a pair of lunar eclipses at this point.  The first was on August 7, 2017 at 15.25 Aquarius/Leo.  Eclipses in this pair of signs point to the need to balance and integrate one’s personal creative self-expression and values/esthetics/moral codes within the framework of the larger, social values/esthetics/moral codes of the society in which one lives.  In essence what does the collective require of the individual relative to what the individual requires of the group collective?  The closer your chart is connected to these degrees (8 to 15 Leo/Aquarius), the more these types of situations will be important to your life at this time.

February 3-4: Mercury sextile Mars at 3 Aquarius/Sagittarius; Venus square Jupiter at 21 Aquarius/Scorpio.

As an Aries Sun with a Gemini Moon and Mercury trine Jupiter in may natal chart, I really appreciate positive aspects between Mars and Mercury (especially in the fire and air signs!).  These contacts give a real sense of “get up and go” to the environment and definitely instill a sense of adventure.  As for Venus square Jupiter, well, be careful not to spend too much money as you venture forth!

February 6-7: Venus sextile Uranus at 25 Aquarius/Aries.

What a good pair of days to make new friends or find new and unusual ways to explore one’s social network.  I guess for Millennials, this is a super day to remain on your Smart Phone without having to make excuses to anyone for doing so (not that you do!).  So go ahead, do the Zombie Walk phone in hand in the streets and on the roads, no telling who or what you might bump into, or who or what might bump into you!

February 10-11: Venus enters Pisces on the 10th; Sun square Jupiter at 21-22 Aquarius/Scorpio.

A few years ago, I wanted to introduce my then teenaged double-Libra grandson to a girl. He asked me, “Papa, is she beautiful?”  “Of course my son, she is a very beautiful girl,” was my immediate reply.  “That does not reassure me, Papa.  You think that everyone is beautiful!”  I have natal Venus in Pisces.  If you are one out of 12 people who also see Venus rising out of the ocean, then her entry into the Celestial Fish is a very romantic and poetic time for you—enjoy your swim in a sea of sensuality and beauty (just don’t get lost in the undercurrents).  By the way, by the end of the day, my grandson agreed with me.  The (Balinese) girl I introduced him to, was indeed quite beautiful.  As for the Sun square Jupiter, any square to this planet creates excess.  This is especially true when it is the Sun.  The conflict will be between detachment (Aquarius) and intensity of involvement (Scorpio), friendship and “more.”

February 13-14: Mercury square Jupiter at 22 Aquarius/Scorpio.

If these degrees are prominent in your natal chart, especially if natal Mercury, Jupiter and/or the 3rd and 9th houses are involved and travel is on your agenda, then you should give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you need to go.  There may easily be delays and/or changes of plan.  This aspect is not particularly favorable for the travel industry in general, nor does it favor of the making or signing of international agreements.  Educational plans, especially those involving group travel are also not favored under these astrological conditions.  As always check these transits to your natal chart; the closer they contact, the more personal will be these observations.

February 15: New Moon/Solar eclipse at 27.08 Aquarius at 09.06pm; Mercury sextile Uranus at 25 Aquarius/Aries.

This is the second on the pair of solar eclipse at this area of the zodiac.  The first was on August 21, 2017 at 28.53.  A number of astrologers, myself included, thought that this would be the eclipse that would knock Trump out of the White House.  After all, he does have the Ascendant at 29.58 Leo (not 0 Virgo—just check out the blond hair!) and Mars at 26.47 Leo.  But perhaps this very resilient man (just how many cheeseburgers and fries can you eat before going to bed and still be breathing in the morning at 71 years of age?!), needs a “one-two punch” to do the ousting job.  If so, here is Solar Eclipse #2!  If falls directly on his Descendant opposing natal Mars (now that will bring up a lot of public opposition) and is conjoined to the USA natal Moon at 27.10 Aquarius (the people of the USA).  I am using July 4, 1776 at 05.10pm as the birth time, giving 12 Sagittarius as the USA Ascendant.  The tide has certainly and definitely turned bringing an ocean of “Fire and Fury” into the Oval Office.  Let’s see if it is enough to dislodge the man.  Of course, there is nothing pretty about the reincarnation of a Dominican Friar from the Spanish Inquisition (Mr. Pence) waiting in the West Wing to take over.  Mercury sextile Uranus will be helpful to get the word out—whatever word that may be! 

February 16-18: Mars square Neptune at 13 Sagittarius/Pisces; Mercury enters Pisces on the 18th when it conjoins the Sun at 0 of the Fish.

OK, speaking of the Spanish Inquisition, this aspect has all the ingredients of martyrdom, religious warfare, violence in the name of a “higher” (but illusionary) cause, as well as sexual scandals!  This is the quintessential Sixth Ray square!  Mars and Neptune are both 6th Ray planets and Sagittarius and Pisces are 6th Ray signs.  What does this mean?  Think “dying for the Emperor” as a kamikaze pilot.  Think jihad and suicide belts.  Think Catholic Church and sexual cover-ups (just for the record in my view, the current Pope is a blessed, good, conscious, and holy man).  Think “Reality TV.” The 6th Ray in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings represents the energy of religion, devotion, and idealism.  It is also the Ray of the astral plane, glamour, and the projected fantasies of fame and fortune.  It is the Ray that contributes to the “illusions that delude the senses.”  When working correctly however, the Sixth Ray produces compassion, empathy, and the “sense of the mystical” that leads us away from separatist “religious” and political creeds and beliefs and leads us to a knowing of Union and Unity.

It will not surprise me if during these three days there will be an increase in religious or other forms of fanatic behavior.  These are days when the emotionally ungrounded will be stimulated. These tendencies will be underscored even further as the Moon (ruling the solar plexus) will also be in Pisces, conjoined to Neptune and square Mars during the weekend of the 16th and 17th.  What is good about these days?  They are great for meditation, contemplation, study, artistic expression, music (although I would not go to a pop concert!) as well as staying at home with a pizza and your favorite Netflix series!  Mercury conjoined the Sun at 0 Pisces is great for “sensitive perceptions” but not so good for logical or scientific communication.

With love and blessings to one and all, AO

As the year ends, Capricorn begins on a most intense note.  This is the “cazimi” conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at 00.12 degrees of the celestial Mountain Goat. A few notes of explanation are required in order to highlight and define the importance of this contact:

1. A “cazimi” conjunction means that the two planets involved are less than half a degree apart in orb.  This greatly intensifies that nature of the planet’s influence as the Sun vitalizes all spheres that it touches and the most intense of these geometric contacts/aspects is the conjunction of which the cazimi is the closest in nature. 

2. This is thus a very important time in which each of us should be prepared to practice discipline, patience, dedication, and responsibility to all areas of our life signified by the natal house placement of the Sun/Saturn conjunct in the birth chart.  In essence, this day is great for making seriously binding New Year’s resolutions and indeed for making life-long resolutions.

3. Saturn gives rewards for “a job well done,” especially if that job has been in existence for a long time.  The 0 degree of Capricorn in practical terms, can be called the “degree of culmination.”  This “culmination” as I mentioned has a great deal to do with the specific activities of the house in the natal map with Capricorn on its cusp, but we can take Saturn/Sun at 0 Capricorn to mean culmination in a more general sense too.

4. Let’s not think that Saturn at 0 Capricorn applies only to our career; it speaks about the culmination of all our life efforts.  This transit should be taken seriously as when Saturn is obeyed and respected many benefits are likely to come to us and conversely when we refuse to incorporate certain beneficial restraints and limitations into our lives, suffering is bound to follow. Thus if you know that the time has come for a diet, time to release oneself from alcohol or other addictions, time to gather together research in order to write a book, time to make amends for when we have been in error in relationships, time to build financial structures for our future, etc., Saturn at 0 Capricorn especially when conjunct the Sun indicates that now is the time to do it!  After all Saturn is Chronos, Father Time.

5. Every 29 years Saturn will of course enter Capricorn and remain about 2.5 years in this (and every other) sign.  And during every transit of Saturn in Capricorn, the Sun will also tenant the Mountain Goat and make a conjunction with Saturn.  Example:  The next time Saturn enters Capricorn will be on January 25, 2047 but the Sun and Saturn will both be in Capricorn in December 22, 2047 and the conjunction between the two will take place on December 28th at 7 degrees of the sign.  It is not rare for the Sun and Saturn to conjoin; they do so every year.  But it is very rare for the Sun and Saturn to be together at 0 Capricorn (the Solstice) and thus create an exact conjunction at that critical and sacred degree! (I have done some research on the matter and cannot come up with such a date either in the past or in the future, so if any of you know when the last conjunction of the two took place or the next will take place at 0 degrees, please let me know and I will share this information with everyone.) 

6. Saturn as we know rules “limitations” and in a world where the consensus for “good” is “more is better” and hence the great success of “all you can eat” buffet restaurants (especially in the USA) with the resulting epidemic of obese children and adults, this is not necessarily the case.  A balanced life is the goal (Saturn is exalted in Libra): Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction); Uranus (freedom) and Saturn (discipline), when combined lead to harmony and wholeness.

7. In soul-centered esoteric astrology, 0 Capricorn is called “The Degree of the Initiate.”  It speaks about the culmination of our efforts at walking the Middle Path, the Spiritual Way.  This sacred degree brings the blessings of a living and loving Consciousness into our lives.  0 Capricorn beacons our Way as we stride through the various stages of aspiration, probation, and discipleship.  This degree is our symbolic goal as we dedicate ourselves to Wisdom and our Service to humanity.  Those who have been making such efforts over the years will find that this conjunction will bring many benefits.  To those who still insist on continuing habitual patterns that delude the senses and obscure the Path, will find Saturn and the Sun’s exact conjunction at 0 Capricorn to be very challenging indeed in the year ahead. 0 Capricorn is the degree of the solstice (literally, “the standing still of the Sun.”)  Three days later on Christmas Eve, the Sun “begins to move” again so that on Christmas Day, the 25th it appears that there are 4 more minutes of light in the sky after the darkest day (Solstice, 0 Capricorn, 21st of December) and it is then that the Christ is born.

Please note: All of the dates and times listed are given in GMT/Greenwich Mean Time.

December 21-22—Sun enters Capricorn at 04.49 pm where it conjoins Saturn at 0 degrees of the celestial Mountain Goat.

This will be a challenging year for many people but contained within such challenges will be some profound opportunities.  Due to Saturn’s transit, the most obvious challenges will be to those degrees in your chart located in the first decanate of the Cardinal signs (0 to 10 of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), and of those degrees, 2-9 will be the most affected.  I am speak here of the entire year: January 1 to December 31, 2018.  The area most affected will be the house position Saturn occupies during this transit and the natal house(s) where any planets may be located at these first 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Example: In my own chart, I have Mars at 0 Cancer in my 8th, Neptune at 3 Libra in my 10th, the Sun at 8 Aries in my 5th with transiting Saturn (and Sun/Saturn/0 Capricorn) going through my 2nd.  As a result, I intend to “tighten my belt” in any number of ways:  diet to lose some extra kilos and improve health, work hard to finish some books I have in manuscript form (for a long time!) and which need some intense editing, structure my finances so that one still enjoys life but does not waste financial resources, and take care to streamline professional commitments to avoid excess expenditure of energy while still giving out the best of myself obtained over time (Saturn all!).  And finally, to be as supportive as I can to others while balancing that with being realistic with myself about my chronological age (as an Aries/Gemini, I often think of myself as being 44 and not 74, and this can without doubt make one a bit tired by the end of the day!).

Saturn will move from 0 to 9 of Capricorn from 12/1 to 4/17 when its plan and intent for natal positions in those degrees of the Cardinal signs will be clearly demonstrated.  On 4/17 at 9.09 Capricorn Saturn retrogrades until September 6 when it goes direct at 2.32 degrees of the Goat.  During the retrograde period it will “bring its lessons home,” striking a deeper, subjective tone.  When it makes its final passage through these same degrees (September 6 to December 15, 2018), it emphasizes these previously announced lessons, messages, and demands, making sure that lessons have been learned and structures are now in place.  Is so, bravo! If not…well don’t say that Saturn didn’t warn you.  In any event, a plate of karma will be your Christmas dinner (and karma can be either delicious roasted potatoes flavored with rosemary, or stale packaged stuffing with cold, lumpy gravy—at this point in life, it’s up to you, you are the cook after all).

Should you have natal positions at these first 9 degrees in Taurus and/or Virgo, Saturn’s transits will help to consolidate your hard work and efforts while bringing forth the possibilities for success in these natal houses. One thing for sure about Saturn, it is the “Lord of Karma,” so one will tend to “reap what one has sown” either in terms of rewards or further challenges in life.  Conjunctions from Saturn in Capricorn to other planets in Capricorn will define the purpose of such planets in your life in no uncertain terms.

December 23: Mercury goes Direct at 01.52am at 13.01 Sagittarius—and not a moment too soon!

December 24-25: Venus conjoins Saturn at 00.37 Capricorn; Jupiter square the lunar nodes at 15 Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius.

This combination brings to mind the old saying: “Waste not, want not.”  The Venus/Saturn conjunction is good for correct budgeting of resources, especially if it falls in an important part of your horoscope.  It is at an “initiatic” degree of the zodiac, so this is a good time to be clear about placing priorities around relationship responsibilities so that those friendships and partnerships that are worthwhile may be built upon for greater strength in the New Year.  Others that have outlived their worth, will need to be released or else will prove to be a drain on resources.  “Loving detachment” is a very important virtue to cultivate along the Way!  The closer 0 degree of the cardinal or earthy signs is to your natal chart, the more personal will be this message.  In the Light of the season, let Right Human Relationships be our aspiration and goal.  The world will be in a very challenging place in 2018, let Love rule in the Hearts of all people everywhere! Love (is same as Consciousness): the Will to Love, the Aspiration to Love, and right Action based on Loving Thoughts are the only solutions.  The separated self (whether on a personal or national level) is an “illusion that deludes the senses.”

A Joy-filled Christmas to one and all!

December 27-28: Mars trine Neptune at 11 Scorpio/Pisces.

I see two options for this trine.  One is religious or political violence and the other is the opportunity for those so inclined to experience a deep sense of spiritual connectedness.  Some might question:  But these two planets are in dignity by sign and in trine by aspect, how is it that you can ascribe “spiritual or political violence” to their effects?  Mars and Neptune are Sixth Ray planets while Pisces is a Sixth Ray sign and Scorpio is “Lord of the Fourth Ray.”  This combination of planets, Rays, and signs contributes to religious or political (in many cases they are the same these days) fanaticism.  Kamikaze pilots, the Catholic Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition,  and “modern” Islamic fundamentalist suicide bombers are a few examples of this combination of forces.  The trine does not modify these deep-seated nihilistic urges; in fact it just might make it easier and “more fluid” to carry out such types of assaults.

But for those anchored on the spiritual path (especially if 10 to 12 degrees of the watery signs are important in your natal chart), this combination of forces has the potency to deepen spiritual dedication and widen spiritual vision.  It is a lovely time for those so inclined for prayer, meditation, and acts of charity.

January 1, 2018: Sun sextile Neptune at 11 Capricorn/Pisces.

The Moon is in Cancer today and this lunar influences added to the Sun/Neptune sextile softens the day.  For the spiritually inclined, contemplation, prayers, and the reading of special and holy texts will prove beneficial.  Others may find that today is great for gently recovering from the night before!

January 2: Full Moon at 11.38 Cancer/Capricorn trine and sextile Neptune at 11 Pisces.  Uranus goes direct at 24.34 Aries.

To me this is a lovely first Full Moon on the New Year.  It brings energies that nurture and comfort carrying along the message of Christmas on very soft wings.  Naturally I am fully aware that for many millions on this planet, no matter what it says in the heavens, no day is “lovely and soft.” This gives those of us who care the opportunity to hold Humanity in our hearts and to nurture more personally those around us.

January 5-9:  Amazingly complex 5 days filled with some powerful aspects.

I will need to write in some detail about these interconnecting Celestial Happenings.  The combination of aspects taking place at this time are: Mars conjunct Jupiter at 16-19 Scorpio; Sun sextile Jupiter at 17-18 Capricorn/Scorpio; Sun conjunct Venus at 17 Capricorn; Sun sextile Mars at 18-19 Capricorn/Scorpio; Sun conjunct Pluto at 19 Capricorn; Venus conjunct Pluto at 19 Capricorn; and Mars sextile Pluto at 19 Scorpio/Capricorn.  Have I left anything out???  Now the fun part, let’s interpret these aspects. 

As you can see, all of these aspects are taking place from 16-19 degrees of Scorpio and Capricorn and they are all occurring within a five-day period.  This “domino-effect” planetary interconnectedness is so intricate and happens within such a relatively small time period, that I will deal with the effects as a whole 5-day period rather than breaking them down day-by-day.    I cannot of course be specific in terms of each placement and all possibilities.  But what follows I trust will give you what I hope will be an accurate synthesis and interpretation of the generating energies involved.  In this respect, I would like to quote the Tibetan Master, D.K. from His amazing book, Esoteric Astrology (published in 1942), when He states:  “Astrology is the science of effective energies.”  He goes on to tell us that the astrologers of “the future” will be more prepared to see astrology in this way. 

Whenever the positive interplay of Capricorn and Scorpio are at work, there is the opportunity to restructure life situations, thoughts, feelings, etc. so that the release of certain inferior energetic dynamics takes place leading to the development of more refined and perfected structures.  Example: poor eating habits giving rise to poor nutrition and weight gain being replaced by better eating habits leading to better nutrition and weight loss.

The 5th to 9th of the month will offer many people the opportunity to take advantage of these potentially positive Capricorn/Scorpio benefits.  Of course if you happen to have 16-19 degrees of Scorpio and/or Capricorn in your horoscope, the effects of these aspects will be very much in evidence in your personal life.  16-19 degrees of the water and earth signs will also be strongly affected as will be 16-19 degrees of the fixed and cardinal signs.  If these Mars-Jupiter-Sun-Pluto-Venus combinations are strongly connected to your 2nd and 8th houses, look for increases in financial opportunities and benefits; if connected to your 7th and 10th houses look for gains in professional relationships; if connected to your 1st house, opportunities for professional ventures and personal adventures are likely to appear, etc.

As I mentioned, these rather positive planetary aspects are so complex in nature that a reading of the natal chart in my view would be required in order to make sense of them in any deeply personal way but I do hope however, that the above explanations and examples will be helpful to understand these complexities.

January 11: Mercury enters Capricorn

January 13: Mercury conjunct Saturn at 2.50 Capricorn; Venus square Uranus at 24.37 Capricorn/Aries; Sun square Uranus at 23-24 Capricorn/Aries.

Positive Mercury/Saturn aspects are generally quite helpful.  Although the natal conjunction between the two (especially in the earthy signs) can lead to worrisome thinking in regards to finances, it is an aspect that can also lead to logically considered, concrete assessments of reality.  The transiting conjunction takes on a positive light in my view as it indicates sane and pragmatic thinking about the area in life signified by the natal house through which these planets are traveling.  (It is nice for us to remember that the word “planet” comes from a Greek root meaning “wanderer.”)

Venus square Uranus is indicative of some sudden event (Uranus in Aries) upsetting (square) the structure or pattern of our relationships, specifically professional relationships (Venus in Capricorn).  This is backed up by the often chaotic “tonality” of Sun square Uranus.  I do not believe that this will be a calm day in the world.

January 14-19: Jupiter sextile Pluto at 19 Scorpio/Capricorn.

If you will reread the third paragraph beginning “Whenever the positive…” under the section for January 5-9 above, it will begin to define this Jupiter/Pluto transit.  This planet/sign combination gives us the opportunity to refine our belief system and may be specifically helpful in terms of our relationship to economics and income.  Indeed, what is the belief system we have about our personal income?  How can these beliefs be improved to increase our assets?  Or if we believe we have enough substance (fortunate, peaceful person that you are!), then this sextile gives us a great opportunity to back up what we have with those spiritual/philosophical beliefs that bring more joy to the having (and the giving!).

January 14-15: Sun conjunct Venus square Uranus at 24-25 Capricorn/Aries.

Please refer to the second paragraph above and increase the dynamics of chaos as the Sun vivifies whatever it touches and in this case it animates the Venus/Uranus square described above.

January 17: New Moon at 26.54 Capricorn at 02.18am; Mars inconjunct Uranus at 24.40 Scorpio/Aries.

New Moons are traditionally great for planting a seed for what we seek to accomplish for the next 4 weeks until the next New Moon appears.  Look to the house position in your natal chart where this New Moon occurs to see that area in your life where such “seed planting” will be most natural.  That is the general rule.  But this month, this New Moon shows Uranus at 24.40 Aries and is thus square to the position of this lunation.  Added to this planetary geometry is the fact that Mars and Uranus are exactly 150 degrees apart (inconjunction).  Taken together, these two significators indicate: “that which is planted may be uprooted.”  I would therefore be objective and unattached to plans and projects conceived (“planted”) at this time.  At the very least, this old adage by Robert Burns may well apply:  “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” 

January 18: Venus enters Aquarius.

January 19: Mercury sextile Neptune at 12 Capricorn/Pisces.

When we combine the effects of this sextile to the existing Jupiter/Pluto sextile (see entry: January 14-19 above), we find that today may be an excellent time for reading and studying a subject that supports our Spiritual Path or our strategies for economic growth (which for some IS their Spiritual Path).

With love and blessings to one and all,


Please note:  All times and dates for planetary positions are given in GMT.

November 22: The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 03.06am.

November 22-30: Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra.

This “mutual reception” (Venus in the sign ruled by Mars and vice-versa) is not particularly auspicious.  It can give confusion between love and passion, and definitely create cross-currents in terms of the “signal lights” within relationships.  If you are ruled by Mars and/or Venus (combinations of Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Aries, Scorpio and/or Taurus, Libra), you may wish to consider well the timing of the making of all social and financial contracts.  On December 1st, Venus moves into Sagittarius, thus ending this relationship between the two planets so involved.

November 24-25: Mercury trine Uranus at 25 degrees Sagittarius/Aries.

This is a great period for the study of astrology as well as any study that links intellect with intuition, such as tarot, numerology, and (especially Jungian) psychology.  This is also a fine time to communicate with people in general and more specifically with people who share one’s same intellectual or spiritual path.  If you happen to have 24 to 26 degrees of the fiery signs prominent in your natal chart, you may just suddenly come across some written material (or person sharing such information with you) that will prove most uplifting and worthy of consideration.  Indeed, you may well be serving this purpose in someone else’s life!

November 26-29: Mercury conjunct Saturn, reaching exactitude on the 28th at 27.28 degrees of Sagittarius; Venus inconjunct Uranus at 25.07 Scorpio/Aries on the 27th.

What may have been suddenly (re)discovered as an area of great personal interest on the 24th and 25th, can now be approached with greater commitment while Mercury conjoins Saturn.  These are very auspicious days in which to contemplate future studies on your own or at institutes of higher learning and/or with groups of people whose purpose is to train and educational.  The 27th can bring about surprising encounters with some very interesting people.  This would be even more so the case is 24 to 26 degrees of the fiery and/or the watery signs were prominent in your birth chart.

November 27-December 6: Jupiter trine Neptune at 11 degrees of Scorpio/Pisces.

This is an influence of heightened sensitivity.  It combines the positive elements of both the Second (Love/Wisdom) and the Sixth (Devotion, Idealism, Religion) Rays.  To those who can experience this trine from the level of the Heart, it expands the ability to perceive the action of loving consciousness as it moves through, in, and around you.  To those who experience these energies only on the level of the Solar Plexus (tummy), even when in trine, these energies may prove to be confusing as they dissolve boundaries on emotional levels leading to loving “too much” on the personal level or becoming “overly devoted” to one’s spiritual/religious path. This is why my sense is that there can be a heightened expression of religious fanaticism or other forms of personal martyrdom.  This I believe will be most likely on the 30th of November as well as on the 1st to 3rd of December (please see comments below for further details).  If you have 10 to 12 degrees of the watery signs prominent in your natal chart, this Jupiter/Neptune trine will be very active in a personal sense in your life.

November 30-December 1: Mars opposing Uranus at 25 degrees of Libra/Aries; Venus enters Sagittarius at 09.15am on the 1st.

The combination of Mars and Uranus when in conjunction, opposition, inconjunction, or square can be quite volatile.  It definitely gives the need to break free of social constraints and act on the impulses of the personal ego.  This is especially true when in opposition in these two signs.  The urge to break free from social contracts and relationships (Mars in Libra) and act on one’s own initiative irrespective of any consequences (opposed Uranus in Aries) may well lead to unfortunate results.  The problem is not so much in breaking free to be one’s own person, it is the violent and brusque way that this occurs given the mutual expression of these two planets and the opposition of signs that links them.  I therefore would not be at all surprised if these two days plus the 3rd of December (please see below) will give rise to violent behaviour to those so disposed (and these days as we know, there are many such individual and groups).  If you have 24 to 26 degrees of the cardinal signs prevalent in your natal chart, think before acting impulsively.  It is always good to leave abusive relationships on any level.  It is always commendable to take a step in furthering one’s individual path to self-awareness and artistic freedom.  It is how this is accomplished and in the case of all the cardinal signs, it is also very important to be clear as to one’s true motivation in what can be seen and interpreted as abrupt or even violent actions.  In terms of the collective, Jupiter trine Neptune’s influence will be added these days to Mars/Uranus which in the lives of emotionally disturbed individuals or groups of individuals can yield violent actions.

December 2-3: Sun square to Neptune at 11 Sagittarius/Pisces on the 2nd; Full Moon square to Neptune at 11.30 Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces at 3.48pm on the 3rd; and Mercury goes retrograde as well on the 3rd at 07.35 am at 13 degrees Sagittarius in conjunction/opposition to this Full Moon.

Well personally I would do all I could to say in bed these days watching Netflics! At the very least, I would try to keep my life as simple as possible avoiding emotional dramas and people who tend to bestir emotional dramas and/or with whom I tend to become emotionally dramatic!  Why exaggerate a situation when the possibility of drowning is a distinct reality? Or illusion, which of course is the challenge—telling the difference between reality and illusion!  My sense of things is that these aspects on December 2nd and 3rd are following on the transiting heals of what was described for November 27th to December 1st.  In terms of the current tidal wave of global emotional insanity, I would reiterate the advice to “keep things as simple as possible” on one’s life.  It will be interesting to see what song the Big Trumpette will be blowing at this time as he was born with a natal full moon (eclipse) between Gemini and Sagittarius.  PS.  Mercury remains retrograde until December 23rd when he turns direct at 01.52am at 13.01 Sagittarius, reigniting the degree of this Full Moon.  Please also note that on the 23rd of December, Neptune will be at nearly 12 Pisces and thus square to Mercury—clarity of thought and purpose will thus be obscure.  All of the above point to what my Spiritual Mother taught me over 20 years ago: “The most difficult of spiritual virtues to cultivate my son is loving detachment.”

December 5-8: Mars sextile Saturn at 28 degrees of Libra/Sagittarius (exact on the 7th at 28.30. 

I am quite fond of the results of positive aspects between these two planets as they support a determined effort to achieve a goal through hard work.

December 9: Mars enters Scorpio at 09.00am.

Those people who are ruled by Aries and/or Scorpio (such as yours truly with Sun in the former and Ascendant in the latter), you will be quite happy to see Mars exit Libra so that your adrenal glands will be up and running again!  Librans may feel a sense of relief as the added tension in relationships that is a natural expression when Mars is in your sign, may be somewhat lessened.

December 10: Venus square to Neptune at 11 degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces.

This is not the best aspect for a practical approach to relationships, but it does indeed stimulate the romantic dynamic between people.  It is also a boost to one’s general sensitivity to art, music, film, and all things beautiful.  The primary caution is not to overstep one’s aspirations for the “perfect prince or princess” to make an appearance.  It may also be helpful during this day to accept the beauty of your personal “frog” who may not be of royal blood or inclination, but frogs are also creatures of beauty.  If 10 to 12 degrees of the mutable signs figure prominently, especially if this degree is on your 7th house cusp or in strong relationship to your Venus and/or Moon, this paragraph will be much more applicable to you.

December 15-17: Sun trine to Uranus at 24-25 degrees of Sagittarius/Aries (exact on the 16th).

This is a fine aspect for exploring your own creativity, especially if you are involved with any form of higher education that seeks as its goal to further your process of individuation—in other words so that you become more like You!  If 23 to 26 degrees of the fiery signs are strong in your natal chart, enjoy the adventures and groups of people that these days may well present to you.

December 18:  New Moon at 06.32 am in 26.31 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 29.48 of this sign.  The Moon will be exactly conjunct Saturn at noon to 1pm.

This is a very good indication for getting serious with oneself about one’s goals in life.  Making decisions about travel, higher education, and the nature of your spiritual path may be on the agenda but keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde in Sagittarius, so I would be more inclined to dwell seriously (and joyfully!) about these issues now but wait until after the Little Herm turns direct on the 23rd to take any action.

December 20-21: Saturn enters 0 Capricorn at 04.50 am and conjoins the Sun at 29 Sagittarius. They will be conjoined at 0 Capricorn at 04.29pm.

I will have a great deal to say about this transit and this conjunction in next month’s edition of this newsletter.

With love and blessings to one and all,


Astrology is neither a perfected science nor solely an art form created by the intuitive faculties of the astrologer.   Astrology is a discipline that combines certain elements of science, art, and intuition thus making it a unique field of study.  Astrology is also a diagnostic tool.  It has been given to humanity so that we may begin to understand our personal roots in infinity as well as the higher Laws of Creation that govern our lives.  Astrology, therefore, is not an end unto itself.  On the contrary, it is a vehicle to yet a greater Path.  The planets are but giant energetic centers expressing universal principles and truths in cyclic rotation.  The job of the astrological student is to comprehend these celestial movements and then explain them for the benefit of one and all.   –AO                                                                                

Scorpio by nature is a very complex sign giving birth to some rather intense individuals.  I mean if the energetic dynamics of death and rebirth, sex (leading to either regeneration or degeneration), transmutation, and atomic fission all coupled with other people’s money were tightly wrapped up within the vitality of a man or a woman, how could one not be intense?  As a man with Scorpio rising, Mars in the 8th house square an Aries Sun with Pluto in the 9th in trine to that very same sun, and Mars in Cancer with the Moon sextile to Pluto as well, I would say that this makes me rather familiar with this sign, its characteristics and modes of both its behavior and (especially when I was younger!), its misbehavior.  In this respect, please refer to my two articles in this month’s newsletter: Scorpio and the Path of Transformation and Pluto’s Inner Message.

The month of Scorpio 2017 contains some rather interesting challenges.  One aspect colors the entire month.  This is the trine of Saturn in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries at between 23 and 27 degrees of these signs.  Let me offer an attempt at a delineation of the fusion of these two planets in fire and by trine:

There is a need to bring international law (Sagittarius) into those forms of rules and regulations (Saturn) that are applicable to new (Aries) social archetypes (Uranus) and patterns (Saturn).  The intension of this urge is international in scope (Sagittarius), meant to be inclusive and acceptable to many (trine).  The hope is to be able to take this social order (Saturn and Uranus and their co-rulership of Aquarius) to its next stage (Aries).  I believe however that the “good intentions” of this planetary trine will be somewhat thwarted.  Please read on:

Aside from such challenges as found in the egocentric and narcissistic nature of various presidents, CEOs, dictators, and oligarchs, as well as the fear and ignorance of the people that put them in power and are struggling (consciously or unconsciously) to keep them there, there is also the matter of the continuing catastrophes brought about by the unnatural interference of man upon climate augmenting and intensifying natural cyclic climatic changes.  And from the astrological perspective, there is a specific planetary interplay that makes Scorpio 2017 particularly complex.  This is the mutual reception of Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorpio from November 6-30, i.e. also affecting the first week of Sagittarius.

This relationship between Mars and Venus is particularly difficult for principally the following three reasons (there are others!):

1. Libra is the “sign of detriment” for Mars while Scorpio is detrimental for Venus.  Thus they are simultaneously in mutual reception and mutual detriment.  Detriment is the energetic condition of a planet that is 1800 from its most natural state (i.e. in this case Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries, known as their “signs of dignity”).  Detriment weakens the natural direction of planetary energy. Mutual reception of planets in detriment only serves to strengthen and stimulate that weakness.

2. The Sun in Scorpio is ruled/disposited by Mars.  As Mars is in detriment in Libra, the vitality of the solar force is compromised.  Instead of serving the purpose of transformation (Scorpio), the solar vitality will instead move to pause (Libra) and thus create greater tension.

3. The effects will be felt by a great deal of passive aggression and hidden, manipulative negotiations (Venus in Scorpio as dispositor of Mars in Libra).

Let’s move on now and take a look at the astrological month ahead in greater detail, keeping in mind that for the equal convenience of all no matter where you currently reside, the time and dates that are offered are all in GMT.

October 23: Sun enters Scorpio at 05.28am; Venus inconjunct Neptune at 11 Libra/Pisces.

The Venus/Neptune inconjunction is particularly romantic in these signs but it is also rather illusionary.  This is thus a great day for love-making but not for the commitment of marriage.  It is a fine day for spending money on a yummy dinner but not for buying the restaurant.  It is a lovely time for walking with a beloved through a city park but not for denying that there is indeed a concrete metropolis awaiting you upon your exit.

October 24: Mercury trine Neptune at 11 Scorpio/Pisces.

Are you working on a laboratory research project, planning an undersea treasure hunt or mapping expedition, working on the solution to an intricate video game puzzle, or perhaps editing a film?  Well if you are doing any of these activities or perhaps simply trying to understand last night’s dream, this is an excellent day for all of this type of endeavor.  Planets and positions at 10-12 degrees in the watery signs in the natal chart are especial sources for inspiration—look to the house positions to see where such inspiration may be located in your life.

October 25-27:  Sun conjunct Jupiter at 2 to 4 degrees of Scorpio.

The stimulation to expand efforts at profound learning; the urge to explore hidden channels of information; the urge to travel to secret places… are some of the definitions I can offer to delineate this very interesting aspect.  Should the first 5 degrees of Scorpio figure prominently in your natal horoscope, you may just find that the place in your chart where this happens opens up some interesting possibilities, yields up some hidden treasure of knowledge or income, or brings up things you didn’t know you knew!  Hmmm, this happens in my 11th house, perhaps some foreign friend appears bringing a rich source of understanding or a yummy cake or both!  I will after all be in Portugal teaching at the time.

October 27-28: Mercury sextile Pluto at 17 Scorpio/Capricorn; Venus square Pluto at 17 Libra/Capricorn on the 28th.

The Mercury/Pluto aspect is great for research, and uncovering some very deep and intriguing information while the Venus/Pluto square can give arguments over finances and/or positions of power in relationship.  The latter can be very personal to you if you have planets or important positions at 16 to 18 degrees of the cardinal signs (especially if there is some relationship to the 2nd, 8th, or 7th houses).

November 1-4: Venus sextile Saturn and opposing Uranus with Saturn trine Uranus at 23 to 26 degrees Libra/Sagittarius/Aries.

Please refer back to the beginning of my observations for this month’s Celestial Happenings relative to the Saturn/Uranus trine.  Now we shall add another element: Venus in Libra sextile the former and trine the latter planets.  We see the urge for negotiation and compromise; the hands of peace are extended.  But whose hands (which nation) and under what conditions?  Individual national interests and “revolutionary” social elements will make it very challenging for such offers to find agreement among the various parties.  This can be applied both to the international scene as well as down into the more personal levels of operation in daily life.  Simply put, it will just be a difficult time to reach agreements even though the orientation for such contractual accords may be present.  If you have 23-26 degrees of any of the cardinal signs important in your natal chart, such positions will reveal more personal challenges in terms of what I am indicating. These same degrees in the fiery signs may open up some creative and/or social opportunities for you, although Aries more than Leo or Sagittarius will need to be aware that compromises will have to be met in order for goals to be achieved.

November 2-4: Mercury inconjunct Uranus at 26 Scorpio/Aries (Nov. 2-3); Sun trine Neptune at 11 Scorpio/Pisces (Nov. 3); November 4–Full Moon at 05.24am at 11.59 Taurus/Scorpio sextile and trine Neptune at 11.33 Pisces.

It should be obvious from the above that the first four days of November are pretty complex!  In addition to the aforesaid described dynamics of Venus/Saturn/Uranus, the inconjunction between Mercury and Uranus makes communications that much more challenging.  On a global level, there could be complications in terms of computer and satellite networks.  Advice to one and all:  keep things simple during these days and do not attempt to do “too much” (which I understand is a very relative phrase, especially for Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius the three signs most affected by this inconjunction).  Sun trine Neptune illuminates the already illuminated and confuses the already confused!  In light of the relative position of Neptune, this Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon creates a super-sensitive environment for the month ahead, i.e. until the next Full Moon on December 3. Such a sensitive lunar period is very good for the practical application of compassionate acts and deeds.  The next Full Moon will be at 11.40 Gemini/Sagittarius T-Square to Neptune which will cause its own complications, energetic challenges that I will discuss with you next month.  So does humanity get a break?  Does chaos still have to reign?  It would appear that the physical and emotional floods continue for a while.  My sense is that the only “break” is the one we create through “breaking away from” the dynamics of the personality and reaffirm our connection to the Soul, and then from this “life saver” we may more safely and effectively plunge back into the personality life—always leaving at least one toe out of the bath tub in the process!

November 5: Mercury enters Sagittarius.

November 7: Venus enters Scorpio

November 9: Sun sextile Pluto at 17 Scorpio/Capricorn

This sextile carries a certain degree of potency due to the fact that Pluto is dispositing the Sun in Scorpio.  It is a combination of energies that is very good for perceiving deeply into the reality of economic and power structures.  If it falls into a potent place in your natal chart, i.e. natal Venus at 16 to 18 of Virgo or Pisces, it can be very helpful to you on the job or to regenerate your health (Virgo) or excellent for depth of perception into the hidden resources within relationships (Pisces).

November 11-14:  Venus conjunct Jupiter from 5 to 8 degrees of Scorpio.

During these four days, Venus will remain conjoined to Jupiter.  In a personal sense, this brings about the opportunities to regenerate resources, especially those that have been previously invested and/or are a result of partnership association.  “Resources” in this sense has two meanings: emotional and material.  This conjunction leads to answers to such questions as:  How can I renew the sense of intimacy in my relationship?  How can I find the real meaning in my love for a beloved person in my life?  What is the real value of my personal wealth?  How can I make the most out of what I have either on emotional or financial levels?  Those of us with 5-8 degrees of the watery signs may find this to be quite a fortuitous time in life.  Those of use with these degrees in Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius may find that certain of our life values are being questioned (and possibly answered!).  These degrees in Virgo and Capricorn also benefit from this conjunction.

November 13:  Mercury square Neptune at 11 Sagittarius/Pisces.

Challenging aspects between Mercury and Neptune are usually “opaque” in effect as correct thinking may be impaired by too much idealism and not enough practical logic.  In these mutable signs, the inability to focus may also be a problem.   10-12 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the points of the zodiac most afflicted by this square.  Fortunately, it only lasts for a day but during this day, I would not sign contracts or make verbal (or travel) commitments.

November 16: Mercury sextile Mars at 16 Sagittarius/Libra.

This aspect may stimulate the mind but it does not point to any firm or precise direction.  Although good for debates and interesting conversations, it is not so good for precise answers or for consistency in one’s pursuit of resolution to problematic situations.  Best to enjoy good and stimulating company without expecting too much from these social contacts.

November 18: New Moon at 26.19 Scorpio at 11.43 am; Mars square Pluto at 17 Libra/Capricorn (in effect on November 19th as well).

I am not too pleased about the nature of this New Moon.  Mars and Pluto are the natural rulers of Scorpio and they are in exact square at the time of this lunation.  In addition, Mars in Libra is “in detriment” (see my comments at the outset of this edition of Celestial Happenings).  In brief, this next 28-day period can be very conflicting especially in terms of trying to reach agreements between warring and competing factions.  Struggles among the power elite are very likely with the people paying the price for this egocentricity and selfishness.  The best that can happen under the intensely martial qualities of this combination (New Moon in Scorpio with Mars and Pluto in exact square!) is that through destruction the Phoenix will rise bringing new opportunities for love to dominate.  But I am a Child of the 60’s and have been known to keep a flower or two in my hair (especially here in Bali where this is still a common sight among both men and women).  On a less political and more personal level, if during this 4-week lunation cycle you find yourself with the need to identify stress and then release its cause and you do both successfully, then you will have benefitted greatly from these aspects.

November 19: Venus trine Neptune at 11 Scorpio/Pisces.

A lovely day for a “hot date” at the beach!  If that is not in line with the rest of your life, then this aspect is also excellent for enjoying the “muses” through art, music, film, and theater as these expressions of beauty are also blessed under these planet/sign contacts. At the very least—and it is a lot—should 10 to 12 of the watery signs figure prominently in your natal chart, you will find this day as opportune to deepen your sense of union to a special person in your life.

With love and blessings to one and all,



Hello everyone,

As these commentaries regarding the Celestial Happenings for the month of Virgo 2017 are being written on August 14th so that you may have this Newsletter delivered on time, I have not of course had the opportunity to view the corresponding events in the world or upon individual lives as a result of the August 21st solar eclipse.  I can just restate my observations that this will be a period that will not pass in silence.  There is just too much happening and much of it falling directly on the chart of Donald Trump and the natal map of the USA for July 4, 1776 for a quiescent passage of time.  What follows is the natal map that I along with a number of other astrologers use, but there are others constructed for different times of the day.  The most popular of these alternative charts has a Gemini Ascendant, but the date and place of birth for the USA is commonly agreed upon.  I am republishing the following two charts from previous newsletters for the purposes of clarity and convenience.

The astrological reasons why I state that this is a “period that will not pass in silence” are based on the following list of transits.  Please note:  If technical astrology is “not your thing” you are welcome to skip the next few paragraphs and just go directly to “Transits and Events for one and all” which is written with everyone in mind.  I list below the major transits and eclipses for the period between August 7 and September 26 with certain brief comments as a sharing with those of you who are more specialized and advanced in your astrological education and practice.  It is not everyone’s destiny to be an astrologer or advanced student of the subject!  But I am grateful to one and all for your general interest in our ancient science and in my work specifically.

1. August 7: Lunar eclipse at 15.25 Aquarius/Leo falling on DT’s Pluto in his 12th—“A change is gonna come”; hidden powers/contacts with Plutocrats will be revealed and released.

2. August 21: Total solar eclipse at 28.53 Leo falling directly on DT’s Mars/Ascendant conjunct and square his MC/IC axis—the release of martial power, ego is threatened and ego threatens; position in the world is strongly challenged.  Eclipse closely opposes the Moon in Aquarius in the USA chart (which sits on DT’s Dsc.)—the people (of the USA) rise up; there is violence between prevailing groups with differing social views.  DT’s natal Mars opposes USA Moon and both are eclipsed—major differences between Trump and the people of the USA are brought to the surface; groups favorable to DT express themselves in “martial tones.”  He is a natal/natural instigator of discord in the USA.

3. August 13-September 5:  Mercury is retrograde connecting by conjunction to the positions of Mars and the Ascendant in DT’s natal chart (Sept. 1-5, Mercury is retrograde and Sept. 6-9 holding these same positions by “direct” motion).

4. August 26-September 4: Mars transiting from 24 to 30 Leo creating a square to DT’s MC/IC axis, conjoining his natal Mars/Asc conjunction.  This gives rise to bombast and the shaking of spears.

5. All August-September: Nodal axis at 24/23 Leo/Aquarius square DT’s MC/IC axis—the social collective opposes his place in the world and vice-versa.

Note: Items #2-3-4-5 are all centered on the same degrees, planets, and points in DT’s chart (23-30 degrees of Leo).  These positions are too strong to “pass in silence” and activate very potent egocentric, territorial responses as well as generate general chaos in the USA.  This is seen from 1) USA natal Moon at 27 Aquarius as well as 2) natal Mars in USA chart is at 21 Gemini which therefore conjoins the Sun and opposes the Moon in DT’s natal chart, itself “birthed” at the time of a Total Eclipse of the Moon!  This means that this man will have major “ups and downs” and “crashes and burns” (with potent restorative powers—see position of his natal Mars and Jupiter to natal Sun and Moon; Jupiter is also the co-ruler of his natal 8th house of regeneration).

DT has enormous natal powers to resist opposition; opposition and chaos for which he is a major vehicle and source.  He is a definite polarizing force (Mars on the Ascendant; Libra planets square Cancer planets=upset of domestic balance; Sun opposing Moon and intimately connected with Nodes and Uranus=vast social influence coupled with chaos and contention).

6. August 21-September 22: Jupiter trines his Sun/No. Node, sextiles his Moon/So. Node and squares his Saturn/Venus conjunction in the 11th.  Elements of “good fortune” may sustain him through very early September but then I believe, the walls could come crashing down.

7. The transit of Saturn.  Saturn has been a “major player” in DT’s chart since the end of November of 2016 and continues to play a major role in his life until December of this year.  Briefly it has moved during this period between 17 and 27 Sagittarius, retrograding on April 4, 2017 back to 21 Sagittarius and on August 25, 2017 and moving direct again to 30 Sagittarius on the 20th of December.  This transiting passage touches the positions of his Nodes, Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant and Descendant by major aspect.  The alternating transits of Saturn between conjunctions, oppositions, and trines, show the battles of power within his base as well as powers coming from abroad (Saturn in Sagittarius) and entering into his base (on his Moon/So. Node in his 4th house).

8. The transits of Uranus.  Uranus has been another important dynamic in DT’s life since April of 2016 when it entered the last decanate of Aries (20-30 degrees of this sign) and there to remain until May of 2018 when it enters Taurus, revisiting the trine to his Ascendant from November 2018 to March of 2019.  In the present period (August-September), Uranus will be moving from 28 to 27 Aries and thus trine to his Mars and the August 21 solar eclipse point.  He will not “go down” without a fight and in my view Saturn and Uranus in simultaneous grand trine to his Mars/Ascendant gives him quite the arsenal with which to fight to maintain his postion!

Finally, please note that there is a partial solar eclipse on February 15, 2018 at 27.08 which is exactly conjoined the natal Moon of the USA chart as well as opposing the natal Mars (as well as the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse point).  This is another very exact celestial marker that intimately ties DT with the USA via an expression of power/ego battles between the former and the latter!  We need to remember that astrology considers nations as entities (indeed esoteric astrology considers planets as entities and the Cosmos as An Entity!).  The period between August 21, 2017 and February 15, 2018 is a “space between two energetic parentheses.”  I believe that this space will be one of great conflict and chaos—and yet, there will always be Order out of Chaos and Harmony can and will result from Conflict.  This is the Hope and the Promise.


(Please note that all dates and times given are in GMT)

August 22: Sun enters Virgo at 10.21 pm.

August 22-29: Jupiter sextile Saturn 21 Libra/Sagittarius.

This is a lovely sextile, strong in its potential to do well for us should it fall into an important place in our natal chart.  Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign while Jupiter in Libra is in the sign of the exaltation of Saturn.  This is a combination that evokes the best from their mutual relationship.  It is thus a very good period for sharing higher learning with others, to form lasting relationships with people who have common beliefs, and to reach across philosophical and religious boarders to create understandings between people of different religions or creeds.  In principle, this sextile should be very positive for those of you who have strong Capricorn/Sagittarius charts, i.e. Sun in Capricorn with Sagittarius rising or vice-versa; Moon in Capricorn with Sun in Sagittarius, etc.  Should 20-23 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Libra, or Sagittarius be prominent in your natal map, then this sextile will work at its optimum good for you; I hope it will also benefit the planet in general.

August 24: Venus square Uranus at 28 Cancer/Aries.

Should 27-29 of the cardinal signs be in important positions in your natal map, be prepared for some sudden and surprising situations in terms of friendships and relationships.  You may also discover that you have this “sudden and surprising” effect on the people around you.  At the very least there may well be the urge to change the status quo in domestic relations and partnerships in general. This aspect is not well disposed to the prevailing Jupiter/Saturn sextile as it tends to accentuate differences between people rather than emphasize what unites them. Whoever said that the heavens would give out only one single, simple message at a time?

August 25: Saturn goes direct at 21.10 Sagittarius.

This can bode well for Capricorns and Capricorn rising charts as it may be easier now to plan for the future (especially with Jupiter favoring Saturn at this time).

August 26: Venus enters Leo; Sun conjoins Mercury at 3 Virgo.

In general Venus entering Leo bodes well for the fiery signs as well as for Libra and Gemini placements.  Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunctions in Virgo can bring about unnecessary absorption in minutia or make too much fuss about too little; stick to a focus of quality rather than quantity.

August 27: Sun conjunct Mercury at 3-4 Virgo.

Please see comments on paragraph above.

August 31: Mercury retrogrades back into Leo touching eclipse point.

Between now and September 4th Mercury and Mars will be conjoined in the last few degrees of the Celestial Lion.  Be prepared for some loud confrontations, arguments, and assertive egos on both personal and planetary levels.  This does not me that you will be confrontational or at the receiving end of arguments (unless these degrees are very prominent in your natal map).  It does mean that the world in general will be a bit “loud!”

September 1-4:  Mercury conjunct Mars and trine Uranus 27-28 Leo/Aries.

Those of you with important positions in your natal chart at 26-29 degrees of the fiery signs as well as Gemini, will be receiving a “cosmic Vitamin-B shot” during these days.  These degrees in Aquarius/Libra are also potent “targets” for these fiery balls of energy. The specific “power point positions” to which I am referring are the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mars, and Midheaven (although other planetary placements at these degrees will also get a considerable “boost”).  Although it is not possible to interpret all possibilities in this paragraph, in general it can be said that simultaneous fiery trines from Mars and Uranus will produce a loud noise, a sudden impulse to break from routine, and activities which can perceived as sudden, impulsive, and courageous (for some) and foolhardy (for others).  These trines are very potent to Mr. Trump’s natal chart and hence my characterizing his normally noisy nature and being exceptionally boisterous during these days.  Will he be “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” (Macbeth, Act 5, scene 5) or will he be explosive in ways that may be quite harmful?  One thing that is in “our” favor is that Saturn at this time will be conjoined his Moon and opposing his Sun, holding things back a bit (or “powers that be” restraining him). Considering the involvement of Mercury in all of this, at the very least, stand by for some very loud and perhaps quite shocking tweets!

September 4: Sun opposes Neptune at 12-13 Virgo/Pisces.

September 5: Sun exactly opposed Neptune at 13 Virgo/Pisces; Mars enters Virgo.

September 5-7: Mercury direct trine Uranus 28 Leo/Aries.

September 6: Full Moon at 13.53 Pisces/Virgo at 07.04 with Neptune at 13 Pisces.

This is a lot!  The Mercury/Uranus trines in fire express very powerful messages that can be either disruptive, enlightening or both.  As this 5-day long trine occurs at first during the Mars/Uranus trines mentioned above in the September 1-4 paragraph, and then directly following, we can be sure that many intense words will be evoked between people and nations.  Will the trines help the world situation towards better communication?  One can only hope.  I am not particularly pleased by the connection between the Sun, Moon and Neptune as in general this will add glamour, confusion, and misunderstanding to the general tone of these days.  The Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces with Neptune conjoined the Moon accelerates and agitates the astral body, making for an emotional climate on steroids.  Advice to one and all:  if possible stay calm and watch a beautiful movie rather than finding yourself involved in a highly charged drama.

September 8-9: Sun trine Pluto at 16 Virgo/Capricorn.

These can be healthy and restorative days for those of you with important positions at 15-17 of the earthy signs as well as these degrees in Scorpio.  In general these are good days for practical undertakings and for finding methods and techniques to improve health.  I would think that such discovered tonics and elixirs will be well-welcomed after the events of the first week of September.

September 10: Mercury now direct re-enters Virgo.

September 12: Venus trine Saturn at 21 Leo/Sagittarius.

Those with natal positions at 20-22 of the fiery signs as well as these degrees in Libra, may benefit from contacts with older people and/or with people one has known for a very long time.  This would be especially true if natal Venus, Moon, and/or the natal rulers of the 7th and 11th houses were involved.

September 13-14: Sun square Saturn at 21 Virgo/Sagittarius.

20 to 22 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces point to areas and energies of life that can be restricted, restrained or somewhat afflicted during these days.  For example, if you were to have the natal Moon in the 4th house in Pisces, this would be a couple of days in which you might experience a certain degree of moodiness and/or find that domestic situations were particularly oppressive. The intensity of this situation is temporary, passing in a couple of days when the Sun leaves these degrees.  But for those of you with important positions at 20-22 of these mutable signs, Saturn has been very strongly present in your life for some months now trying to bring an important message to you.  It is a message that concerns a certain “form or focus of limitation” in your life. Perhaps with the Sun transiting these degrees, you will have an answer to exactly what needs to be done to work through this particular type of life challenge.

September 15-17: Mercury conjunct Mars from 5 to 8 degrees of Virgo; Venus sextile Jupiter at 24 Leo/Libra on the 15th

You can get a great deal of work accomplished during this time should 5 to 8 degrees of the earthy signs be strong in your natal chart.  These are great days for “getting the job done!”  The 15th could make such activities quite pleasant, while the 17th can bring about meetings with interesting friends (see paragraph below).

September 17-18: Venus trine Uranus at 27 Leo/Aries.

The trine between these two planets often brings in interesting people into our lives.  This would be especially the case should 26-28 of the fiery signs and/or these degrees in Gemini be strong in your natal chart.

September 19:  Mercury opposing Neptune at 12 Virgo/Pisces.

The opposition of these two planets does not make for logical thinking or the clear processing of data.  Take especial note of this if you have natal Mercury, Moon, or the ruler of your 3rd house at 11-13 degrees of the mutable signs.

September 20: New Moon at 27.27 Virgo at 05.31 am; Venus enters Virgo.

The New Moon is traditionally held as a time to begin new projects.  As this lunation takes place in Virgo, this advice can be well applied to plans, projects, and situations that involve work, health, or pets.  Look to the house position of this New Moon in your natal chart to see where in your life such a “new beginning of a plan or project” will be most natural for you.  For example, in my own chart 27 Virgo falls in my 10th, so I will be open to begin some project that has to do with my professional life.

September 22: Mercury trine Pluto at 16 Virgo/Capricorn.

This is a very good aspect for finding the best ways to deal with and resolve practical issues.  It is an aspect that gives precision, insight, and depth of understanding.  Should 15-17 degrees of the earthy signs be well positioned in your natal chart, this transit will be most helpful to you.

Kindest wishes to one and all,


Hello Everyone,

This astrological month is very important because of the presence of two eclipses: a partial Lunar Eclipse that falls at 15.25 degrees of Aquarius/Leo and a Total Solar Eclipse that occurs at 28.53 degrees of Leo.  What makes these eclipses especially relevant for us all are the positions that they both make in the following three horoscopes:  Kellyanne Conway (January 20, 1967, Camden, New Jersey at 10.30am; Steve Bannon (November 27, 1953, Norfolk, Virginia at 06.13am; and Donald Trump (June 14, 1946, Jamaica, New York at 10.54am).  Due to space and time limitations, in this month’s edition of Celestial Happenings, I will be focusing my remarks on how these eclipses may affect all of us in general and in terms of Mr. Trump’s chart specifically. Those of you so interested may wish to compare the eclipse data given for August to the birth information provided for these other two individuals.  I assure you that your efforts in studying these two maps will be quite worthwhile.   

The two above mentioned “featured” eclipses are contained within the “package” of the two year-long spate of important Leo/Aquarius lunations.  You will see that I included in this list the New Moons of January 28, 2017 and February 4, 2019 as although they are not eclipses, they form an “energetic parentheses” around this particular cycle.  Here for your easy reference are these lunations:

January 28, 2017—New Moon at 8.15 Aquarius (not an eclipse)

February 11, 2017—Full Moon at 22.28 Leo/Aquarius (partial lunar eclipse)

July 23, 2017—New Moon at 00.44 Leo (not an eclipse)

August 8, 2017—Full Moon at 15.25 Aquarius/Leo (partial lunar eclipse)

August 21, 2017—New Moon at 28.53 (Total Solar Eclipse)

January 31, 2018—Full Moon at 11.37 Leo/Aquarius (Total Lunar Eclipse)

February 15, 2018—New Moon at 27.08 Aquarius (partial solar eclipse)

July 27, 2018—Full Moon at 04.45 Aquarius/Leo (Total Lunar Eclipse)

August 11, 2018—New Moon at 18.42 Leo (partial solar eclipse)

January 21, 2019—Full Moon at 00.52 Leo/Aquarius (Total Lunar Eclipse)

February 4, 2019—New Moon at 15.45 Aquarius (not an eclipse)

The eclipse on August 21st is being called “The Great American Total Solar Eclipse” as it will create darkness in the skies along a great 70 mile-wide (113 kilometers) pathway stretching all the way from Oregon to South Carolina.  Within this land belt the eclipse will be seen as 100% total.  In Washington, DC this solar eclipse will be 85% and in New York City, 77% of its potential totality.  I am especially interested in this solar and its partner, the previous lunar eclipse as they fall so strongly in the horoscope of Mr. Trump (born in NYC) and of course (temporarily) living in Washington, DC.  As you can see the lunar eclipse of August 8, 2017 (at 15.25 Aquarius/Leo) makes a conjunction/opposition to his 12th house Pluto.  More markedly, the Total Solar Eclipse of August 23rd (at 28.53 Leo) falls rather exactly on his Ascendant/Mars conjunction and squares his IC/MC axis.

I believe that these events will mark a major crisis and turning point in both his presidency and in his life, one that could mark the beginning of the end of his tenure in the White House. If you take out your ephemeris for this year and look at the positions of Mercury between September 1-9, and Mars from August 26-September 4, you will see these two planets crossing the point of the eclipse and in the case of Mars, making a T-Square to Mr. Trump’s MC/IC axis.  These positions accentuate and intensify the effects of the Total Solar Eclipse and emphasize my suppositions about his life and presidency accordingly.  I would like to add that in the natal horoscope of the USA that I prefer to use, the USA Moon is at 27 degrees of Aquarius and is therefore conjoined Mr. Trump’s Descendant and in direct opposition to his natal Mars.  Thus the USA Moon is being eclipsed by Solar Opposition simultaneously to Mr. Trump’s Mars/Ascendant.  To me this indicates a personal war (Mars on the Leo Ascendant) with the people (Moon in Aquarius).  The squares to his MC/IC threaten his social position.  At the very least, I cannot imagine such a series of transits to pass without the man being under an enormous barrage of social opposition.  In addition, all of these transiting positions in Leo to his natal Leo Mars sets off “fires of vitality” that can mean an excessive release of anger and/or a level of personal combustibility that can be costly to one’s health.

Please note:  There are a number of supposed natal horoscopes for the birth of the USA.  I prefer to use the one calculated for July 4, 1776 at 05.10pm in Philadelphia, Pa.  This gives 12 Sagittarius rising.  This chart however (called the “Sibly chart) was originally published in 1787.  Mr. Sibly was a Freemason (as were at least 13 of the actual signers of the Declaration of Independence, including Benjamin Franklin). Sibly took this time from whom he reported as being  “actual eyewitnesses” to the event.  I have worked with this chart in terms of certain world events (such as the time of the attack on “9/11”) and am comfortable with it.  It is not the only natal chart for the USA in use and I am sure that other astrologers will disagree with me and be able to present their data and proofs for why they may choose another day and/or time.  My respects to one and all.

Presidential Gaff of the day!  These commentaries are being written on Bastille Day—July 14, 2017 after my breakfast of French Toast with confiture de bleuets, (that’s “blueberry jam”) while watching CNN’s coverage of Mr. Trumps arrival in Paris.  After a very awkward greeting with Madame Macron (the 39 year old French President’s 64 year old wife), Mr. Trump says to her:  “You know you are in very good shape!”  And then he turns to M. le Président Macron and says: “You know, she’s in very good shape!”  I am sure that this attempt at friendly foreign diplomacy went over very well with the French (and especially with M. et Mme. Macron!).  “Vive l’Orange américain,” I say.

Leo/Aquarius Solar and Lunar Eclipses and us:  Eclipses in this pair of signs point to the relationship between the personal, individual creative self-expression (Leo) and the impersonal, collective nature of the society in which we live.  The inter-relationship of these two signs mirrors the inter-relationship each of us has with our urge to be accepted into the larger society and contribute to that collective unit via our personally generated creative expression.  In return, we seek out the ways that the larger society can be supportive of us as individuals.  In other words, we are looking at how the ego interacts and is integrated into a larger social collective and how the latter accepts or rejects, conditions and shapes, challenges or applauds our particular contribution. From an evolutionary standpoint, the development of consciousness moves from lunar (instinctual, tribal, familiar, subjective) into solar (objective, increasingly collect and impersonal, universal).

To make these or any pair of eclipses meaning in terms of how they affect our lives, it is necessary to note the following

1. The house positions where these eclipses fall.  Example: In the case of the Leo/Aquarius “packet,” the entire 30o of each of these signs is being triggered at one time or another.  Thus you should look into your chart and see where 0-30 of Leo/Aquarius fall.  These are the houses (in most cases, there will be four of them and in fewer cases, ones in which a person has Leo/Aquarius as intercepted signs, there will only be two houses so affected) where the action of the eclipses will take place.

2. Note if there are any conjunctions and/or oppositions to these eclipse points to within 5o of exactitude.  These planets or points (four major angles, lunar nodes) will be key players as to what situations in one’s life will be affected by the eclipses.

3. Planets or points that are square to the eclipses by plus or minus 5o will also be significant, especially if T-squares or Grand Squares are formed.

4. Trines or sextiles made by eclipse points are not particularly important in terms of the crises of release and reorientation (which are the major functions of eclipses), but simply point to the release of energy, which depending on the nature of the points touched, can be positive and/or negative, so careful interpretation is definitely required.

Back to the Trump chart:  Now taking the above 4 items, let’s apply them one-by-one to the eclipses as they will affect Mr. Trump’s chart and life:

1. The entire “eclipse packet” occurs in his 6th and 12th houses (only the January 21, 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse occurs outside of this house axis and then it is only one degree away from the 6th/12th house cusps as its position is at 00.52 of Leo/Aquarius).  So we know that secret, behind the scenes situations are being explored, exposed, and expressed (12th) as well as job, employees, staff, and health (6th).  My sense is that, especially in terms of Full Moon Eclipses, one side of this “astrological equation” will certainly affect the other.

2. As I have presented both the natal chart and a list of all the eclipses within the “package,” I will turn my attention to these two forthcoming August eclipses, leaving the rest for you to observe.  (This is the New Age, so “talk via the social media among yourselves!”)  The lunar eclipse of August 7th is at 15.25 Leo/Aquarius and thus conjunct/opposed to his natal Pluto.  This will release the “contents of and “plutocrats” associated with his personal underworld, I believe and “root it out” (Pluto is the ruler of Mr. Trump’s IC—our roots).  This explodes to the surface when the August 21st Solar Eclipse touches his Ascendant/Mars conjunction and produces an enormous, consuming firestorm, in my view.

3. The August 21st Solar Eclipse’s conjunctions and its square to Mr. Trump’s MC/IC axis are further strengthened and buffeted in their effects by the positions of transiting Mercury retrograde and direct in Leo and transiting Mars also in Leo.  The exactitude of these contacts are for Mercury from August 1-9, and in terms of Mars from August 26-September 4. They also strongly affect the position of the USA’s natal Moon at 27 Aquarius.  (Please consult your ephemeris for these dates.)

4. The August 7th lunar eclipse at 15 Leo/Aquarius makes trines and sextiles to Mr. Trump’s natal Uranus/Moon/nodes positions which will “fan and expand the flames” of the revelations coming from Pluto’s eclipse/release from the underworld of its placement in his 12th.

Now let’s take a look at the major transits for the current astrological month of the Celestial Lion.  Please note:  All days and times are given in GMT.

July 22: Sun enters Leo at 03.16pm; Mercury trine Uranus at 27-28 degrees of Leo/Aries.

What a nice way to start the Lion’s month.  Trines between Mercury and Uranus are excellent for group gatherings and interesting discussions between friends and/or groups of people linked by similar interests. This can be done either in person and/or via social media.   If 26-29 degrees of the fiery signs are prominent in your chart, you would do well to engage in such activities.

July 23: New Moon at 00.44 Leo at 09.47am; Mercury trine Uranus at 28 degrees of Leo/Aquarius.

Whenever possible it is a good idea to begin projects at the time of the New Moon.  As this occurs in Leo, such plans involving your personal form of creative self-expression, any interest in the performing or beaux arts, and any activities that involve young people are favored when the Lion is strong in the heavens.  What was said about Mercury/Uranus holds true even more for today.

July 24: Mercury trine Uranus at 29-28 Leo/Aries; Venus opposing Saturn at 21-22 Gemini/Sagittarius.

Although discussions about highly interesting topics (especially of a soci0-political orientation) may be on the world’s (and/or your own) agenda, do not expect there to be easy agreements as opposing values and interests may take precedence over agreed upon points of interest.

July 25: Mercury enters Virgo; Sun conjunct Mars at 3 Leo; Venus opposing Saturn at 21 Gemini/Sagittarius.

The fires are lit and in the summer heat of the Northern Hemisphere there may be a lot of violent activity as the Mars/Sun conjunction in fire will certainly make for explosive, combative environments.  The Venus/Saturn opposition does not help the situation especially in the intellectual and doctrinal signs in which they find themselves.  Differences of opinion will abound.  But there is a positive side to Mars and the Sun in Leo!  Please read on:

July 26-29: Mars and the Sun remain in tight and exact opposition from 3 to 5 Leo.

What is the positive side of Mars and the Sun in Leo?  In the first place this combination provides and intensity about getting things done.  If you need a fire to be lit under your butt, then this is the aspect that will do just that!  Those of you with planets in the fiery signs between 2 and 7 degrees will find the areas in your life (house positions) that these planets are placed will be areas where a lot may be accomplished by you in a very short period of time.  One has to take care however the egocentric self-projection does not overpower any social situation.  As we can see from the current political situation in the USA, too much fiery egocentric self- projection (Mr. T’s natal Mars conjunct the Ascendant) can create a great deal of bombastic chaos.  But when Mars and the Sun in Leo are meaningfully anchored in the Heart of the Lion, a lot of beautiful creativity can be accomplished.

July 29-31: Venus sextile Uranus at 28 to 30 Gemini/28+ Aries; Venus enters Cancer on the 31st.

Venus/Uranus contacts bring us in touch with interesting people and attractions to men and women who often come from totally different backgrounds than our own. If you have the final degrees of the fire and air signs strongly placed in your chart, you may look forward to enjoying such people and they you over the course of these days.  Later in the evening of the 31st, Venus moves into Cancer.  If you are Libra or Taurus ruled, then all signs point homeward for a while.

July 29-August 8: Jupiter square Pluto at 17 Libra/Capricorn.

I associate this combination with “a popularity contest between plutocrats.”  Jupiter in Libra is particularly happy when everyone agrees with his philosophical point of view.  Indeed, he busies himself creating social links so that this perspective may be expanded.  But Pluto in Capricorn in square to this position says in effect: “Does this expanded idealism serve my power-oriented purposes? I think that I should impose certain caveats and restraints surrounding the popularizing of certain views so that my ambitions are fulfilled.”  I believe therefore that there will be many conflicting agendas at work during these 11 days especially in the area of international banking.  On a more personal level, if you have any planets at 16 to 18 degrees of the cardinal signs prominent in your chart, you may find yourself in conflict with the belief systems that either you are trying to impose on others or that they are trying to impose on you.  In order to be more specific of course, one would have to examine the entirety of the natal chart but the theme I am outlining here should be a thread (if not the main plot) within the current drama.

August 5 to 9: Sun creates a “Finger of God” or “Yod Configuration” with Neptune and Pluto from 13-17 Leo/Capricorn/Pisces; exact mid-point is at 15 Leo; Lunar Eclipse on August 7th at that mid-point (15 Leo/Aquarius).

The following is a very interesting bit of astrology.  A Yod is created when there are three planets, in this case the Sun (Planet A), Neptune (Planet B), and Pluto (Planet C).  Planet A is 150 degrees from Planets B and C.  And Planets B and C are 60 degrees apart or in this case:  Sun moving from 13 to 17 of Leo, Neptune at 13 Pisces and Pluto at 17 of Capricorn.  Simple as ABC!  Just write it down if you need to and/or take out a blank chart and put these positions in their indicated places and watch the magical, mystical geometry emerge from your own finger tips!  Many people born with the Sun in Pisces with Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra have this Yod in their natal chart as do those born with the Sun in Gemini, Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn; or Sun in Aries, Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, etc.  It means that such individuals are very psychically sensitive but struggle with incorporating such sensitivity into their lives in ways that are comfortably anchored.  In other words, there is a deep knowing that one exists simultaneously in a physical and a non-physical world, so how to adjust to such a state and integrate it (and me) into the practical demands of life?  At best, this gives rise to some beautifully sensitive people who are comfortable in their skin(s).  At worst, this configuration leads to escapism and addictions, self-deceit and emotional imbalance.  On August 7th there is a lunar eclipse at this point which I believe will create a lot of instability in the world as a sort of collective “looney tunes” gets played out.  What a good few days to stick to a healthy diet, keep away from alcohol and other drugs, observe and if possible, serve.

August 10-11: Sun sextile Jupiter at 18-19 Leo/18 Libra, Venus trine Neptune at 13 Cancer/Pisces (on the 11th and 12th).

This is a kind, playful, and philosophical aspect, one that carries with it a “celestial smile,” one which can shine directly onto you if these degrees are in positive positions in your natal chart.  The Venus/Neptune position is romantic, poetic, and compassionate; 12-14 of the watery signs, especially Scorpio are especially favored.

August 13-14: Mercury turns retrograde at 11.37 Virgo on the 13th with Sun trine Saturn on both days at 21-22 Leo to 21+ Sagittarius.

As a “super-Mercury man,” Mercury retrograde periods are definitely not my favorites!  This one lasts until the 5th of September.  So you know the drill: better to complete processes (especially what with Mercury in Virgo, ones that are very detailed) before the dreaded retrograde date.  Big benefit while the “Little Herm” has his butt against the wind: enter into situations that are outstanding in your life and that need further research and subjective understanding and find out what is really going on. When Mercury goes direct again, you can then put your right foot in front of the left and get on with the journey.  Sun trine Saturn are great days for being with older people or if you are an older person (as a septuagenarian myself—I just love the title—and a philosopher if you will, I feel I embody Saturn in Sagittarius these days!), hang out with others of your generation or just enjoy your favorite books and learning pleasures.

August 16-17: Venus square Jupiter at 18-19 Cancer/18-19 Libra.

Venus/Jupiter squares are often costly as they contribute to waste or the urge for “exaggerated” pleasures.  So sit back today and have only two delicious pastries instead of three!  (I have natal Venus inconjunct Jupiter, so I have found that two Portuguese custard tarts—“pasteis de nata” as they are called–are definitely better than one!)

August 19-20: Mars sextile Jupiter 19-20 Leo/19 Libra; Sun trine Uranus 28 Leo/Aries.

When Mars and Jupiter share a positive linkage, it is a time to enjoy sports, adventures, outings, and good times.  The combination of Leo/Libra makes this aspect even more capable of bestowing good times if indeed it transits at an important point to your natal chart.  The Sun/Uranus trine just heightens the sense of adventure as it promotes activities that break you out of routine and promotes joyful experimentation and spontaneity with life.

August 21: Total Solar Eclipse at 28.53 Leo.

I will end our discussion of the Celestial Happenings for the month of the Lion with where I began.  Please scroll up to the top page of this section of the newsletter where I have outlined in detail what I believe to be the effects of this most important transit.

With love and blessings to one and all,



Hello dear friends,


As I look at the transits for the month ahead, I see the continuation of a very rocky road for the planet.  As you will see Mars is activating a T-Square between its opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and its square with Uranus in Aries.  This T-Square begins as a Grand Cardinal Cross on June 24-26 when Mars squares Jupiter in Libra!  Those of you who are interesting in the “whys” and more technical facets of astrological delineation will be interested in the following paragraphs.  Others may wish to skip them and move along to the daily transit interpretations.

This particular set of aspects is particularly volatile for the following reasons:

  • Mars is in fall in Cancer.  On the level of the collective solar plexus (which is the level of (un)consciousness from which majority of the world functions), Mars in this position stimulates territoriality, one that can easily create “inter-tribal warfare.”  We saw this on June 1st when POTUS Pilate (Mr. Trump) withdrew the USA from the Paris climate accord.
  • Mars is opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn is the sign of the exaltation for Mars, thus Mars is opposing in effect the energies of the sign in which is functions the best—or at the very least with the most calculated restraint.
  • Mars is square to Uranus in Aries.  A cardinal rule for delineation is: “When two planets are in mutual aspect and one of those planets is the dispositor (ruler) of the other, then the aspect that they make is strengthened for good or ill depending on the nature of the aspect.”  In this case, the “nature of the aspect” is a square and Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, thus this particular square is especially volatile.
  • By effecting a T-square between Mars-Uranus-Pluto, the long-lasting transiting square between Uranus and Pluto (in effect from approximately June 2011 to February 2016) is rekindled and given a “last hurrah,” although the violence that this combination provokes gives nothing about which to celebrate.  This T-Square will be in effect from June 30 to July 21 and as I shall explain in the paragraphs that follow, is augmented in power from the Sun on July 9 and 10.
  • The Mars in Cancer/Jupiter in Libra square has to do with an imbalance or battle in terms of competing belief systems. Please refer to what I write in terms of the Jupiter/Neptune inconjunction and Mars in aspect to Jupiter and Neptune in the paragraphs below.

There is another transiting aspect that actually began in May and continues in effect until the middle of July.  This is the inconjunction (150o) between Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces.  I have worked for many years with this aspect and find that although considered “minor” by many astrologers, to me it is the “major minor” as I experience it to be a most potent factor in the natal charts of people and by extension also has its effects on the collective of humanity.  These effects in terms of our “collective chart” will be especially noteworthy when one (or more) of three circumstances occur:

  • The inconjunction is creating a “station”—a very long last aspect formed by the alternating retrogradation-stationary-direct motion of the planets.  In the case of Jupiter and Neptune, these cycles at the present time are corresponding and simultaneous.
  • If the inconjunction is being formed between two planets that rule the same sign.  This will be the case for Mars/Pluto (ruling Scorpio), Saturn/Uranus (ruling Aquarius), and Jupiter/Neptune (ruling Pisces).
  • One of the planets is in the sign it rules natally (in this case Neptune in Pisces) or in the sign that the other planet rules natally (ex. Venus in Aries inconjunct Mars in Virgo, Venus in Taurus inconjunct Mars in Sagittarius, etc.).

All of the above fall under the broad category of “Energetic Affinities,” the understanding of which is vital to correct astrological interpretation.  For more about energetic affinities, you might wish to consult my book, “Rulers of the Horoscope” (published by Ibis).

Neptune in Pisces inconjunct Jupiter in Libra indicates conflicts that are brought about by addictions to false, misleading, or overly idealistic ideologies, religions, and belief systems.  I do not think I have to say anymore, the current events in the world speak for themselves in this respect (or better said the lack of respect for humanity and the planet!).

Let us turn now to examine the transits of the month in greater detail, just please keep in mind the over-riding dominance of the Mars-Uranus-Plus T-Square and the inconjunction between Jupiter and Neptune as these aspects greatly color all events this month.

Note:  All days and times given are in GMT.


June 21: Sun enters Cancer at 04.45am; Mercury enter Cancer; Sun conjunct Mercury at 0 Cancer.

The cardinal degree of 0 Cancer is very important.  To quote from the Sabian Symbols: “On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.”  I find this a very important degree in the zodiac for it means to me a crisis in orientation and thus the need to move into a new direction without looking back.  (On a personal note, I am an Aries with Scorpio rising and have Mars at this degree in the 8th house. This particular “critical note” has characterized my entire life.)  Take a look in which natal house 0-1o of Cancer falls in your chart and see if indeed some new orientation is opening up for you relative to the sign Cancer (home, family, sense of security or belonging) and/or the nature of the characteristics of that astrological house.  This degree is particularly emphasized this year by the exact conjunction of Mercury which indicates movement and the use of intelligent communication especially to express feelings.

June 24: New Moon at 2.47 Cancer; Venus trine Pluto at 18. 30 Taurus/Capricorn; Mars trine Neptune from 13 Cancer to 14 Pisces.  This trine is in effect until June 27th and is exact at 14.14 Cancer/Pisces on June 26; Mars square Jupiter at 13 Cancer/Libra from June 24-26.

On a personal level if you are fortunate enough to have planets or important points in your natal chart at 17 to 19 degrees of Taurus, Virgo (especially), Capricorn, you may well be in for some financial boost or opportunity.  12-15 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces in your natal chart are extremely sensitive right now and you just may find yourself understanding certain facets about life in ways that are quite profound and meaningful.  On collective levels, the Mars/Jupiter square inaugurates a transiting Grand Cardinal Square in 13 to 27 degrees of the cardinal signs with 13-15, 17-19, and 27-29 degrees of these signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) being especially sensitive.  Please refer to my initial comments under General Observations for this month.  If the above mentioned cardinal degrees are significant to your natal horoscope, the crisis that they stimulate is one of motivational activity.  In other words, what is the real motivation behind your actions, goals, and personal relationships?  I know this is a very general comment.  Actually it is too general for my liking but I am faced once again with the limitations of “general commentaries.”  Although it is relatively easy (and correct) for me to give the general statement of “crisis in motivational activity” to this Grand Cardinal Cross, one cannot really tell what this means for YOU personally without examining the horoscope on an individual basis.  In terms of personal research however, you would do well by consulting any (or all!) of the following books:

Planets in Transit by Robert Hand

The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Modern Transits by Lois Rodden

Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady

The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest

June 27: Mercury trine Neptune at 14 Cancer/Pisces; Mercury square Jupiter at 14 Cancer/Libra; Mercury conjunct Mars at 14 Cancer; Mars trine Neptune and square Jupiter at 14 Cancer/Pisces/Libra respectively.

Wow!  This is a lot of celestial mixing and matching for any given day.  Here is an attempt at synthesis at a collective level:  the battle of bombastic words and actions continues with very little agreements possible at any national or international meetings or conferences.  There are attempts at accords, efforts at empathy, but no really strong and meaningful action toward peace and reconciliation are made today.  If you have 13-15 degrees of Cancer/Pisces/Scorpio in your chart, you may find yourself becoming aware of life events in very profound and meaningful ways.  If 13-15 degrees of Aries/Cancer/Libra/or Capricorn are in important placements in your chart, certain crises will arise that test your motivations.  Please see previous paragraph for more details.

June 29: Mercury opposes Pluto at 18 Cancer/Capricorn.

Insights into hidden or secret information may create tensions when exposed.  If 17-19 degrees of the cardinal signs are strong for you, research may lead to interesting conclusions but you may wish to keep such information to yourself for the time being unless you feel that exposing something or someone is better for the greater good of one and all.

June 30-July 3:  Mars opposing Pluto at 17 to 19 Cancer (position of Mars) to 18 Capricorn (position of Pluto).

This opposition is very productive of tension, tensions that I believe will explode into actions either during this period and/or with greater amplification later on this month (see paragraphs below).  There are forces uniting for change opposing forces that represent the status quo; popular revolts are opposed by governmental powers; the possibilities for domestic violence in many countries is very present and will spill over as this astrological month progresses.

July 4: Independence Day in the USA!  Mercury square Uranus at 27-28 Cancer/Aries.

Loud and conflicting words among the backyard barbeques and flag waving; fire crackers I believe will not be the only explosions that are heard.  If 26-29 of the cardinal signs figure prominently in your chart, try to sit back and relax with a cold glass of something healthy and be very circumspect about any “call to action.”

July 5-6: Venus enters Gemini (July 5th); Mercury enters Leo (July 6th); Sun square Jupiter at 15 Cancer/Libra; Sun trine Neptune at 15 Cancer/Pisces.

If 13-16 degrees of Cancer are important to your chart, you are receiving both Jupiter square and Neptune trine this position with the Sun conjunct this point.  This can give the message that more is possible than what is really available to you.  Your dream life and aspirations may have to fit into a practical scenario.  This does not mean that you should not continue to aspire and to dream, but it does mean that you also need to incorporate practical considerations into the mix. People with these degrees in other signs, will have “variations of this theme” depending on the planets, signs, and houses involved.  The practical vs. the pragmatic will be especially important for transiting positions of these planets to placements in the natal chart in the earthy signs for example.

July 7: Mercury sextile Venus at 2 Leo/Gemini.

A nice day to write notes and emails to people one likes; a good day for outings and happy sharing of space, place, and time.

July 9-10: Full Moon at 17.09 Capricorn/Cancer at 04.08am (pm the 9th); Mars inconjunct Saturn at 22 Cancer/Sagittarius (on the 9th); Sun opposing Pluto at 17 to 18 Cancer/Capricorn (on the 9th and 10th).

Full Moon days are always emotionally in over drive and this lunation will be no exception.  In fact as the Full Moon is conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn with the Sun opposing (and vitalizing) this position, I would think that there is a lot of chaos in the air.  Mars inconjunct Saturn (which has been applying to exactitude since July 8th) adds to the need for people to break out of restrictive circumstances and/or restrictive belief systems.  These two days are ripe for violence and social disorder.  Should 16 to 19 degrees of the cardinal signs be important to your natal chart, you will be prone to making certain significant changes in those areas of life where these degrees fall.  The background issues relative to such moves have been building up for some time.  A Full Moon may be a good time to make certain realizations but I would wait for the intense emotionality of this lunation period to move on a bit before acting on what I am perceiving so that greater calm accompanies such actions (both your own calmness and that of the environment in which you live).

July 14: Bastille Day (French version of Independence Day)!  Felicitations aux amis français!  Sun inconjunct Saturn at 22 Cancer/Sagittarius; Mercury inconjunct Neptune at 14 Leo/Pisces; Mercury sextile Jupiter at 14 Leo/Libra.

I am delighted to see M. Macron as the French President.  He is a man of modern and liberated (and liberating!) social views, a brave soul, not at all afraid to be his Self.  When I saw him with Mr. Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) and Frau Merkle of Germany walking and talking together, it gave me some hope for the world in these chaotic times.  Although July 14th this year is not the most celebratory of days (tensions in administering power structures, words being used in ways that are not the most honest or accurate), I do hope that the French enjoy their holiday after what I perceive as “Good” being triumphant in their recent national election.

July 16-18: Mars square to Uranus at 27-28 Cancer/Aries; Venus square Neptune at 14 Gemini/Pisces (on the 17th); Venus trine Jupiter at 16 Gemini/Libra (on the 18th).

Mars square Uranus at the end of Cancer/Aries is the last leg of the Grand Cardinal Square that was activated at the beginning of this astrological month with Mars square Jupiter.  For reasons that I explained at the outset of this month’s observations of the Celestial Happenings, to me this square is the most volatile of the aspects Mars is creating.  In this respect, I see a lot of social demonstrations and tensions exploding domestically (Mars in Cancer) in many countries.  Venus/Neptune adds some confusion as it tends to be overly idealistic and although we can indeed have a lot of “fun” with Venus/Jupiter, I would think that the indication for enjoyment during these days is far more personal than collective in orientation.  Being joy-filled is a definite gift of the Soul and should be experienced by us in its fullness.  May we all be joyous as we set forth to serve one another with Goodwill during these challenging times.

July 19-21: Sun square Uranus at 27-29 Cancer/Aries; Mercury trine Saturn at 22 Leo/Sagittarius (on the 19th); Mars enters Leo (on the 20th).

The Sun in Cancer emotionally stimulates Uranus in Aries via a square, which in my view is not the best of combinations for calm and considered actions.  I believe this will create volatility and popular uprisings.  It is important for positive social change to happen and such changes per force are often effectuated by force, although changes for good have also been accomplished by peaceful means (although far less frequently as history tells us).  The Sun square Uranus after Mars has also been in this challenging position to our “revolutionary planetary friend,” does not bode well for the collective sharing of champagne and roses during these days.  I do hope however that champagne and roses (or their equivalent according to your means and preferences) are in your home during this Cancerian month, and that there are good people around you so that you may exchange and share them.

With love and blessings to one and all,



I am sure you are very well aware of the great polarization that is taking place all over the world and is especially evident currently in the USA.  Yet the positive pole of this splintered and often violent chaos is producing enormous opportunities both for individual and group progress.  People are finding their way into previously unknown areas of human experience and perception.  There is a distinct sense among so many millions of us that we are indeed, one humanity, one global village, one revolving and evolving organism.  As our inner eye awakens, it sees with an ever-increasing clarity the relationship between the visible and the invisible, and that the two are drawing ever closer together just as are your Soul and your personality.                           –AO                  

Hello everyone.  Before I outline a more detailed view of the Celestial Happenings for the month of Taurus, I would like to point out three heavenly events that I think are of particular importance:

1. Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius.  This rather challenging aspect actually began on April 4rd and it continues through April 25th.  The specific degrees involved are 25 to 28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.  It is thus only effective this astrological month for about 6 days.  I feel that although I mentioned and defined it in last month’s issue of this newsletter, after experiencing and living with it, I would like to speak more at length about it now.  This square has an effect on us all insofar as it makes personal relationships and finances as well as the Principle of Sharing rather challenging.  Lessons come about that involve the Law of Right Human Relations, meaning that we are asked to find the best way of dealing with people with whom we are in close relationships especially in areas in life that deal with money and personal values. All of these factors would be certainly true for and more deeply experienced by people whose horoscopes have one or more of the following characteristics:

a. You have a natal aspect in your horoscope with these two planets, i.e. Saturn square or opposed or conjunct Venus.  Those with Saturn trine or sextile Venus are also affected but in ways which are less challenging that those with the so-called “hard” aspects between these two planets.

b. You have the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, or Libra.  The more these signs feature in your chart, the more you will be affected by this square.  Examples: Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Taurus; Sun in Libra, Capricorn rising; Moon in Aquarius, Taurus rising, etc.

c. You have the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in one or more of the four signs mentioned above and you also have a strong aspect between Saturn and Venus in your natal chart.

d. If 25 to 28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces play important roles in your natal horoscope.

2. Mercury conjunct Uranus.  This aspect occurs at 24-25 Aries and is in effect from April 27-May 10.  It begins while Mercury is retrograde and continues on for a week after Mercury turns direct on May 3rd.  I am personally very fond of this position as to those who have worked hard enough to benefit from it; it will bestow amazing insight and understanding.  Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries while Uranus is what is known as the “hierarchical” ruler of the Ram.  The gifts of this conjunct to those individuals and groups of people who actively practice the Principle of Goodwill through their lives of healing and service to humanity will be especially strong.  Insight and perception, creative inspiration and intellectual potency will be theirs—and ours—when such gifts are practiced selflessly and for the benefit of the Whole (which includes the practitioner!).

On the levels of “normal” daily life, this conjunction will cause things to speed up.  While Mercury is in this conjunction but still retrograde (April 27 to May 3), such speeding up may cause accidents or at least wrong turns.  Things can be said in haste, agreements may be made with conditions that cannot be fulfilled, certainly not within the time frame of the commitment. As is usually the case, it is better to sign contracts and make both verbal and written commitments after Mercury turns direct and I would still wait if possible until after May 10th (please see my comments in the detailed portion of Celestial Happenings).  As the energy of Aries will still be so strong (Mercury, Uranus, and Venus ruling the Sun in Taurus, Mars in Gemini in mutual reception with Mercury), it may be very difficult to resist putting the pedal on the accelerator and speeding off!  So at the very least, watch where you are going!!

Mercury conjunct Uranus will be especially potent in the following cases:

a. If you have important positions in your natal chart at 24-25 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  In these cases, the Aries positions will be accelerated full stop!  This can be wonderful to give drive and impetus to the house position where such planets are located if you know how to “drive your car” correctly, otherwise take care you do not find yourself in collisions or overshoot the mark.  These degrees in the other three cardinal signs indicate caution as conflict is easily on the horizon.  Indeed some conflicts are definitely required in life in order for us to move forward.  The wise worrier however knows which battles to fight and how to fight them properly.

b. If you have important natal positions in Gemini, Virgo, or Aquarius.  Examples:  Gemini Sun and Aquarius Moon; Virgo Moon and Aquarius rising, etc.

c. If 24-25 degrees of Leo or Sagittarius, Aquarius or Gemini are strongly positioned in your horoscope. In these cases, you can expect those positions to be given a “Cosmic Vitamin B shot” and accelerated accordingly.

3. Saturn trine Uranus between 25-27 degrees Sagittarius/Aries.  This contact lasts in a rather tight orb for the entire period from April 25th to the end of May.  On a personal level it can indicate the ability to channel the urge to be highly creative in a most individualistic way.  Sagittarius at its best gives opportunities to widen one’s horizon through travel and/or education.  Saturn is discipline and structure.  Uranus gives the urge to “be myself at all costs,” while Aries emphasizes this urge into highly individual ways.  Thus should this trine fall in an important position in your natal chart, it will give you some wonderful opportunities to expand your sense of uniqueness through a form of personal, intellectual discipline or experience.  Examples:  natal Sun at 25 Leo in the 9th house; natal Venus at 26 Aries in the 5th house, etc.  There are so many fine possibilities here that I could not begin to list them all.  On a more social/political level, this trine can bring enlightened understanding in the implementation of new patterns of international behavior.  Now if we only had an army or even a handful of some conscious people who held some real political power something could be done to improve the world! Saturday Night Live (brilliant satirical USA TV program) can only do so much…the rest is up to us.

Let’s now look at the heavens in more details for this month of the Celestial Bull.  Please keep in mind that as we have readers from many countries and time zones, all dates and times are given in GMT.

April 19: Sun enters Taurus at 09.28pm.

April 19-25: Venus square Saturn at 27-28 Pisces/Sagittarius.

Please see detailed commentary above.

April 20: Mercury retrograde enters Aries (see entry for April 21).

April 21: Mars enters Gemini.

Mercury remains in Aries until May 15, turning direct in this sign on May 3rd (at 4.34pm) while a during this same period it is in mutual reception with Mars in Gemini while after April 29th Venus is also transiting the Celestial Ram bringing the usually placid Taurus Sun into a more dynamic field of self-expression.  Life will therefore seem to take on a very accelerated pace from now until the 15th and especially so after April 29th.  This acceleration will slow down after May 17th when Mercury enters Taurus.

April 23-25: Mercury retrograde trine Saturn retrograde at 27-28 Aries/Sagittarius.

This is a period for considered thought.  Making plans for travel and/or higher education, especially when you are thinking about resuming any form of university training that may have been suspended in the past, is a good thing.  But buying tickets or signing contracts in this respect may not be so wise to do at the present time.  Actions taken in this regard on May 9-12 may bring about more fortuitous results.  This is especially true for people with 27-28 degrees of the cardinal and/or mutable signs strongly placed in their natal horoscope.  These degrees in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius may feel like moving full speed ahead but some caution and reflection is advised for them and everyone in general until Mercury goes direct on the 3rd of May.

April 26: New Moon at 06.27 Taurus at 12.17pm.

April 27-May 10:  Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 24-25 Aries (please see detailed comments above).

April 28: Venus enters Aries where she remains until entering Taurus on June 5th when she becomes a less warlike and more sensual goddess.

May 3: Mercury goes direct at 24.15 Aries; Sun sextile Neptune at 13.45 Taurus/Pisces.

As a strongly Mercurial person (Moon and two other planets in Gemini, Chiron and the MC in Virgo, Mercury in Aries along with my Aires Sun), I always rejoice when Mercury goes direct—especially when he is in the fiery signs!  Those of you who also have strong placements in Gemini and/or Virgo, will also feel that a weight has been taken off your winged-feet and you can move forward now with plans and projects.  The Sun/Neptune sextile is a great aspect for contemplation and relating to yourself and the world around you with a deeper sense of compassion.

May 8-9: Sun trine Pluto at 18-19 Taurus/Capricorn; northern lunar node enters Leo.

Sun trine Pluto is restorative and regenerative.  The fact that it is in the earthy signs is very good for money and career and now especially if in your natal chart you have good and strong placements in 17-20 degrees of Taurus, Virgo (!), and Capricorn.  These degrees in Pisces may also prove to be beneficial.  The movement of the lunar nodes into Leo/Aquarius signal a time of major eclipses in these signs. The theme of eclipses in the Lion and Water Bearer has to do with the relationship of the individual to the society in which he or she lives; indeed the nodes transiting these signs is also very connected to this theme.  The first of these eclipses (a lunar) took place in February of this year at 22 Leo/Aquarius but as the nodes were not in these signs, this eclipse could not be Total.  I will have much more to say about this in August.

May 10: Full Moon at 20.24 Taurus/Scorpio at 09.44pm.

This along with the Full Moon of Aries (Easter), are the two most highly significant lunations of the year in terms of their spiritual significance.  The Taurus Full Moon celebrates Wesak, the Festival of the Buddha.  I can explain this no better than does the Lucis Trust (one of the prime custodians of the Work of the Tibetan Master, D.K. and Alice Bailey), when they say:

“During this highpoint of the year our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritual for the energy pouring into humanity, and to hold the inner connection in daily life, visualizing ourselves as a pure channel of light in alignment with the keynote of Taurus: ‘I see, and when the eye is opened, all is Light.’  The goals of ‘clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire’ lie before us; and as these goals are progressively achieved, it becomes possible to live consciously within the aura of the spiritual group to which our soul naturally belongs.”

I will be joining in meditation with many thousands of other men and women of Goodwill at 09.44pm GMT (05.44am my local time in Bali) in a collective prayer for the Light to pour through the eyes of all of Humanity.  I hope you will join us.  (Please check with www.timeanddate.com for this hour in your local time zone.)

May 10: Mercury conjunct Uranus at 25 Aries; Mercury trine Saturn at 25-26 Aries/Sagittarius; Sun trine Pluto at 19-20 Taurus/Capricorn; Mars square Neptune at 13 Gemini/Pisces.

WOW, that is some line-up with the Full Moon!  Please see my previous comments about all of these aspects, except for Mars square Neptune which I have yet to mention.  The latter is not the easiest planetary combination.  It is very fanatical by nature as it opens the astral plane (emotional/desire nature) very wide and adds to religious fervor and strife.  Those of us who have a strong link to the Higher Self will find that Mars/Neptune along with the Full Moon will help to create an environment in which “the piercing of the veil” will be easier and will thus make meditation deeper and more significant.  But in “the world of the solar plexus,” the world driven by separatist desires and territorial conquest, the combination of Mars square Neptune and the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio may well give rise to unrest and strong disturbances.  This is yet another reason for us to join with a group, or on your own with the Subjective Group, in meditation deep.

May 11: All of the above aspects continue in their effects.

May 12: Mars trine Jupiter at 14 Gemini/Libra; Mercury trine Saturn at 27 Aries/Sagittarius.

This is a good day for meeting with people and discussing projects and plans for travel and or educational purposes.  It is a positive time for creating diplomacy and creating agreements.  My view and this is a very personal Alan Oken speaking now, is that there is so much chaos, so much instability in the “collective ethers,” that I just hope that there can be some pause in the lies, violence, and mayhem that people may take advantage of the positive implications of the planets today.  Who knows, perhaps the Wesak meditation will really be able to do some good; one can only try and continue to love.

May 16: Mercury enters Taurus.

May 19: Sun square the lunar nodes at 28 Taurus to 28 Leo/Aquarius; Venus opposing Jupiter at 13 Aries/Libra.

Conflicts may arise concerning social and financial contracts as people jockey for position in terms of their individual and/or corporate interests.  This is obviously not the best day for seeking accords.  I would if possible take another route for Venus opposing Jupiter and lay back, put your feet up on a very comfortable sofa, read a magazine and have a pint of your favorite ice cream at your side.  But then, I have Venus inconjunct Jupiter in my natal chart and I think about such things all the time!

With love and blessings to one and all,



The Principle of Reincarnation teaches that each one of us comes into life possessed of a history of personal karma. We are born to continue developing along these established energetic templates as well as to initiate and complete others. Therefore, we are here to fulfill certain energetic debts and to plant seeds for future evolutionary promises. Even if one were to discount reincarnation altogether, there is still not a babe born who is not carrying part of our ancient human history into the present times and bringing that history into the future. This is our collective human heritage and it is physically present in the genes and chromosomes of everyone’s DNA (our “biological karma,” if you will). It is also held in humanity’s collective consciousness, its racial memory and revealed in the form of every child’s personality and psychological profile. The more conscious a person becomes through his or her struggles along the Path, the more vividly and cohesively that history is revealed to the conscious mind. Thus the memory of “past lives” is revealed and your Soul is the revealer. –AO

Hello everyone. The month of the Celestial Ram is the archetype of new beginnings and indeed even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere where you are celebrating the Autumnal and not the Spring Equinox, the archetype of the Ram is still at work through its initiation of events and stimulation of the creative forces in us. Let us then move forward, but where?

There are several, nay many, options in terms of response to this question as indeed the astrologer would have to consult the natal horoscope of each one of us in order to give the proper, personal response. But I can make some general comments which I trust will be universal enough to be helpful to one and all.

First let us examine the position of Mars, planetary ruler of Aries. His position by sign answers the two questions, namely, “What” (What is the energy at work?) and “How” (How is that energy working?) A third question to be asked, one however that may only be answered by seeing the natal chart, is “Where?” (Where is this energy/planet and how/sign it works for me, playing out in my life?) This question is thus answers by the house position the planet is found natally and/or by transit.

Universal Conditions: In everyone’s life, Mars is transiting through Taurus throughout the month of the Celestial Ram. Thus no matter where the Sun moves in Aries, he is taking his ruler along with him in the sign of the Celestial Bull. This is not the most compatible of planetary interplays. The Sun in Aries (as well as the essential Mars) is forthright and simple: “I am here! Let’s get on with it! Impediment, what impediment? Either break it down, go through it, simply destroy it, or just shrug it off as if it never existed and then simply find another direction, another field of expression. But quickly, OK? I really don’t have the patience to wait around.”

But Taurus the Celestial Bull is a field of energy that does not comply with any of the above. It is a totally different medium for the expression of Mars, one that the Sun in Aries has to consider (if not totally accept). This is because the Sun (in any sign) revolves around its own access giving out the vital creative energy of Life in our solar system. It just pumps away, the form of this pumping however, mutates according to the monthly sign of the surrounding constellations in the tropical zodiac. And the expression of this form of pumping is focused through the ruling planet of the monthly sign, in this case Mars in Taurus.

Taurus tells us to slow down and consider the practical dynamics of what we are doing, about to do, or will be doing. It concerns itself with resources, primarily on the level of the personality and our daily life, with our financial resources. Taurus is loyal, careful, plodding, and aware of the potentials to gain as well as to lose (a condition it really avoids). Taurus is not obviously aggressive, winning its objectives more by consistent insisting and resistance to modify or (goddess forbid!) change. Taurus is sensible, erotic, sensual, and easy. Mars is instinctive, sexual, focused, and definitely not easy. Obviously, Mars is not comfortably at home grazing lazily with the cows; he would much rather have them as a haram, or at least put them to work while he goes off to conquer other pastures!

Universal applications: What this means for us all, and especially if you are an Aries, have Aries rising, the MC in Aries, or important planetary positions in this sign, is the following:

1. Make sure that when moving ahead this astrological month you are aware of the financial consequences of your actions. They can be really good but need to be well planned.
2. Gather your resources and sit firmly in yourself before moving ahead. Don’t be stopped by Mars in Taurus, just be nicely supplied in what you seek to do.
3. Make sure your new plans and projects include an understanding of the practical side of things. Your ideals need to be well-integrated with the “reals” of your life situation.
4. Your new project may be more costly than you had imagined or if imagined, you are now having to pay for it. Examples: Natal Aries Sun in the 8th, Mars in Taurus transiting the 9th= your urge for self-transformation means that now you may have to pay for certain educational and/or travel expenses. Natal Aries Moon in the 7th, Mars in Taurus transiting in the 8th=in order to fulfill your emotional needs in terms of partners, you are finding that you may have to transform certain ways you deal with finances and/or your responses to the emotional well-being of your partner; both of these scenarios may be challenging for you (and him or her!).

Jupiter square Pluto: The only long-lasting exact aspect this month between the slower-moving planets is Jupiter square to Pluto. The first square between the two took place at 15 Libra/Capricorn towards the end of November 2016. The second square is in late March to early April of 2017 (as in NOW!) at 19 Libra/Capricorn and the final square occurs at 17 Libra/Capricorn in early August of this year. You can thus see that given an orb of 1 degree on either side that 14 to 20 degrees of Libra/Capricorn are most directly affected with these same degrees in Aries/Cancer also being strongly influenced by these transiting squares and that the period of this “station” is from November 2016 to August of 2017.

Meanings: Let look at the meanings of these squares from two perspectives:

A. Thematic/Collective: There is an imbalance (Libra in square) in terms of interpersonal relationships between foreign peoples (Jupiter in Libra) relative to the political power structure (Pluto in Capricorn). This gives rise to the horrendous refugee problems in the world. Jupiter in Libra seeks justice for all, expansion of relationships, and idealism in terms of human relations. Pluto in Capricorn demands power to be implemented by structures, rules, financial/banking interests, and rulership by plutocracies. The square brings tensions. (The implementation by a plutocrat of a wall and an immigration system to keep out refugees is a perfect example of this square; election occurred in November of 2016 with “immigration policies” in place from January until the present).

B. Personal: Should the Jupiter/Pluto square fall in an important part of your chart, you will find a certain challenge between the philosophical ideals that you may hold concerning human relations and the practical considerations of your own boundaries. It may become very important for you to choose between belief systems and the people or groups in your life who hold belief systems and creeds that you can no longer abide. This may also happen in reverse and you are finding that other people can no longer accept your beliefs and codes of behavior. It may also be possible that in your own local, surrounding social status quo in terms of religion, ways of dealing with capital, and methods of administering power are offensive to you (or the reverse, people find these things in you offensive to them).

A correct and precise personal interpretation of these placements very much depends of course on the specific house positions triggered by transiting Jupiter/Pluto as well as the particular planets and points in the chart that they touch. I am just hopeful that the above commentaries will prove to be helpful and give you some solid ideas about these effects on one’s life. Now let’s take a look at the month ahead in some greater detail.

Note: All the times and dates given below are based upon Greenwich Mean Time, also known as Universal Time as it is from Greenwich and GMT that all the world’s time zones are calculated.

Please keep in mind that the Jupiter/Pluto square will be a dominant influence from about March 23 to about April 6th.

March 20: Sun enters Aries (beginning of Spring/Autumn) at 10.30am.

March 23-24: Mercury square Pluto and opposed Jupiter at 19-20 Aries/Libra/Capricorn.

Welcome to the Jupiter/Pluto square! These are not good traveling days as there are apt to be many snags and delays. This would affect you much more personally should you have natal Mercury or Jupiter at these degrees in the Cardinal signs. Communications could come to or from you during these days that will challenge your own or other people’s belief systems.

March 26: Mercury conjunct Uranus at 23 Aries.

On a collective level, certain information can come to light that is sudden and surprising; it certainly can upset the status quo. This is also a good aspect for the announcement of new discoveries in science, communications, and other fields of human interest. On a personal level, the house placement of this transit is very important but the significance is that a new idea appears that can change one’s life and/or bring about the orientation to a new direction.

March 27: Mars sextile to Neptune at 12 Taurus/Pisces.

Please see next paragraph below for meaning.

March 28: New Moon at 7.37 Aries at 02.58 am.

New Moons are particularly auspicious for beginning projects. This is especially the case when the New Moon is in Aries. As both the Sun and Moon are in the domicile of the Celestial Ram, now more than ever the position of Mars in Taurus has to be taken into consideration. Mars’ “tone and flavor” has been a bit softened by the continuation of its sextile to Neptune which was exact on March 27th. This combination of influences (Mars/Taurus/Neptune/Pisces) is very gentle, giving a compassionate and reflective note to martial activities. My sense therefore is that this New Moon is especially good for those plans and actions that bring benefits into other people’s lives. Even though such an outlook is always good to consider, this New Moon bring one into possibility of actually doing it! The area of inspriation in your chart will be the house position where 7.37 Aries is to be found.

March 29: Mercury trine Saturn at 27 Aries/Sagittarius.

This is a great day for receiving lots of benefits from dedicated studies and/or from a teacher whom you hold in high esteem. This is also a good day for the solidification of travel plans, especially if these are aimed at higher education and/or involve the company of an older and highly respected person in your life. At the very least, this is a fine day for study and contemplation. Naturally, the more important 26 to 28 degrees of the fiery signs (and those degrees in Aquarius) are to your chart, the more personal will be the results of this interpretation.

March 31: Mercury enters Taurus.

With both Mercury and Mars now in Taurus, travel, study, and communications in general are especially favored when geared for practical purposes. Word of advice: As Mercury goes retrograde on April 9th, use the time between now and then to sign your papers and make your plans. Reviewing plans and projects are great during Mercury retrogradation as well as taking care of old business (including paying debts), but moving forward will probably be easier after Mercury goes direct on May 3rd.

April 3: Venus retrograde enters Pisces.

In her current relatively brief retrograde journey (March 4 to April 15), Venus decides to revisit her “holy of holies,” the sign Pisces. It is in this sign that she is the most compassionate, the most universal, and the most inclusive. Venus in Libra is friendly to everyone but “loves you if you love me,” is the title of the relationship contract (sub-title: “I’ll reflect you if you’ll reflect me—just make sure your hair looks good!”). Venus in Taurus is sensual and magnetic but a major underlining theme for “real” relationship is usually involved with bank accounts or the potential for same (or if afflicted, the “money theme” is a definite challenge). But Venus in Pisces finds everybody beautiful and capable of something special. She goes direct again on April 15th at 27 Pisces square Saturn (!) just in time for Americans to pay their income taxes.

April 4-5: Mars inconjunct Jupiter at 18 Taurus/Libra.

Mercury is in Taurus, Venus is retrograde in Pisces in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra who is inconjunct Mars in Taurus. All these of these planets, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are in signs of Venus! I would not spend recklessly these days and unless your reliable personal astrologer tells you otherwise, these are definitely not days for investment. This can also be said for “investing in relationships,” ideals may be thwarted by practical realities or vice-versa.

April 6: Mars trine Pluto at 19 Taurus/Capricorn; Saturn turns retrograde at 27.47 Sagittarius.

This is a most potent trine and if you are fortunate to have 18 to 20 degrees of the earth signs (or to a lesser extent, these degrees in Pisces) you will certainly find out why. It is sort of like receiving a cosmic vitamin C shot with C = cash or career. Example: Midheaven at 19 Virgo. Interpretation: The 5th to the 7th of April should be very good days for you especially in terms of a rise in your career and income. It is something for which you have been working for a long time and during these days, such a positive event is likely.

The retrogradation of Saturn would be most important to people with strong Capricorn and Aquarius placements in their natal map. It would also strongly and positively affect people who have 21 to 27 degrees of Sagittarius, Aries, Leo in their charts, giving the opportunity for greater definition, authority, and integrity to enter their lives in the areas marked by these degrees. To those with 21 to 27 degrees in Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, challenges can occur that require greater and more precise mental consolidation, self-discipline, and personal authority to resolve. Saturn turns direct at 21.10 Sagittarius on August 5th of this year.

April 7-23: Venus square Saturn at 27 Pisces/Sagittarius.

This is a relatively long time for Venus to remain in place. From April 7 to 15, Venus is retrograde and slowly “backing into” 27 Pisces and then stops and turns direct on the 15th. It takes her until the 23rd of April to gradually move into the 28th degree if the Fish, and thus several days into the month of the Bull. Those of you with 26-28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces strongly placed in your chart may find that these 16 days have their challenges where relationships and/or finances are concerned. Too much idealism may be the cause and/or too much “fiddling” about in areas of activity—or with people—who pull us off our center. The results are dissipation of energy and loss of focus and possible deceit to self or others. You can be sure that Saturn in these cases will do his job as a good teacher.
April 8: Sun square Pluto at 19 Aries/Capricorn along with Venus square Saturn.

In the world at large: challenges over right human relationships regarding money and power. Nothing new at all, just same old, same old sad karma! On a personal level, this is a great day “to keep our nose clean” as the expression goes, and lead the simple life.

April 9: Mercury turns retrograde at 4.50 Taurus; Sun square Pluto; Venus square Saturn.

Mercury remains retrograde until May 3rd when it turns direct at 24.15 Aries. Please see comments under April 8th—same will hold true for today too.

April 11: Full Moon at 21.33 Libra/Aries at 06.09 am.

They dynamics of a Full Moon in Libra (Moon) and Aries (Sun) focus on the relationship between oneself and others. The nature of this interrelationship will play itself out most strongly through the two houses that the luminaries occupy as they transit the natal chart.

April 13-14: Sun conjunct Uranus at 24 Aries.

This transit has a definite “revolutionary tone.” On a collective level, these can be explosive days as there is a lot of hostility and economic frustration (Mars in Taurus, retrograde Venus square Saturn) in many social environments around the globe. On a personal level, if you respond favorable to Sun/Uranus contacts you may want to begin a new project or just do “something” that breaks away from your usual life routine. Sudden surprises are common when Uranus gets triggered!

April 15: Venus turns direct at 26.54 Pisces.

April 16-16: Sun trine Saturn at 27 Aries/Sagittarius; Mars inconjunct Saturn at 27 Taurus/Sagittarius.

The Sun says to Saturn: I really respect your laws, codes of behavior, belief system, and the way you express your knowledgeable authority in the world. Saturn says to the Sun: Thank you and I really appreciate the extra support you are giving me during these two days. Mars says to Saturn: Listen, can you just move a little faster to accomplish my personal economic goals? Saturn replies to Mars: Just who do you think you are talking to like that? Hmmm, well let me reflect a wee bit. Perhaps there is something we can do together and then on the other hand we are so very different, so maybe not. Can we wait on this to decide? Mars to Saturn and the world: Grrrrr…..

Love and blessings to one and all,

CELESTIAL HAPPENINGS—February 18 to March 19, 2017
These are as you well know very chaotic and uncertain times. I have never felt such collective apprehension for such a long period and it grows worse. I am finding people making and breaking commitments almost at the same time. My sense is that a lot of us feel like the proverbial “deer in the headlights” afraid to move forward or back, to the left or to the right and staying in place feels confusing and dangerous. Indeed if you read my Travel Diary for this month, you will see both in words and images that these sentiments have taken physical shape here in Bali in terms of floods, landslides and even an earthquake the other day!

Fortunately there is another side to this collective turmoil. Many of us have joined forces with groups and organizations—indeed have formed such groups and organizations—that promote Good Will and positive humanitarian social actions. This is so far as I can see at present, the great benefit of the current political situation. There is a response from people, millions and millions of people and this response fosters inclusiveness, acceptance, love, and sharing. My hope and work is now along with so many others, rededicated to this purpose.

The month of Pisces 2017 will not I believe be particularly easy. As you will read in the detailed portion of this edition of Celestial Happenings, the potential for increased violence is very present, as is the presence and emanation of a great deal of what now has been called “fake news.” In essence, I see the potential for a lot of this incorrect or even fabricated “data” coming forth in an urge to create even further chaos and collective disturbance. Let us keep in mind that it is not just the “centers of political power” that send out such lies; intentional social and mass media deception is unfortunately omnipresent. It is when people are most afraid, when their prejudices are most encouraged, when the shadow of humanity impersonates as light, it is then that the darkness of a plutocracy emerges along with its cult figures and social oppression. I believe (hope, pray, and work for) that a time will come faster than expected when all of this dark matter will implode on its creators and an incredible Pulsar of Light will take its place. At the very least, these implosions on smaller scales have already begun…

Please note: All times and dates given are in GMT.

February 18: Sun enters Pisces at 11.32 am.

February 20-22: Sun conjunct southern lunar node at 3 Pisces; Mercury sextile Uranus (21 Aquarius/Aries) and trines Jupiter (22-23 Aquarius/Libra); Mars square Pluto (18-19 Aries/Capricorn).

One of the most difficult of spiritual virtues to cultivate is “loving detachment.” This will be very important for us to do during these days. The Sun’s conjunction to the southern node in Pisces bodes for confusion on a mass scale. Strong rains and snows will likely add to the general chaos. Mars (especially in Aries!) when in square to Pluto adds tension, violence, intolerance, and struggles for power. Mercury to Jupiter and Uranus when positive speaks about the dissemination of deep truths as well as the urge to know and understand large social issues and profound philosophies. At the very least it will increase the urge to travel and communicate. Those of you with natal Uranus, Mars, or Pluto at 18 to 19 degrees of the cardinal signs may find that you are inclined to pick up a banner and move forward into a battle. If this is the case, examine your motivational drive for participating in such a fray. If it comes from the solar plexus or lower, you may do better to transform ire into positive social activities. If your motive comes from a higher place (the heart and above), then no doubt you will be fighting alongside some other brothers and sisters for a good cause. If you do not know the difference, then for sure it is coming from the solar plexus! The heart always reveals itself while lower energy fields often deceive—at the very least, they certainly mask.

February 23: Mercury sextile Saturn at 26 Aquarius/Sagittarius.

This is a good day for sharing messages with friends and group members, especially if 25 to 27 of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius are prominent in your natal chart; today can also be good for educational trips.

February 25: Mercury enters Pisces.

February 26 to March 10: Jupiter opposite Uranus at 22 Libra/Aries (exact on March 3 at 22.12 of these signs).

Religious and political views clash big time leading to major conflicts during these two weeks. Of course it has been proven over the course of history that politics and religion are often united or that politics becomes religion when cults of personality replace Divinity in the collective consciousness (as it is currently in N. Korea and was in the past in Russia during Stalin’s time or in China during the Mao era).

Please note: February 25 to 28: Mars and Uranus conjoin at 20 to 22 degrees of Aries, creating a more potent opposition with Jupiter; Mercury conjunct the southern lunar node at 3 Pisces on the 27th. I believe that these will prove to be very violent days in the world. People with 20 to 23 degrees of the cardinal signs prominent in their natal maps will be asked to “stand up” for what they believe and/or be very strongly opposed in these beliefs. Naturally the entire map needs to be carefully examined in order for the astrologer to be more precise, but such challenging dynamics are quite possible if these degrees occupy the Ascendant/Descendant, the Midheaven/Nadir, the natal Sun, Moon or ruling planet.

February 26: New Moon Eclipse at 08.12 degrees of Pisces at 02.59pm (GMT).

This eclipse occurs near to the transiting position of Neptune (11.34 Pisces). The possibility for strong wet weather is in evidence but “wet” also implies emotions, desires, the astral plane, and the dream state. A great day to escape with a great movie or two, enjoy your Netflix subscription! How I wish it were that simple…There will be a tendency for deception and heightened emotional content in all and everything. I would certainly avoid alcohol and other drugs as clarity of mind will be required to see through the miasmas.

February 29- March 4: Sun conjunct Neptune (February 28 to March 2); Mercury conjunct Neptune (March 3 and 4). Please note that during these days the Jupiter/Uranus opposition will be exact.

WET, confusing and wet! These are not days when precise decisions are easy to make. This will be especially the case for people who have strong placements at 10 to 12 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius. The best (and it is possible!) that may come from such transits is the realization and recognition of a deeper spiritual reality in our lives and relationships. For many and on a collective level, care needs to be taken as deception, fanaticism, and emotional exaggeration are rife. Dear readers, I would indeed like to be more upbeat and favorable in these observations but I write it as I read it and of course I may be mistaken. The point is that when Neptune is emphasized, one becomes either illuminated or illusionary, spiritually connected or psychically at loose ends. This is definitely a period when maintaining the periscope of your vision above the currents of the emotional ocean of commotion will be most important. At the very least, I would keep personal desires to a minimum, objectify compulsive behaviors, and relegate emotional dramas to the movies or TV screen.

March 4-7: Venus turns retrograde at 13 Aries on March 4; Mars trine Saturn at 27 Aries/Sagittarius on March 4-7; Sun conjunct Mercury at 16-17 Pisces on March 6 and 7.

Venus retrogrades all the way back into Pisces when on April 15 she turns direct again at 27 degrees of the Celestial Fish. If you have Taurus or Libra rising or the Sun or Moon in one of these signs, then Venus retrograde is especially important for you and will question the direction you are taking in terms of finances (Taurus) or relationships (Venus), or “financial relationships” should you have both, i.e. Taurus Sun with Libra rising; Moon in Libra, Sun in Taurus, etc. I like Mars trine Saturn (so happy that there is something this month in the heavens that I like!) as it is a fine combination for effort paying off for diligence and hard world.

March 10: Mars enters Taurus.

If you have Aries and/or Scorpio as important signs in your natal chart, this change of Mars out of Aries and into the domain of the Celestial Bull is especially important for you. It points to the need for the practical materialization of plans and projects starting out as ideas or creative impulses when the Warrior Planet was in the sign of the Ram.

March 11-12: Mercury square Saturn at 27 Pisces/Sagittarius.

This aspect requires that we be very careful about taking too strong an idealistic position in the way we communicate our beliefs. We also need to be clear about the boundaries of responsibilities in terms of our written and spoken words. If you have 26 to 28 of the mutable signs prominent in your natal map, this message is especially meant for you.

March 12: Full Moon at 22.13 Virgo/Pisces at 02.55 pm (GMT).

This Full Moon requires a certain degree of practical know-how in order to handle it properly. Any opposition between Virgo and Pisces is significant of the relationship between the real and the ideal but this time, the ruler of Virgo (Mercury) is simultaneously square to Saturn (see paragraph above), which makes the mandate of practical responsibility that much stronger.

March 13: Mercury enters Aries where he remains only until March 31st.

Whoosh! If you thought Gemini and Virgo moved quickly, now watch them do a good imitation of the “Road Runner!” Sun in Aries people will not be far behind either!

March 16-18: Sun square Saturn from 26 to 28 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius.

Boundary issues are always on the agenda for Pisces people and/or those with strong Neptunian placements in their natal chart. Sagittarius is also not a sign known for its positive relationship with fences, walls, or retraining orders. Sun square Saturn requires that the rules for any game be clearly known or else there is bound to be errors along the way. Often squares between these two signs incline a person to seek out the exit as soon as they enter the room, just in case they are bored or have to make a quick move to another place. If 26 to 28 of the mutable signs are important to your chart, circumspection and patience will need to be employed during these three days.

With love and blessings to one and all,


Hello everyone! As I poured through the ephemeris for this month, I was struck by the importance of the following planetary configuration: Jupiter in Libra sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries opposing the former and in trine to the latter. Another, more simple way to say this is: Uranus opposed Jupiter and trine to Saturn—but its meaning is far from simple.

If we look at these sign/planet combinations from a mundane, global and political perspective, we see that march of unfolding and conflicting sociological differences. This is the Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries part of things. What now follow are some keywords and keyword phrases that summarize these planet and sign interchanges:

Aries/Libra oppositions always indicate social disagreements (Aries=my way, Libra to Aries= anyway that is not my way; Libra=my way of making agreements with you, Aries to Libra= No!). Saturn in Sagittarius = the structure of the body politic; the philosophy of international politics; religious authority figures. Saturn trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter gives the nations the potential at least to come to the table and attempt to air their differences.

Will there be peace in troubled areas? Well we can hope (although the insanity these days is pretty rooted in economic cum religious issues). At the very least during this astrological month, there will be many talks, meetings, and conferences at international levels. Considering that this will also be the first month in the new USA administration, such talks will be plentiful indeed! One can only hope that they will be effective in letting families eat and sleep together in peace.

It is important for us to note that of the next eleven eclipses (five lunar and six solar) that begin on February 11, 2017 and end on January 21, 2019, eight take place in Leo and Aquarius. This sign axis has a great deal to do with the relationship and the attempts at integration of the one with the social collective of which one is a part. This can be on the level of an individual person with the collective society of humanity; a particular religion with respect to all faiths; or a specific nation in relationship to the body of all the nations of the world. This challenges between the one and the many will be highly significant in the coming next few years. These situations will happen in your life relative to the house positions occupied by the degrees of these Leo/Aquarius eclipses. These newsletters will of course share the specifics of these positions with you but it is always informative to consult your ephemeris.
Mind you, there is another element here, the transcendental which when contacted, always serves to bring the polarized into the synthesized thus giving meaning and growth to conflict and struggle. The process of individuation is the way that both humans and nations reach the level of the Soul. Some people (such as dedicated Light Workers of all nations active in their efforts for World Goodwill) and some nations (such as Canada and the Scandinavian countries working within political systems that embody humanistic socialism) are examples of a more soul-centered, humanistic approach to living. It is hoped that such individuals and such countries will lead the way out of polarized clashes and into a greater realization of the Human Spirit.

Now let’s take a look at the astrological month ahead in greater detail. Please note: all dates and times are given in GMT.

January 19-28: Sun enters Aquarius at 09.25pm on the 19th; Mars square Saturn at 23 Pisces/Sagittarius to the 21st; Jupiter sextile Saturn at 23 Libra/Sagittarius; Venus square Saturn from the 26th to the 28th at 23/24 Pisces/Sagittarius.

The Jupiter/Saturn sextile is in effect until about the 28th of the month. If you have any important positions in your horoscope at 22 to 24 degrees of Libra, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius, these could indicate some very positive situations for you. This would most likely involve education, travel for educative purposes, advances in your world view, and depending on exactly where this sextile falls, an increase in professional or financial circumstances. Naturally, the individual chart would need to be studied in order to have an accurate assessment of these circumstances, the above only serve as indications.

The combination of Mars square to Saturn and Jupiter sextile however (valid until the 21st of the month) indicates international controversy and challenges on diplomatic fronts. Strong differences of philosophic and political perspectives will be internationally evident. Venus square Saturn indicates conflicts surrounding the correct sharing of financial resources as well as arguments between people holding different life values. If you happen to have 22 to 25 degrees of the mutable signs strongly placed in your natal chart, you can expect such situations to arise during this latter part of January. How you deal fairly with others and they with you will be important issues at this time.

January 28: New Moon at 08.15 Aquarius at 12.08am; Mars enters Aries; Venus square Saturn (see above).

Mars is always very happy when it enters its own sign and if you happen to be an person with an Aries Sun or Aries rising, you will also be delighted by this “cosmic vitamin B shot,” one that will last until March 9th when Mars enters Taurus when a bit of a droop in your efforts is then quite possible. Until then, enjoy the fiery presence!

A New Moon is traditionally seen as a time in which to begin new projects. If your particular activity (note the house position in your chart where the New Moon takes place for an important clue) involves reaching the public with news about yourself or your interests, or being social in any particular way, well then this New Moon speaks directly to you.

January 29: Mercury conjunct Pluto at 17 Capricorn.

Serious study and research concerning professional or financial matters is certainly an obvious interpretation for this aspect. It will take on personal meaning for you if 16-18 of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, or Pisces figure prominently in your chart. It will be then that carefully paid attention and extra effort will pay off. If these degrees are found in your chart in Cancer, Aries, or Libra, challenges in these areas may be on the agenda today.

January 31 to February 1: Mercury square Uranus at 21 Capricorn/Aries.

Not my favorite combination of influences as these forces combine to produce nervousness and scattered thinking along with a tendency to be superficial when careful attention is required. This will take on a more personal current if 20 to 22 of the cardinal signs are important features of your natal chart.
February 2 to 3: Mercury square Jupiter at 23 Capricorn/Libra; Venus enters Aries on the 3rd.

Although not as nervous and jumpy as Mercury square Uranus, Mercury square Jupiter is liable to produce delays in travel plans, challenges in study and educational pursuits, and overly idealistic thinking. Please with 22 to 24 of the cardinal signs strongly place in their natal chart should take particular note.

Venus is not a particularly graceful and well behaved goddess in the sign of the Cosmic Ram. She loses patience with others, becoming aggressive and self-seeking in relationships. People with strong fiery placements in their chart may however appreciate the potential for added fun and frolic in their social lives. Enjoy life and look to mutually beneficial circumstances to share with others.

February 7: Mercury enters Aquarius.

What an interesting and healthy planet/sign combination. Some astrologers say that Mercury is exalted in this sign and I would tend to agree as it allows logic and intuition to combine. It also permits a person to take wide and unprejudiced views about life—well if one takes the positive side of this position into account! Friendly as they may be, Aquarians are no push-overs and then they have an opinion about something or someone, only they themselves can shift or change it. Thus Mercury in Aquarius can be as stubborn as it is determined; highly opinionated as it is universal in outlook. As this position of Mercury makes heaps of fine aspects to my natal planets in Gemini and Libra, and smiles favorably and creatively on my Aries planets, I give this transit a “personal” hearty welcome and a thumbs up!

February 9 to 10: Sun sextile Uranus at 21 Aquarius/Aries.

I really like the implications of this transit as it points to the adventure of becoming oneself, a favorite pastime of mine! This combination opens doors both inner and outer, increases the urge to grow and experiment, and invites the unusual in terms of people and circumstances into our lives. If you are a type of individual that hates surprises, that visits the American Bar when in Paris, you will not appreciate the potentials of this transit. People with 20-22 Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini prominent in their charts, will be especially (and positively) affected during these days.

February 11 to 12: Eclipse of the Moon at 22.28 Leo/Aquarius at 12.34am; Sun trine Jupiter at 23 Aquarius/Libra,

Briefly, an eclipse speaks about the sudden and sometimes abrupt ending of one set of circumstances and the beginning of another. This turn-about in life events will take place in the circumstances of the houses of the natal horoscope where the eclipse takes place. As I mentioned at the outset of this month’s edition of Celestial Happenings, this is the first eclipse of a long series that takes place in these signs. What these Leo/Aquarius eclipses will all have in common is that they point to the relationship you have as an individual to the collective society in which you live. To some this will extend into your creative and philosophical/spiritual life as well, i.e. How to integrate your creativity into society? How does your particular belief system blend or contrast with the people around you? As always, the house positions of these eclipses will make the celestial message that much more personal.

As for the Sun trine to Jupiter, well this is an aspect that “shines” with positive potentials for personal expansion of social benefits. The extent of positive personal returns depends on what binds you together with others in terms of your belief system either expressed philosophically or politically. (Please see the following paragraph.)

February 13 to 14: Sun sextile Saturn at 25/26 Aquarius/Sagittarius.

If you examine the transits of the Sun from February 9th through the 14th, you will see a very potent and interesting pattern emerging: Sun sextile Uranus, Sun trine Jupiter, and Sun sextile Saturn. The latter is an aspect that serves to concretize our beliefs into the social milieu in which we find ourselves. My sense is that in a general sense, we have all been asked this past month to know more deeply what we stand for in society and what is the truth which each of us represents. For those of us with planetary positions from 20 to 26 degrees of the signs, such an urge for self-definition and self-pronouncement is event more distinct.

But such positive solar aspects also imply the following (and here I am copying a brief paragraph from my opening statement this month):

“If we look at these sign/planet combinations from a mundane, global and political perspective, we see that march of unfolding and conflicting sociological differences. This is the Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries part of things. What now follow are some keywords and keyword phrases that summarize these planet and sign interchanges:”

“Aries/Libra oppositions always indicate social disagreements (Aries=my way, Libra to Aries= anyway that is not my way; Libra=my way of making agreements with you, Aries to Libra= No!). Saturn in Sagittarius = the structure of the body politic; the philosophy of international politics; religious authority figures. Saturn trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter give the nations the potential at least to come to the table and attempt to air their differences. “

Now that we have arrived at more than a month from the beginning of these observations (written on January 10), I wonder what the socio-political manifestations of these planetary placements are like and what our individual responses may be. As January 20th is the inauguration of a new presidential organization, the ramifications of January and February of 2017 will be profound and universal in scope.

February 16 to 17: Mercury sextile Mars at 14/15 Aquarius/Aries.

This is an aspect that I would call a “state your case” combination as it combines the energy of an active mind with its own opinions (Mercury in Aquarius) with the planet/sign combination that his highly self-assertive (Mars in Aries).

Kind wishes to one and all,

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