Current Webinars

I. The Ancient Wisdom and the Development of Consciousness with Alan Oken

How to remain Conscious in an Unconscious World webinar topics:

1. The awakening of the heart chakra and the evolution of individual consciousness.  What happens when the heart center opens?  What types of changes take place in our life, our relationships, and our attitudes?  What steps follow along the Path after this awakening?

2. Love: personal, impersonal, transpersonal and the blessing (and necessity) of Loving Detachment.  How is love/consciousness expressed on these three levels?  What is “loving detachment” and how does it take place successfully?  What are the pitfalls and advantages of “loving detachment?”

3. The psychic umbilical cord and our connection both to “mommy” and The Mother.  What is the “psychic umbilical cord” and how does this affect instinct, emotions, self-preservation, and love on the level of the personality?  How to the Moon, Neptune, and the sign Cancer relate to “mommy” and The Mother.  Who is The Mother, we know who “mommy “is—or do we?

4. How to identify the true nature of our individual evolutionary struggles: Energetic Principles and Emotional Issues.  What is an “energetic principle?”  How can we identify this concept in ourselves?  What is the relationship between Principles and Issues and how does this relate to the relationship between the soul and the personality?

The Ancient Wisdom and the Development of Consciousness.  Dates: May 17, 24, June 7, 14 (USA and Canada); May 18, 25, June 8, 15 (Europe, Asia, and Australia). Time: 07:00pm MDST ((please check on line with the World Clock- look up Santa Fe, New Mexico) for the time in your area or just ask us).

Fee is $60 for established students  $70 for new students.

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Keywords: Your Key to Communicating Astrologically with Michael Bartlett

Astrology is a complex language that takes years to understand. By analyzing the different component parts of astrology and linking them to key words and phrases, you can more easily approach, decipher and understand the natal chart. We will not only be looking at the major pieces within the astrological map (planets, signs, houses and aspects), but we will also look at how to synthesize the aspects to give you a better understanding of the entire horoscope.

Class topics are:

1. The Planets: The “What” of the horoscope (What energy is at work in your life?).

2. The Signs: The “How” of the chart (How is this energy working in your life?).

3. Houses:  The “Where” in natal astrology (Where is this energy working out in your life?)

4. Aspects: The “Connections” in the map (What, How, and Where are my life forces Connected?)

Whether you are a beginning or an intermediate student of astrology, this course will prove to be very helpful to you.

Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 pm US MT for live broadcast. Hour and a half of teaching and at least30 minutes for Q&A. All webinars are recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording regardless of whether you are present. June 21, 28 and July 5, 12

Fee is $99.00 for established students.  $119 for new students.

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