Articles by Alan Oken


Saturn is representative of the Law of Economy. He is not fond of waste on any level and is not a planet that allows us to cheat, cajole, sidestep, or avoid what we must do in order to be correct in our relationships with others as well as with ourselves. This is one reason why Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of balance, Libra.  Saturn is not an agent of deprivation as much as it is a testing ground to prove a person’s level of maturity and ability to be responsible for dealing with life and as I will soon explain, for the responsibility of dealing with expanded consciousness as well.

Yes, Saturn is the Lord of Karma, but much of karma is good. We get back from life what we put into it, and if our investments have been correct and we have used our life energy and resources wisely, Saturn will act much more as the “Grim Reaper” than anything Grim. Saturn stands at the Gates of Initiation, ready to test anyone who seeks to obtain an advanced level of consciousness. St. Peter, who acts as the Guardian at the Gates of Heaven, occupies this saturnian position in Christian symbolism. As one approaches Paradise, one’s deeds and misdeeds are weighed on the Scales of Ultimate Justice. This is yet another factor why Saturn in Libra is in exaltation.

Saturn is the farthest planet visible from Earth with the naked eye. It represents the boundary between the planets closest and farthest from the Sun and, hence, from the gifts of the particular type of consciousness granted by these outer planetary forces. In other words, an individual cannot hope to incorporate on any personal level the higher octave energies of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto without first fulfilling the demands of the earlier stages of the personal development of the personality and the maturation of our individual ego. We therefore have to prove ourselves capable of handling the challenges of ordinary daily life before being allowed to function on more spiritual levels and thus handle the greater life responsibilities such levels of activity bring.

Another term used in esoteric astrology for the “Guardian at the Gates” is the “Dweller on the Threshold.” The Dweller refers to a very important function held by Saturn as we unfold our passage along the Spiritual Path. Saturn makes sure that we cannot pass over the Threshold of Initiation without first completing our duties and responsibilities, paying our karmic debts, and freeing ourselves to serve humanity in ever more conscious and loving ways. Saturn thus offers us the opportunity to free ourselves from the boundaries, limitations, and restrictions imposed upon us from our biological karma, the karma originating with our families of birth and with all facets of our lower self.  In the horoscope, this specific type of karma is signified by the position of the Moon and all matters that related to the 4th House.  There is thus a very special relationship between these factors and the sign (Capricorn), house (MC and the 10th), and planet (Saturn) standing across the zodiac.

Eventually, through the opportunities for growth and development indicated in our natal map (and transits) by Saturn, we come to balance a great deal of the challenges of past karma and reach a place whereby conscious choice concerning our future becomes an actual possibility. Saturn has therefore served to open our eyes to our inner reality and makes our evolutionary advancement possible. Yes, often the price for this opportunity to serve is very high and sometimes painful. If we declare that we are available to be of real help to others and don the mantle of world service within the periphery of our lives, then we shall be tested as to our readiness. Of this there is no doubt.

Saturn’s house position in your natal chart will reveal where we may expect such tests of restriction and self-discipline to arise. Once we have passed the necessary tests and have crossed over the Threshold and into the realm of the higher octave planets, then it is said, “Saturn cannot follow.” Until that time, let us welcome Saturn into our lives (besides, let’s face it—you can’t kick him out!) and open ourselves to the opportunities we have to release immature karma and grow, grow, grow.  Let us now take a look at the happy face of Saturn, examining the various transits of this planet to the planets in your natal chart, and extract from these positions the best gifts Saturn has to offer.

Saturn and the Sun: Aspects between these two heavenly bodies speak about vitality.  Saturn square the Sun has the tendency to lessen personal strength while the opposition to the Sun speaks about situations that seek to either take your vitality (and personal power) away and/or replace it with the energy of this outside force (and the person who may be the embodiment of this challenge to your potency).  No matter the aspect, Saturn always urges you to be selective in how you use your energy. You have the opportunity now to define those creative projects that build your stature and expertise in the world. You are now asked to take on an authoritative role: defining, structuring, administrating, advising, supporting, and sustaining. You are in a position to economize and prioritize; being selective in what you do and the ways you do it. When positive, Saturn and the Sun reward those who do not waste their life-force and who respect their creative potential. You may also be asked to deal with older people or those in authority. Treat those who merit respect with deference and kindness, while eliminating those who abuse power from your life.  Remember that Saturn/Sun dynamics are very “fatherly” insofar as they speak about power archetypes whose strength is centered in either mind and/or body (including social status!).  No matter your gender, when Saturn transits into your life, you will be asked: Am I being a good father to myself, to others, to society?  Or, are others or society being properly fatherly to me?  Am I being supportive or blocked? Am I supporting or blocking (myself and/or others)?

Saturn and the Moon: You have the opportunity to bring definition to your feelings, emotions, and instinctive responses to life. You would do well to understand yourself better by striving to be a conscious observer. Watch your subjective movie; just don’t unconsciously star in it. Saturn gives you the possibilities to consolidate and ground your emotional nature, bringing form to the formless and power over feeling over which you feel or have felt powerless. No matter your sex, when Saturn strong touches the Moon, you take on an “administrative motherly role.”  Thus your urge to nurture complete tasks, and supply cohesive force in your own and  other people’s lives has distinct goals.  Are such goals being blocked in the present (based on non-regenerative emotional habit patterns you carry from the past)? Or are you able to build upon your psychological strengths and thus aid to ripen and mature people, plans, and projects? Sometimes Saturn transits to the Moon bring opportunities to resolves the relationship you have had with your mother and by extension, with women in general (as well as the female energy within yourself be you male or woman)  You have the opportunity now to breathe, relax, and release your fears of being rejected and abandoned. Saturn brings you the gift of detachment from wasteful emotional and mental habit patters—move into acceptance.  If you use Saturn to maintain the “same old, same old” you will ache with age.

Saturn and Mercury: What are the thought-form and mental structures that no longer work in your life? Saturn smiles at you and offers you the chance to bring definition to your internal dialogues, freeing you from obsessive ideas or plans and projects that are simply too far out to ever manifest. You have the opportunity now to gain strength from saying less and observing more. If you do things correctly, you can save yourself a lot of grief by being circumspect about your ways of communicating and not committing your time and energy where they do not belong. Father Saturn brings the wisdom of experience.  Mother Saturn brings discrimination in form. This is a good period in which to reflect on what forms of intellectual expression and interest have worked for you in the past and to take advantage of these carefully made assessments.

Saturn and Venus: Whom do you value in your life? Which relationships and which types of relationships have real sustaining power for you? Examine your past and carefully observe which patterns of interpersonal interchanges you possess that work or do not work for you. Believe what you are telling yourself. Now is the time to receive the gifts of true love, love that has proven itself over time. Say and do kind things for old and trusted friends. Contact those people whom you love but perhaps have not visited in a long time. Ask yourself what you truly value in yourself, and rejoice in the strength and beauty of your positive life characteristics. Be proud of yourself, your accomplishments, and the relationships in your life that really work—you have earned it.

Saturn and Mars: We all have to struggle for things that are important to us. Now the focus and direction of these struggles are aligned. There are many battles in life. We do not have to fight all of them, and not all of them are worth fighting. Saturn and Mars bring you the opportunity to know the difference and to prioritize your struggles and battles. You can stand up for justice and what you know to be right. If there is a force that confronts you now that is stronger than your abilities, it might be better to pull back—but only to gain the strength to resume your battle at another time. Get the training that you need in order to be a more potent warrior, but first make sure that the fight is worth the effort. A wise retreat is not a defeat.

Saturn and Jupiter: An accordion can be a thing of beauty if played correctly. If not, it is one of the most inconsonant of all musical instruments. What makes the accordion lively and uplifting to the ear and heart is the right balance of air and pressure. Saturn and Jupiter are in accord when you are able to apply just the right amount of freedom and expansion with just the right amount of consolidation and restriction. Now you have the opportunity to have an interplay of push-and-pull in the economic, philosophical, and professional facets of your life. The gifts of Saturn are therefore plentiful for you at this time if you are wise with your budget, realistic in your ideals, and reasonable in your future goals.

Saturn and Saturn: Saturn offers you a number of opportunities now to put some real structure and discipline into your life. You cannot achieve anything of value without them. This is a great time to learn at the side of a teacher. But if you are currently working with someone who is presumably an expert in his or her field and that person is revealing himself or herself to know less than you do, now is the time to leave that person’s influence. You can prepare the way for yourself by cultivating a responsible attitude to life and leaving behind all folly and time-wasting activities. The word here is “diet.” This means slimming down—eliminating unnecessary physical pounds, excess emotional weight, and unnecessary mental burdens.

Saturn and Uranus: Do not resist the need to revise long-standing plans and projects. Your worldview may no longer suffice to help you integrate into some opportunities standing at the horizon. Be open to the gifts of other people’s expertise, even if they are much older or even much younger than you. You have to cross over the boundaries of what you have learned as part of the generation of your peers. Messages, advice, and invitations are coming from a whole different set of people. Leave yourself open to hearing them before deciding to shut the door. Once you have carefully accepted to entertain such offerings—free of prejudice—then you can decide whether or not to participate.

Saturn and Neptune: You have the opportunity now to fuse your ideals and aspirations with a careful, practical assessment of your current abilities. Stand outside of yourself and the present set of circumstances and be thankful that you can know what your boundaries are. If you are not sure, then it is best not to commit yourself at the moment. Can you see a clear exit out of a confusing situation? If you cannot, Saturn offers you a hand of limitation—don’t go any further and don’t wade into a sea without knowing its depth. If you are currently in over your head, ask the advice of someone who is an expert in the area of your particular confusion. If it is financial debt, see an advisor who can help you to budget your resources. If it is an emotional debt, go to a psychological helper who knows the ways of the human heart and mind better than you do at the present time.

Saturn and Pluto: We have all been getting Saturn’s helping hand in this one for the past several months. Or has your hand been resoundedly slapped? If you have been using this aspect wisely, you have been releasing those structures of thought that do not work for you any longer. You have also been learning how to use your willpower towards goals that support you rather than harm you. You have been dealing wisely with other people who occupy positions of power in your life and have not given your power away to them without understanding the consequences of such actions. The destruction of negative habit patterns is a gift of this aspect, hopefully in ways from which you may learn and profit.


Whatever is born or done in a moment of time, has the qualities of this moment of time.

                                                                                                                                        –C.G. Jung

Although astrology has its roots in prehistory, the modern system of our ancient science is based on the archetypal characteristics of the gods of Greek mythology.  According to the Greeks, when our universe was created it was divided into three realms:  Zeus (Jupiter) was given the heavens, Hades (Pluto) was charged with governing the underworld, and Poseidon (Neptune) was made the ruler of the oceans.  Neptune was also given a huge island-continent as his capital.  In the middle of this island was a mountain on the top of which lived three earthlings: Evenor, Leucipe, and the beautiful maiden, Cleito.  Neptune fell in love with the girl and together they engendered ten sons, the eldest of which was Atlas, the mighty hero who was eventually charged with holding up the Earth on his shoulders.  It was in Atlas’ honor that Neptune called his island home Atlantis and its surrounding ocean became the Atlantic.

As we can see from this story, Neptune’s love is very creatively potent.  He is in fact, the higher octave of Venus (Aphrodite).  This goddess reigns over the realm of personal love, for Venus offers her heart but demands a heart in return.  She believes in balance (Libra) and regales her worshippers with the fruits of the Earth (Taurus).  In this respect, those people who have Venus afflicted in their natal chart, especially by Saturn, may suffer from one-sided, imbalanced love relationships.

This difficulty in life cannot happen to the true follower of Neptune as the “god of the oceans and seas” does not demand that his love be of a personal nature, although he certainly embraces love on all levels.  Neptunian love in its highest form is the vehicle through which we obtain the inclusive love of the universal heart.  Neptune’s true joy is in giving, while Venus takes her greatest pleasure in sharing.

Most people cannot respond to the higher qualities of the unconditional love offered by Neptune.  It is therefore more common in human life to find that Neptune’s vibrations are highly modified by the nature of personal emotional needs.  These are governed by the Moon.  In fact if you look at the position of the Moon in your natal chart, it will describe such needs in detail.  A person with the Moon in Gemini for example, will become very upset and insecure when they feel that they are not communicating correctly or are misunderstood.  Neptune is exalted in Cancer and thus can be said to represent a higher focus for lunar expression.  In this respect, when our solar plexus center (located at our navel point—ruled by the Moon!) is moved up into the heart (via our spiritual efforts at evolutionary growth), Neptune reigns as the god of unconditional love.

If this “exalted process” does not occur through the evolution of our consciousness, Neptune’s influence will express in us on a lower level.  Instead of clearing a path to the Soul so that true vision, mystical inspiration, and universal love may manifest, one instead becomes an unrealistic dreamer.  When this facet of Neptune is too strong in the chart, the individual becomes quite lazy, unnecessarily secretive, and an escapist.  Neptune on the level of the unredeemed Moon (in effect, the separated, instinctual self), gives a person a distinct dislike for any physical efforts and avoids all practical responsibilities.  The individual, who has not lifted herself up to a place wherein Neptune’s higher nature may be found, will find herself lost in fantasy and the mirage of idealistic love.  Neptune is the master of disguise and the planet’s negative effects result in deception, fraud, and destructive self-indulgence. Neptune at its worst is the embodiment of delusion, morbidity, phobia, obsession and addictive-compulsive habit patterns.

Neptune’s highest energy field puts us in direct contact with the Will of the Soul and this is the Will-to-Good, the Will-to-Love.  When these aspects of the Will are expressed through the personal emotional sphere (only possible when there is true personality-soul interaction), the results are as beautiful as the negative polarity of this energy field are heinous.  Neptune is the celestial musician, the transcendental force that inspires the great composers of symphonies.  He is also the patron of the ballet, the energy of union that allows the ballerina to merge with rhythm and become a physical extension of sound.

On a more soul-centered level, Neptune can bring the disciple and spiritual seeker in contact with the Master Souls who aid us in our personal development and who help guide the world.  Neptune thus brings inspired writing, prophetic visions, and the realization of those Universal Truths that go far beyond the powers of the rational mind.  Neptune is thus the planet of all true clairvoyants and mystics.  Please note my emphasis.  Neptune on the lower levels of astral glamour and deception is also the ruler of deluded “channels,” false prophets, religious sect leaders, and all those who proclaim contact with Divinity in order to dominate people for the purposes of self-aggrandizement and egocentric aims.

Edgar Cayce was known as “the sleeping prophet.”  In the view of this writer, Cayce was a truly blessed and gifted man, one who was blessed with a great gift and whose heart was dedicated to serving humanity.  While he slept, his higher consciousness became the vehicle through which the Masters spoke.  Cayce was born under the sign of the Fish and was therefore naturally responsive to the higher energy field of his ruling planet, Neptune.  The quality of his heart and the nature of his soul contact, allowed Neptune to function through him at a very noble and beautiful level of expression.

Let us examine the generational positions of Neptune from the beginning of the 20th century to when it exits Pisces in 2026 to see the various qualities of this planet in our own charts and those of our most recent ancestors, children, and grandchildren.

Neptune in Cancer (1902-1916):  There is an intimate relationship between Neptune and Caner’s ruling planet, the Moon.  In soul-centered astrology, this relationship involves the creation and nurturing of the indwelling soul presence in each of us.  When active on this level in the life a person who has Neptune in Cancer, the result is the ability to foster the awareness of the Presence of Love through all of one’s relationships, not with just family (Cancer) alone.  Neptune in Cancer is the Mother Principle at work in her most embracing, most collective and universal state.  The Moon is the ruler of Cancer on the exoteric level, but is also the ruler of Virgo on the level of the Soul.  This brings to a person with Neptune in Cancer a contact with the unconditional love of the Virgin Goddess.  On the personal level, Neptune in Cancer makes one especially sensitive to all family connections—the “compassionate grandmother” would be one such archetype of this planet/sign placement.  When afflicted (especially in square or opposition to the natal Moon), it can give rise to general anxiety and fears as there can be a sense that one is not protected from unseen and unknown “possible sources” of harm.

Neptune in Leo (1916-1929):  This combination produced a very romantic generation for these people were raised in the “height of Hollywood” and the glamour of those projected images and stars.  Yet this is also a generation of great emotional stress.  They began their lives during or right after World War I.  They experienced the Great Depression, and as young people were separated from their loved ones, fought in or otherwise suffered through World War II.  From the soul level, this planet/sign combination is a most powerful one.  Neptune in Leo represents the Heart of the Sun. Those people born with this placement are either prone to excessive self-dramatization on the personal level (emotional stress is very high!), or are capable of instilling an awareness of the Presence of Love in all and everything.

Neptune in Virgo (1929-1943):  It is interesting to note that on the personality level, people who have this placement in their natal charts seem to take small details completely out of proportion.  Yet this particular characteristic so annoying on the personality level makes a great deal of sense when looked at from the soul-centered perspective.  Neptune manifests the universal Presence of Love in all matter.  In Virgo, this extends down into the minutia of the atomic structure from which all forms are made.  An individual with a highly developed spiritual sensibility who has Neptune in Virgo is capable of seeing the All in every little thing and can carry this perception to his or her environment.  If however, Neptune’s expression in this sign is limited to the personality sphere of influence, then it only serves to exaggerate the Virgo tendency to criticism and the finding of faults.

Neptune in Libra (1943-1957):  I tend to think of this placement as characterizing the last generation of romantics in the 20th century.  It is a position that endows its possessor with the search for the ideal in relationship.  This is the “soul-mate” generation, those men and women who believe in the perfection of love on the personal level, which at the very least is quite the challenge!  Libra is ruled by Venus and there will always be a “see-saw” effect on the level of personal love.  It is never constant and may only be stabilized (truly balanced) on the level of the soul, a level which requires detachment and impersonality in all human affairs.  This placement is also significant of a generation of “relationship counselors” who at the highest serve to bring about the most important tenant of the New Age—the Law of Right Human Relationships.  From the collective level, this generation personifies the consciousness of the cuspal phase between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages as the vast majority of people born during this period have either Neptune (ruler of the Pisces) either trine or square Uranus (ruler of the Aquarius).

Neptune in Scorpio (1957-1970):  This generation is to develop an expression of those transformational energies that lead to the alignment of the lower self to the higher.  The obvious expression results in tests on sexual (Scorpio/Pluto) levels.  They matured at a time when the plight of AIDS and other sexually transmuted diseases reached a pinnacle both in terms of affliction and human awareness.  Yet Scorpio and Pluto go beyond sexuality and on the level of the soul, speak about the path of Harmony through Conflict and the Right Use of Will to achieve greater spiritual development.  It is to be noted that at least 85% of all of these individuals have a sextile between Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo, thus strongly linking Neptune to Scorpio’s ruler (Pluto) through the sign of healing (Virgo).  Neptune in Scorpio on the soul level is a very beautiful and potent placement as it fosters the rebirth of the indwelling Principle of Love over the ashes of the lower self.

Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984):  This is to this writer, a generation capable of producing some very eminent philosophers and spiritual voyagers.  At the same time, the danger is the rise of unbridled religious dogmatism and its resulting planetary chaos.  Neptune is a Sixth Ray planet and Sagittarius also expresses itself through this, the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.  On the personality level, this can easily give rise to individuals who are totally swayed emotionally by the increase of astral/emotional forces that come as a result of addictions to fundamental religious beliefs.  I believe that many “old souls” will incarnate through this generation as well as a lot of religious zealots and fanatics.

Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998):  The lower expression of this combination indicates a generation of people who are totally fooled by matter, intoxicated by form, and swept away for the urge for personal power.  As a result, Love is restricted and veiled by these ambitions and personality characteristics.  Consciousness is therefore trapped in the crystallization of matter in old patterns and selfish thought-forms.  Yet from the level of the soul, this is a generation who embodies the principle of Christ/Krishna incarnated in human form.  As a result, this recent Neptune in Capricorn generation will produce a number of highly evolved men and women dedicated to bring correct ecological Order to a planet who much needs such wise nurturing.  These relatively few (when counted in terms of the great number of  men and women born with Neptune in Capricorn) can be called the “Enlightened Earth Workers.” They will struggle to manifest the Law of Economy as it relates to the common good.

Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012):  A most interesting combination!  Here we have the joining of the ruling planet of the Age of Pisces in the sign of the New Age.  This is thus the generation that embodies a major shifting and fusion between these two World Ages.  Those born between 1998-2003 also have Uranus in Aquarius and many of these young people will be the true harbingers and avant-garde of the New Times.  Listen and watch this “sub-group” closely as they will speak and embody the future. Personally (sic!), some of this generational behavior is very unappealing to me as it is so dominated by social media, and is impersonal, detached, robotic, and superficial. But then I come from an Age of intimate Flower-Power Huggers!  Neptune (and Uranus) in Aquarius produce a great deal of social idealism, aspiration, and vision but individual beliefs are greatly modified by the society in which one lives. In addition, while the interactions of one’s peer group are important social factors for everyone, for this generation, it is even more so.  Many will be overly detached, preferring to avoid in-depth human contact.  Example:  A group of them sitting at a dinner table in a restaurant preferring to text each other rather than speak directly to one another!  On the personality level, their group and its political or philosophical beliefs consist of the only group.  This will lead to incredible fanaticism!  Thank goodness, they are also a rather lazy, “spacey” group!  However, the avant-garde and soul-centered individuals born in this generation are highly individuated with amazing talent and incredible uniqueness.  They embody a great love and caring for humanity.  It is a group free of “traditional” prejudices and totally “color-blind.”  This gifted youth embody an urge to be true contributors to planetary well-being regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion and their efforts will take place through group affiliations and collective activities.  These are the “humanitarian spiritual scientists” who will work together in teams in order to resolve the problems which world climatic, sociological, and population factors require of them.

Neptune in Pisces (2012-2026):  I can only speculate about the potentialities of this generation.  Could this be an army of “incarnated Love” that comes to heal the planet without having to burn anyone in the fires of self-righteous fundamentalism, or impale anyone on the swords of a martial religious orientation?  Is it possible that a generation could be born that will embody a living devotion to the indwelling Principle of Love?  Will such children be the fathers and mothers of a new and totally inclusive world religion that leads humanity out of its urge for tribal uniformity of belief and into the realization of unanimity in the soul of the One Human Family?  There is the high likelihood that many false prophets and misplaced messiahs have been and will be born during this time.  These will be men and women of great magnetism and charisma who are capable of much harm and destruction.  Pisces is a dual sign.  Neptune is a planet of the Sixth Ray of Religious Idealism and Devotion.  The Ocean is very deep and is the Mother of all Forms.  We shall see…


Many of us are hard at work seeking to evolve on the spiritual path.  One of the most beautiful and appreciated results of this spiritual growth is the fact that the more evolved our consciousness, the more our sense of universal inclusivity.  This manifests in the fact that the more we understand ourselves to be individualized “units”, the more we also see ourselves connected within the functioning of an infinite Whole.  When once there stood a frightened and overly self-involved ego has become a vehicle for the activities of the soul.  Where once there was a person separated from others by the exclusive dynamics of the personal desire nature, there is now a human being centered in Love.  In astrological terms, the focus of self-awareness of our personal identification as seen through the lens of the Ascendant (the ego’s immediate contact to its environment), gradually yields to the mystical awareness of our union with the universe.

The Twelfth House and its natural ruling planet, Neptune, are the “keepers of the seal” surrounding this transformational evolutionary process.  In soul-centered, esoteric astrology, we also associate Pluto as ruler of Pisces and hence of the Twelfth as the processes of death and transformation are intimately evolved with the gradual evolution of consciousness and the consequent soul/personality alignment.   Many astrologers call the Twelfth the “House of Karma,” as well as the “House of Self-Undoing.”  But these appellations are not exact in their application as all the houses of the horoscope contain aspects of the total karma of one’s life.  It should also be pointed out that much of karma also consists of rewards and riches, not only difficulties and punishments.  As for “self-undoing,” one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is the ability to undo the lower self and make way for the Higher.  This is accomplished through the spiritual Path.

The special karma that is specific to the Twelfth House has to do with are relationship to the collective within which we live and breathe and have our being.  The Twelfth represents the synthesis of what has been stored from previous turns of the astrological wheel, that is, other life cycles.  Thus the Twelfth is the storehouse of our secret treasures as well as the strength we have gained from accumulating such experience.  This last house of the horoscope contains our oceanic reserves of power and potency from all the good we have done and all the positive services we have performed.  In effect, the Twelfth is the repository of our “good” karma.

One of the primary characteristics of being human is that human life is basically dualistic and remains so until we have achieved an advanced state of spiritual initiation.  As human beings we are also possessed of a “bipolar” relationship to ourselves and to life manifesting as a magnetic shadow that is both self-destructive and harmful.  Locked away within the treasure chest of our positive, hidden potencies are also our (not so) obscured hidden weaknesses and addictive vulnerabilities.  We could thus rightly say that right next door to our protective guardian angels live our worst enemies, and all of these entities comprise those parts of ourselves that are also found in the Twelfth House.  But please bear in mind that our own duality is a reflection of the greater duality that is the manifested universe itself: as above, so below.  There is a “land” of unfathomable unity and peace that is devoid of duality.  Some call this place the “Heart of God”, “The Center of the Center”, or more commonly, “Nirvana.”

The Twelfth is the house of convents and monasteries, esoteric schools and secret lodges, but it is also the domicile of insane asylums and torture chambers.  The Twelfth is where hope for healing may be found in hospitals and medical clinics and, too, where the dying are comforted by kind “Twelfth House souls” working in hospices.  Yet, we also know that the Twelfth is the location where slave quarters, jails, and concentrations camps may be found.  Neptune, the natural ruler of the Twelfth, rules the great healing wonders of the plant kingdom but Neptune also rules heroin, crack cocaine, alcohol, and all other life-destroying addictive substances.

For those who do not believe in reincarnation, the approach to the Twelfth as “the house that teaches us what we need to overcome from past lives,” may not be of interest.  The fact remains however that the Twelfth House tells us what we have to overcome in this life and this alone is quite the task in itself.  The Twelfth may also reveal some of our greatest tools (our hidden treasures) with which we may accomplish such a task.  As we leave the realm of the Twelfth, we come once again to the Ascendant.  If we have managed to purify our nature and therefore externalize much more of our latent consciousness, love and light, we may then find ourselves ready to state in this lifetime, “I and the Universe are One.”

Aries on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  When the Ram is on the last cusp of the horoscope, it is an indication of a person’s need to mask or suppress his or her personal self-assertiveness.  This is thus an individual who functions best when behind the scenes.  Positively, this sign/cusp combination makes for an excellent strategist whose real power, although far from being felt in any immediate sense, is nonetheless present.  Although we can never judge the totality of the meaning of a natal map from one position, Aries on the Twelfth certainly contributes to a person acting out the role of the “power behind the throne.”  When negative, this position leads to self-victimization or the urge take on the karma of others.  The Ram likes to charge forward unimpeded by any opposing forces.  The watery and diffused Twelfth House environment is thus not the easiest terrain for Aries’ direct and headstrong tactics.  The position of Mars in the natal chart by sign, house and aspect tells the astrologer how the Ram is likely to fare in this position.

Taurus on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  When the Celestial Bull occupies this position the indications can be most favorable as this position may easily bestow a tremendous reserve of power and resources.  When positive, Taurus on this cusp allows an individual to possess a secret storehouse of talents, abilities, and riches to be used when life is at its most difficult.  It may also indication another kind of wealth, a wealth of common sense, allowing the person to see into the real meaning behind most of life’s situations.  This is when Taurus is seeing into the “heart of matter” and is not fooled by the matter at hand.  Problems may come about if one’s attitude to money is dishonest or foolhardy.   Care must then be taken not to seek out illegal monetary dealings.  When used correctly, this position is a potent source of abundance as it may indicate that the individual is in touch with “universal supply.”  How fortunate!  The position of Venus in the natal chart will reveal much more to us about how the Twelfth House operates in this case.

Gemini on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  As we can expect with this sign, there is a marked duality in terms of the affairs of this domicile.  One has to be quite careful that there is consistency and honesty in all forms of communication.  Sometime a person with this sign/cusp combination is apt to tell two entirely different stories about the same thing.  The position of Mercury in the horoscope, especially in relationship to Neptune will reveal if the individual tends to be honest or dualistic in his or her ways of communicating.  Many people with Gemini on the Twelfth can try to be all things to all people.  If the rest of the horoscope reveals a certain maturity of character and a more steadfast nature (such as the presence of a number of planets well placed in the fixed signs), this position may indicate that one is able to find all the “missing links” in any social situation.  He or she knows instinctively how things should relate and come together.

Cancer on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  The individual with this sign/cusp combination may be incredibly compassionate, seeking to help and protect those in distress.  Yet the danger of this position is that it may induce a person to take all impersonal situations too personally and thus become involved in situations that are simply none of one’s business.  In other words, attachment occurs when detachment is most needed.  Yet this is one of the best zodiacal indications for the capacity to nurture others.  Indeed, Cancer on this cusp may indicate the tendency to be the mother to all and everyone.  The position of the Moon in the natal chart (especially as it relates to Neptune and/or Venus) will show if the individual will mother or smother—or be smothered by too many feelings.  Like Taurus on this cusp, the Crab here gives one the tendency to have secret storehouses of abundance.  Cancer always likes to save for the eventual “rainy day.”

Leo on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  Leo is a very demanding sign by nature and what the Celestial Lion most requires is personal recognition.  Yet the Twelfth is the least personal of all the astrological houses.  When Leo is on this cusp, one of the life lessons is how to integrate the urge for personal self-expression (and the resultant applause) within a more universal and certainly less personal context.  This sign/cusp combination thus brings forth experiences that yield humility and quite self-sacrifice.  Leo on the Twelfth may well endow a person with enormous will power but the will is not allowed to be expressed in obvious ways.  Negatively, this may tend to produce a very manipulative person.  Positively, it stimulates the urge to be strong but unassuming, supportive but modest, and forceful but subtle.  The position of the Sun in the natal chart will carry forth and broaden the meaning of Leo on the Twelfth for the astrologer.

Virgo on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  There is a distinct orientation to healing and service when the Celestial Virgin occupies this position.  It indicates a person who has the potential to utilize many practical techniques and methodologies in order to resolve many challenging issues and circumstances.  It is almost like walking through like with a universal toolbox containing a cure for almost any ill.  This sign/cusp combination often produces people who work in hospitals and institutions where healing skills are required.  The difficulty in this position comes about if the person is chaotic and indiscriminate.  It is impossible to find a cure for everyone as well as a place to put all mental and material details of life.  Care has to be taken here not to lose the thread and get tangled up in the spool!  The position of Mercury (especially in relation to Neptune) in the natal chart will tell us much about how Virgo on the Twelfth will externalize in a person’s life.

Libra on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  It is sometimes difficult to be sure about the degree of intimacy within the context of relationships when Libra is in this position.  Sometimes one is too detached and, at other times, the connection with the other person is too deep in light of the surrounding circumstances.  If Venus is afflicted when Libra is on this cusp (especially by Neptune), there is the distinct danger of being too idealistic about others, putting them up on pedestals and of seeing all relationships in an unrealistic light.  Yet when positive and especially if the Venus/Neptune relationship is a good one, the spiritual gifts of this position are most profound.  One is then free of human prejudice, all people are one’s brothers and sisters, and there is a clear and distinct urge to be a bestower of peace.  This sign/cusp combination may also indicate that one is involved with clandestine relationships.  The entire chart would have to be examined to see if these “secret friends” help or hinder one’s life.

Scorpio on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  The potentiality for great emotional growth and spiritual development is very strong with this sign/cusp combination—but so are the dangers and pitfalls.  So much has to do with how the person deals with his or her desire nature.  Scorpio on this cusp requires one to be very clear about the direction of one’s needs and wants.  If this orientation is undisciplined than the individual is the prisoner of a ceaseless ocean of unrequited desires.  Why unrequited?  Because the nature of desire is that it is never satisfied—this is the propelling concept behind the Law of Karma.  Yet if the lessons of the traps of the desire nature have been learned and transformed, then there is no position that is greater as a source for healing power.  The latter requires that one finds the “universal catalyst”—that facet of oneself which when released, brings one to wholeness on ever more refined levels of expression.  The astrology student should examine the relationship between Mars, Pluto and Neptune to uncover more about this position.

Sagittarius on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  This sign/cusp combination may well point to a person with a profound interest in the metaphysical and the occult, as there is often a profound need to unlock the doors to universal truth.  On a more practical level, this position may allow a person to come up with understandings that she never knew she had.  As the Twelfth is the house of “human collectivity” and Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, when the Centaur rules this domicile, access is given to information that goes beyond the personal.  In essence, the way is opened to access the “collective encyclopedia” of the human mind.  Of course not all people have this ability.  Sagittarius on the Twelfth may just produce a “know-it-all” who knows nothing at all!  What is required for deeper knowledge and higher wisdom is the acquisition of the discipline of one-pointedness in terms of the spiritual path.  A closer examination of Jupiter in the natal chart will tell the astrologer more about this position.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  There is a need and often the ability to perceive who holds the real power in any social situation when the Mountain Goat occupies this position in the natal chart.  The individual is made frequently uncomfortable by the thought that people or circumstances beyond his control may suppress his personal influence.  Indeed, this position could be said to express the idea: To control or not to control, that is the question?  As a result, Capricorn on the Twelfth can be highly manipulative.  On the other hand, this sign/cusp combination can be a rich source of hidden wealth and resources.  It may indicate a person who has mastered the art of creating those inner structures that help to create businesses, social services, and material benefits for oneself and others.  An examination of Saturn is essential to a greater understanding of the implications of this position.  This is especially true of the interchange between Saturn and Neptune. When this is positive, the person has the ability to free oneself from limitations and restrictions but when negative, there is the tendency to create a great deal of confusion for oneself.

Aquarius on the cusp of the Twelfth House: This sign/cusp combination appears in the horoscope of people for whom no one is a stranger and few life situations are surprising.   This is a person who senses the collective, universal stream of life running through each and every one of us.   Wherever Aquarius appears in the horoscope, there is a tendency towards diffusion of energy.  When this characteristic is applied to the Twelfth House, diffusion takes the form of loosing oneself in idealism and humanitarian speculation.  On a less exalted level, a person can get lost in being too social and too dreamy for one’s hopes, wishes, and aspirations may not be grounded in the reality of one’s life.  Discernment and discrimination may have to be integrated into one’s life in order to see that on a universal level we are indeed all one, but on a practical level, there are great differences between people.  When grounded, this position contributes to a definite humanitarian perspective on live and a willingness to be of service to others.  The positions of Uranus and Saturn in the natal chart are indications of the direction and form of this orientation.

Pisces on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  As the natural ruler of this cusp, Pisces on the Twelfth can indicate a person with an extremely deep spirituality and an inner calling to be of service to the human collective.  This orientation can easily produce an attitude of great inclusivity and an ocean of personal compassion towards life.  Yet care has to be taken so that one does not drown in unseen currents and hidden depths.  It is therefore quite essential not to flounder in a world of dreams and illusions.  This sign/cusp combination is indicative of a person who may easily be called to the spiritual life.  This is the world of the upstream swimming fish.  But the downstream fish also beacons so that Pisces on the Twelfth may also indicate a person prone to self-destructive addictions and habit patterns.  The nature of the Fish’s duality and the direction one is likely to take in the stream of life may be more easily determined by the astrologer through an examination of the positions of Jupiter and Neptune especially as they relate to the Sun and Moon in the natal chart.


Free will is the voluntary creation of those methods of self-development that enable us to raise our level of consciousness so that we may bring the Life of the Higher Self into the world of the lower ego.  We are a part of the total creative expression of the One Life.  The expansion of our awareness of this Life within us reveals the Grace that allows us to know that we are an atom in the body of this purposeful, loving, and intelligent Being.  Astrology, especially esoteric astrology, bestows upon us the ability to measure and delineate the rhythms of some of the functions of this Cosmic One in Whose Life we all dwell.


This month we celebrate that most human of signs, Aquarius the Water Bearer.  The “Heavenly Man,” as he is also known is represented by the symbol of the two wavy lines:    

This glyph is both a pictograph representing the movement of the ankles, that part of the body ruled by this sign as well as an ideograph, representing the fundamental meaning of Aquarius—the waves of electronic and mental communication that link all people everywhere.

In the Piscean Age, most people acted as planets revolving around a primary sun.  Planets have no light of their own—they receive and reflect the light of the star around which they turn.  In the societies of the Age of Pisces, this “sun” was in its most basic form, the pater familius, the father of the family.  This paternalistic concept extended itself into society through the figure of the king/president in terms of the temporal world and the pope/priest in terms of the spiritual.

This archetype is radically changing in our times thanks to the predominance of Uranus, ruler of the Aquarius Age.  Uranus insists that each of us become increasingly more individualized, our own person, our own “sun” with our own developed creative center.  Thus the collective paradigm or idea in which we are evolving has mutated from that of a solar system—each one of us a planet reflecting the light of father or priest—to that of a galaxy in which each one of us is a self-creating star.  This is quite the shift, one that gives us so much greater potential to be a unique individual.  It also places so much more individual responsibility upon us to define, shape, cultivate and nurture that individuality correctly.   

I have come to think of the cell phone as a major symbol of the Aquarian Age.  The cell phone allows each of us to become our own individualized communications unit—a mini-universe unto ourselves.  We can photograph our universe with our cell phone and send it out to the entire world.  We can record the sounds of our universe with our cell phone and play them back to us when we wish as well as share these sounds with as many people as we know.  We are seconds away from speaking to anyone anywhere while seeing their image appear in the palm of our hand—and all this for literally pennies.  I have personally seen cell phones being used by the most sophisticated women in Paris as well as by tribesmen in the rice fields of Indonesia.  Cell phones make no distinction between people.  Everyone is equal to a cell phone—how perfectly Aquarian!

There is only one rule that governs all uses of a cell phone, one essential regulation that everyone from Borneo to Bordeaux must observe, one primary line that enables us to link up with one another:  we all must be part of a greater network that allows us to charge up our cell phone with the energy necessary to run it.  A membership in and a connection to a Universal Energy Source is required or else our battery runs out of “juice” and we are no longer in the network.  In the Age of Pisces we were excommunicated from the Church if we were heretics, no longer believing in the tenants of the prevailing religion of our society.  The “juice” was our faith, our connection to both Man (in the form of society) and God (in the form of the church).  We paid our primary dues in the form of giving over a great deal of our individual self-expression, thus conforming to church doctrine and giving up our free will to individuate.  What a high, high price to belong to the system!  Our secondary dues was paid in the form of church levies, tithes and state taxes.

In the Age of Aquarius, our dues to the “cell phone church” is much simpler and cheaper—a small monthly fee keeps us in the system and providing we stay within a certain self-determined structure of time (Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius after all!), we will avoid all extra charges.  This tiny sum (truly tiny if you compare it to what Piscean Age church taxes upon body and soul used to be) allows you to enter the paradigm of the New Age: instead of being a planet revolving around a sun, YOU are a Sun of your own, not limited to a single solar system.  YOU are now part of a galaxy of communicating Suns each an evolving Self-universe!

Aquarius and Uranus rule all objects and concepts represented by the prefix “tele.”  “Tele” comes from the Greek word, telos, meaning “from afar.”  Thus all of the following are Aquarian Age inventions or Uranian expressions of consciousness: television (to view from afar), telephone (to hear from afar), telepathy (to feel from afar), telegraph (to write from afar), telescope (to see from afar), telekinesis (to move from afar), telecast (to send out from afar), and telegram (to speak from afar).  But not only do these words and concepts indicate some form of communication from a distance, they also by their very nature make those distances smaller as they create bridges between senders and receivers.  In effect, the Age of Aquarius will serve to bring us together, consciously uniting us as one Human Family as CNN brings the tragedy of the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan into your living room in Peoria while no doubt some Pakistani immigrant family members in California are on their cell phones speaking to their surviving loved ones.

Alice Bailey wrote in “Esoteric Astrology” that in the Aquarian Age men and women will come to know God through science and technology.  In soul-centered astrology, science and technology come under the rulership of the Fifth Ray, ruled by the planet Venus. Aquarius is a Fifth Ray sign and Venus is the planet which unites us all through Love.

Aquarius is also the sign of hopes, wishes and aspirations.  It is also the sign of organizations, groups and clubs.  But above all, Aquarius is the sign of friendships and Right Human Relationships.  If in your natal horoscope, you have planets in this sign, it will mean that all of these factors will have important meanings in your life.  Let us now take a brief look at what planets in Aquarius mean for you from a more soul-centered perspective:

Sun in Aquarius:  In this lifetime you are to create a highly individualized sense of your Self.  This may make you stubborn and willful as under no circumstances will you compromise who you are and what you stand for.  As Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness, you may frequently feel that you are not alone on this planet insofar as who you are is deeply connected to your ideals and the aspirations you hold in your heart and mind for the benefit of humanity.  You have to be careful not to become too dispersed in your thoughts and actions.  Your visions are very far reaching and you are often ahead of your times.  You will have to learn how to concentrate and focus your creative energy so that you do not fly off into space, thus not accomplishing in any practical way on earth any of the finer ideals you hold so dear to yourself.

Moon in Aquarius:  Your urge to nurture is not the “warm and fuzzy” type.  In fact you will feel very constricted by people who are overly clingy and needy on the emotional level.  Those individuals who want a more personal, emotional, or sentimental contact with another, will not get this from you.  You need to minister and care for a lot of people and cannot devote all of your emotional energy to the needs of one person.  You have a wide-range of human interests and will tend to know people from many different backgrounds and beliefs.  Some people will call you cold and detached and indeed at times you can be this way.  But you are a most loyal and faithful friend and although you sometimes keep your distance, that distance is necessary so that you have the freedom you need to love and care for many others, not just the few.

Mercury in Aquarius:  You may often function to unite others into a group focus of shared activities, ideas and principles.  Active work in service to humanity can be very much at the heart of a soul-centered person with Mercury in this sign.  Your intuition is strong and you can easily perceive the patterns of energy as they unfold in any situation in life.  You are more concerned with what things stand for and symbolize than what they actually look like.  This goes for people as well as ideas.  As one would expect from Mercury acting through a Fifth Ray sign, many people with this position are involved with science and technology, especially computers and other communication devices.

Venus in Aquarius:  You will either tend to have a wide range of friends and associates or limit your social interchanges to people who hold the same life values as you do.  As a rule, Venus in Aquarius people tend to place others in categories.  You are thus likely to feel after seeing or meeting someone for the first time: “I already know that type of person.”  You are loyal in your relationships but may often find it difficult to concentrate your “love force” in one person.  Restrictions in romantic or in any relationship for that matter, is anathema to you.  A wise lover will allow you to express your independence and urge for personal freedom.  This does not mean you will be unfaithful.  It does mean that you will be faithful because you do not feel tied down and restricted.

Earth in Aquarius:  The Earth in the horoscope of a soul-centered person indicates dharma or spiritual purpose, specifically acting out one’s spiritual purpose in a practical way on this planet.  Please take note that only people with the Sun in Leo will have the Earth in Aquarius in their natal chart. The dharma of a person with this position points to the need to bring forth one’s intense creative drive for the benefit of the larger society in which one lives.  The creation of opportunities for communication that link people together for mutual benefit will be most helpful in fulfilling this spiritual task.  Look to the house position of the Earth (exactly opposite the Sun) for more clues in this respect.

Mars in Aquarius:  Mars in the natal chart always indicates the kinds of battles one is likely to encounter in life—he is the “god of war” after all!  In a more immature stage of development, Mars in this sign will make one fight all people who do not hold the same life values and aspirations as oneself.  Thus the battle cry is:  “If you do not believe in me, to heck with you!”  After a period of soul development, this orientation shifts and the individual prepares to do battle for social injustice, inequality, and oppression.  The battle cry thus becomes:  “Let us fight together to create a better world!”

Jupiter in Aquarius:  In soul-centered astrology, this is the strongest position for Jupiter as Jupiter is the ruler of Aquarius on the soul level.  Thus at its highest, Jupiter here endows a person with a type of humanitarian idealism that is both broad and futuristic in its orientation.  It bestows a high morality in terms of social justice and creates a sense of total acceptance of others, no matter what the differences are in terms of race, religion, or sexual orientation.  This is the humanistic philosopher, a teacher of the Rights of (Wo)Man, and a person “who knows.”  On the level of the personality, it can indicate a profound interest in things metaphysical, although there is the tendency to become rather fixated in one’s own beliefs and thus intolerant of others of different persuasions.

Saturn in Aquarius:  For the soul-centered, this position stimulates the urge to build those social structures and communication networks that will anchor the archetypal ideas of the New Age into human consciousness.  Thus this position gives the inherent ability to blend those ideas from the past that have proven their usefulness with those unfolding concepts for the future of humanity.  This is very different from Saturn in Aquarius on the personality level.  Here a person may be totally circumscribed by his own ideology and concepts which for the most part have been conditioned by the social surroundings of one’s family and friends.  Transiting planets in Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus will challenge these opinions and views, giving the individual opportunities for greater growth and development.

Uranus in Aquarius:  On a collective level, Uranus in Aquarius points to huge social upheaval and change.  We saw this when Uranus first appeared in the 20th century in the years 1912-1919 with the advent of World War I.  This war, known as the “Great War” changed the political and social face of the entire world, bringing down kings and emperors and breaking down dynasties and empires.  The world would never again be the same.  The last time Uranus was in its own sign, 1996-2003, we saw the upsurge in the beginnings of what is proving itself to be World War III, a war of sporadic yet constant terrorism, whose length will be very long and whose end is yet to be seen.  People born with Uranus in Aquarius are social innovators or revolutionaries, inventors of humanitarian programs and concepts or anarchistic destroyers of the status quo…this celestial mandate will play itself out in the next few years as these young people reach maturity. One thing is certain, this position requires change and the individuated holder of this planet/sign combination has to be a vehicle for such changes, changes they will bring about in groups.  As for the majority, they will most likely continue to follow whatever appears on their phones and I-Pads.

Neptune in Aquarius:  This position was in in effect from 1998 to 2012.  From the soul-centered perspective, people born with this planet/sign combination in their natal chart embody a great, spiritual, impersonal love for humanity, one that allows for the potential at least to further the urge for universal service to all people.  These are the “spiritual scientists” who can work together in teams and groups in order to resolve the problems which world climatic and sociological factors currently present.  On a more personality-centered level, some individuals born with Neptune in Aquarius will find themselves fanatically drawn to a narrow scope of religious or philosophical beliefs (which they will misinterpret as being “universal” in nature).  Such fanatic individuals of whatever ethos are the prime sustainers for the continuance of the current world chaos.

Pluto in Aquarius: This position is in the horoscopes of all people born between January 21, 2024 and September 1, 2024; November 20, 2024 and March 8, 2043; and September 1, 2043 and January 18, 2044.   This position embodies the death of the ego’s attachment to the concrete mind so that the latter may be used for the greater will of the Soul.  The potential is for a generation to be born whose soul-centered members will be very instrumental in using science and technology for the betterment and evolutionary development of humanity.  Certain individuals among this group (perhaps those with the Sun or rising sign in Aquarius) will stand out as powerful contributors to the Human Family.  On a more mundane and egocentric level, this position will contribute to stubborn adherence to limited political and sociological viewpoints and perspectives.

Neptune veiled and unveiled.

Neptune is the most mystical and, from the level of the Soul, the most benefic influence in one’s life.  Neptune’s function in our solar system is known in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as the “energetic heart of the spiritual Sun.”  It is the planet most closely linked to the expression of the Work of the Soul in manifestation and is thus the vehicle for Christ/Krishna Consciousness which is by its very nature, the Heart of God in action.

In soul-centered astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Cancer and may thus be thought of as being a “higher octave” of the Moon.  The Moon may be looked upon as a symbol for the Mother of All Forms and therefore functions in terms of the Soul as the Vehicle for the expression of Love/Consciousness.  The mystery contained in this Vehicle reveals the fundamental meaning of the physical incarnation of Lord Krishna or Lord Jesus: the birth of the Heart of God in the form of a human being.  Neptune is therefore the “indwelling” Principle of Divine Love that serves us as our personal redeemer.  In essence we are here speaking about “the Christ in you, the hope and the Glory.”

The personality-centered Moon veils Neptune just as, in the illusionary perceptions of the mass consciousness, matter veils the quality of Consciousness hidden but alive within the form.  Thus in terms of the natal horoscope of the vast majority of people, Neptune represents the veil and the illusion, the mask of form governed by the instincts (Moon) of the separated self (Mars) always seeking its own survival.  This illusion insists that: “I am alone, separated from The Mother and the Divine Source of all Life.  I therefore am afraid.” When Neptune is awakened in the heart, this feeling of separation is replaced by the sure knowledge of Union, of Oneness and then all of our instinctual fears of survival disappear into Love.  We embrace and are embraced by Life.

On the soul-centered level of our consciousness, Neptune functions as the Initiator, that force of the Will-to-Good that tears away the veil of the illusions of these, our primary instincts.  Neptune’s trident symbolizes the Holy Trinities of life: Shiva-Visnu-Brahma; Father-Mother-Child; Spirit-Soul-Personality; Will-Love-Intelligence.  These three essential dynamics fuse together into the Rod of Power held in Neptune’s hand telling us that the Three are One and we are One with the Three.


The planets are the most important features in the natal horoscope.  They represent the primary differentiations of the radiation of the solar force and therefore are the expressions of the prismatic effect of the Sun’s rays manifesting throughout the solar system.  The planets therefore give color, form, condition, and shades of meaning to the purpose of the nativity.  Although the planets certainly have their own natures, they are held in place and are animated by the effects of solar gravity and potency.  The Sun is thus the symbol of the Creator and is ever dominating its creations through a constant interplay with them and effect upon them.


When planets are in Aries, they speak primarily of the promise that their particular energies offer to the individual and his or her world.  Planets in Aries are basically primordial in their quality and initiatory in their effects. Although they are imbued with the fire of the potential contained within their potent, projective seed thoughts, the energy of planets in Aires has not been grounded in earthly experience.  This takes place in its first stage through Taurus, where life energy assumes its initial stage of formation through the five physical senses, and is then further defined and refined in Virgo, where practical purpose is added.

It is in the last of the three earthy signs, Capricorn, when these planetary potentials may be seen to have ripened and matured.  It is in Capricorn where the culmination of any cycle of planetary development—and its corresponding personality characteristics—takes place.   It is as if Capricorn were saying to the planet found within its influence in the natal chart:  “You my fine planetary friend have reached the culmination of your potentials.  The only way that you may be more of yourself is to release the burden of your experience into the world, receive the rewards or punishments from the way you administer your creative will and power, and create a more refined structure for even greater potency.”  Wow!  That is quite the “mandate from heaven.”  No wonder Capricorn feels as if he is carrying a great load upon his mature shoulders.

Another way we can see just how Capricorn affects the planets is through the symbol of this sign, the Mountain Goat.  Actually not only does Capricorn rule goats, it also rules mountains!  The implications of this symbolism are very clear and tell us much about the character traits of a person with the Sun or Ascendant in this sign.  Not only do Capricorns have the tenacity and survival instincts of a mountain goat, they also have the strength and understanding of life of people who have put themselves to the test by climbing mountains.  Capricorns look far into the future as they can see the top of their mountain quest and always keep their goals clearly in mind.  Even when the crest is covered with clouds and is obscured from view, Capricorn knows that every mountain has to have its peak and that that the barriers that obscure the ability to see the mountain top are only temporary and that it is the mountain that is permanent.  These characteristics not only apply to Sun or Ascendant Capricorns, as we shall soon see, they extend themselves and are modified by any planet that finds itself in this sign in a person’s natal horoscope.

The ruler of Capricorn is “Old Man” Saturn.  Saturn is a very demanding planet.  He requires that we tow the line, fulfill our responsibilities, obey the laws of both heaven and earth, and operate within a clear structure and precise boundaries.  Saturn is the archetypal father figure and the relationship that the individual had with his or her biological father will be clearly indicated by the position of Saturn to the Sun in Capricorn.   Saturn in the natal chart also indicates our relationship with societal or institutional authority figures, such as teachers, political figures, the government, the armed forces, etc.  If Saturn is weak in the natal chart or afflicted by other planets, it will be much more difficult for the person to come to terms with Saturn’s demands and there will definitely be difficulties with all these saturnian archetypes.  Planets in Capricorn will then be experienced as elements or relationships in one’s life that “do not work”.  In effect, they are seen and lived by a person more as limitations than as strengths, and the experiences contained within planets in Capricorn are more representative of the “school of hard knocks” than the Halls of Wisdom.

Saturn is associated with the principle of consolidation.  In actuality, Saturn is really the ruler of what esoteric astrologers call the “mental body.”  This is not the rational mind ruled by Mercury.  The mental body is the entire energy field through which thoughts and opinions are created and stored.  It goes beyond reason, which is but one function of mind.  Is it any wonder then, should a person have Saturn and Mercury afflicted in the fixed signs, that one’s thoughts and opinions are “fixated”, stuck in rigid, old patterns?  In essence, Capricorn is a very mentally oriented sign for the Goat is always planning, always creating some form of strategy, and always manipulating mental matter in order to find himself at the top of his mountain.

The orientation of any Capricorn man or woman is to succeed at fulfilling their goals.  The most natural way for Capricorn to do this is through the perpetuation of habit patterns.  While the Aries Ram will blaze a new trail up and down his mountain home, Capricorn will be much more comfortable using pathways that have already been established and are sure to get him to the top.  While the Ram may see landing on the pinnacle of a mountain top as just another in a long succession of experiences that he has quickly achieved, Capricorn wants to stay on top of his mountain crest, his hard won goal for as long as possible.  If the Ram places less significance on culmination and much more on starting yet another adventure as soon as possible, the Goat places incredible importance on the culmination of his aspirations and sees the process of ascension as just a means to an end.

It should be pointed out that the soul-centered Capricorn knows that the Goal is the Path and the Path is the Goal.  If this truth is not embodied in Capricorn’s actions and intent, then it is very easy for the Mountain Goat to abuse others or feel abused by them.  Many Capricorns are so focused on the realm of personal achievement that they consolidate and crystallize their creativity around the nucleus of their personal ego.  Thus the resistance of anything or any one to their highly personalized urge to achieve is perceived and felt as restriction and restraint.  This is suffering.  Negative Capricorn is always attempting to use the resources in his or her environment for purely personal advantages and stepping on people along the way to the mountain top is just “collateral damage.”  The soul-centered Capricorn may be symbolized as the Sea or Mer-Goat.  This is the Capricorn native whose culmination is found in compassion, whose consolidation is anchored in the heart, and whose boundaries and limitations are those of the soul.  It is a Goat whose goal is Initiation, whose Path is Discipleship, and whose life experience is shared with others as the Will-to-Good.

Let us now examine some of the characteristics of the planets when they are found in Capricorn:

Sun in Capricorn:  As with all planets found in Capricorn, the position of Saturn will be most important.  Although the urge to succeed, sensitivity to limitations or restrictions, and strong relationships (either adverse or supportive) with authority figures and institutions will apply to anyone born with the Sun in Capricorn, Saturn’s placement will greatly modify these traits.  A strongly positive Saturn will make life’s passage up any ladder much easier.  Some of these helpful positions are: Saturn in an earthy sign or in Libra in trine or sextile to the Sun; Saturn in the 10th house well aspected to the ruler of the chart, especially if Leo rises and thus the ruler is the Sun, etc. A poorly placed Saturn on the other hand is no fun in anybody’s chart but for a person with the Sun in Capricorn, this is a severe debility.  Some challenging positions for Saturn would be: Saturn square or opposed the Sun or Saturn conjoined the Sun if afflicted by Neptune, the Moon, Mars, Pluto, or Uranus as well as Saturn in the 10th poorly aspected to the ruler of the chart, especially if the ruler were the Sun.  In general, Saturn/Sun afflictions are not the best for physical vitality, especially if Saturn or the Sun were the ruler of the Sixth House.

Moon in Capricorn:  Luna is said to be in detriment in this sign.  It is true that in terms of the personality, a person with the Moon in Capricorn is not the most warm and cuddly kind of individual.  A person with this combination most often had either an authoritative mother or if afflicted, say by Saturn opposed, square or conjoined the Moon, did not have an especially close relationship with the mother.  Yet someone with this planet/sign configuration can be a person who even though may find emotional intimacy challenging, may nonetheless be an incredibly reliable and steadfast friend or parent.  This is usually a man or a woman who defines their sense of place in other people’s lives (as well as other people’s roles in their lives) through their ability or inability to fulfill responsibilities, ones that are often financial or social in nature.

Mercury in Capricorn:  Mercury is frequently quite happy in this sign, especially if well aspected with Saturn.  It gives a mental outlook that is somewhat serious and prone to being quite orderly and systematic.   This sign/planet combination is found in the lives of people who like to schedule their time and make the most of every minute.  They are practical by nature, especially if Mercury is in one of the earthy signs, and do not like to waste time, effort, or money.  Mercury in this sign trine Saturn in Virgo for example, is a born clock maker, the personification of precision, and a person who is governed by the relationship between time and effort.  Should Mercury in Capricorn be afflicted by Saturn, say opposing Saturn in Cancer, then the outlook is rather pessimistic, tending to take things too seriously.

Venus in Capricorn:  This is a combination in which social position is very important.  This is a man or woman who will want to marry someone with potential to raise them up in life.  Does money and family background matter when it comes to love?  When Venus is in Capricorn, you bet they do!  The exception to this may come about if Venus in Capricorn is difficult aspect to Neptune or Pluto. Such positions would be readily found in the horoscopes of the Neptune in Libra (ca. 1942-1956) and the Pluto in Libra (ca. 1971-1984) generations. Here we find that an individual is often pulled into relationships that challenge one’s social and financial status.  As a rule, Venus in Capricorn is very practical when it comes to matters of the heart.  If Saturn is in strong (either the soft or hard) aspect to Venus in this sign, there are attractions to older and/or more well established people.  The soft aspects will make these relationships easier to handle, while the hard aspects will not diminish the attraction, but make its fulfillment more difficult to achieve.  Unless configured with Uranus, the esthetic tastes of a person with Venus in Capricorn tend to be traditional rather than unconventional.

Mars in Capricorn:  The red god of War is said to be in exaltation when in this sign.  A good warrior wants and needs a good commander.  He needs to feel that there is a plan at work, one that will not only get him out of the battle alive, but one that will also allow him to be victorious in the process.  Mars in Capricorn is just such an army officer.  This is a Mars who not only obey orders but who recognizes the need for a disciplined approach to the achievement of individual goals.  He is therefore quite obedient and consistent in how he conducts himself.  He enjoys making up his own rules, rules that he tends to follow.  He has no problem in creating a clear-cut plan of attack when it comes to approaching the personal mountain he needs to climb.  Mars is made even steadier and more focused in Capricorn when he is in trine or sextile to Saturn.  He becomes discombobulated and distracted, off the mark and disoriented if he is afflicted in the natal chart by Uranus, Mercury, Neptune or the Moon when in this position.

Jupiter in Capricorn:  Great Zeus is much smaller, giant Jove is less jocular, sagacious Guru is less wise when he is in Capricorn.  All these names are of course various cultural designations for Jupiter.  But no matter how you spell or pronounce it, Jupiter is just not comfortable in this sign.  We have to remember that Jupiter is happiest when in an expansive field of expression.  This is why he loves being in his own sign, Sagittarius and likes visiting Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces. Capricorn is the antithesis of his nature as it is the sign ruled by Saturn, planetary lord of the laws of limitation.  What Jupiter likes to expand in Capricorn is personal ambition and if this orientation is centered in the urge for pure personal gain, Capricorn will definitely limit the results.  In fact, wherever Jupiter is placed in the horoscope it gives the urge to enlarge its experience, but Capricorn will see to it that the dimensions of such aspirations are restricted.  Thus Jupiter in Capricorn teaches a person not to overreach, not to be greedy, especially in the area of life where it is placed and the house of the horoscope with Sagittarius on its cusp.

Saturn in Capricorn:  As one might expect, Saturn is happiest—well perhaps “happy” is not quite the word for Saturn in any sign—let’s say, Saturn is most effective when in this, its own sign.  Should Saturn in Capricorn be well aspected in the natal chart, then the individual with this placement is well on his way to having a positive sense of self-discipline, an ability to make long range plans and stick to them, a capacity to hold positions of authority, and other such gifts.  Saturn is said to be in dignity in Capricorn but such dignity is greatly diminished should Saturn be afflicted by Uranus or Neptune.  This was the case in the generation born between ca. mid-November 1988 and mid-February 1991.  Here we have people who were born with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn.  This is a generation who will ignore established codes of social authority, and will definitely want to break all the rules in the name of making new ones—their own!  As this generation reaches adulthood, the oldest among them at present is barely 18, we will see the majority of them as people living in a society in which many of the previous economic structures of the world have collapsed and it will be their job to rebuild them.  But this is a topic for another article!  The next time Saturn will be in Capricorn will be in 2020.

Uranus in Capricorn:  Uranus is not at all comfortable in this sign.  It was after all in Greek mythology that Saturn (Chronos), ruler of Capricorn cut off Uranus’ (Ouranos) testicles!  The planet of freedom, anarchy, and revolutions feels very constrained in the sign of rules, regulations, traditions, and ultimate authority.  But what happened to Uranus in the Greek tale?  The sperm that gushed forth from his wound, fathered a new generation of Olympians who eventually overthrew Chronos.  People who were born with Uranus in Capricorn (1988-1996) represent a generation who will feel much oppressed about the collective social conditions in the world around them.  They will find themselves very constrained by the history that they have inherited and will do everything possible to rebel against the established order.  “What is new about this,” you may well ask?  “Every new generation rebels against the generations who generated them,” you state.  This is true.  It will be the way these young people will rebel that will be significant, the forms that this rebellion will take.  Many of them will have Neptune in Capricorn as well and some also will have Saturn in this sign.  I believe that they will present to the world more than just colored hair and body piercing.  They will pierce the very fabric of the status quo and color the future very markedly.  The areas most affected by their participation:  energy and economics.  Uranus will not be in this sign again until very late in the 21st century.

Neptune in Capricorn:  Poseidon feels very restricted in raising his trident when in this, the sign of his fall.  How can the oceans move freely about when they are constrained within Saturn’s limiting channels?  The people born in this generation (1984-1998) will tend not to be investigators into esoteric realms.  Their orientation will be less one of the idealized compassion and “peace and love” ethos of the Neptune in Libra generation, and much more of the need to bring heaven down to earth.  Many of them will have Uranus in Capricorn and as pointed out above, a large number will have Saturn in this sign as well.  This will not be a particularly “spiritual” generation as we understand the term to mean.  These are people whose ideals will for the most part be anchored in cold cash and things of the material plane will populate their imagined heavenly realm.  This will not be true of all of them, of course.  Some have incarnated at this time to serve the others and bring the crystallization of the Christ Principle to earth.  They will have quite the job ahead of them and will rely on their grandparents (that’s us!) for a lot of help and guidance.  Neptune will be next in Capricorn in the middle of the 22nd century.

Pluto in Capricorn: (Please note: This article was originally written in July 2006): Pluto was last in this sign from 1762 to 1779, just in time to usher in the American and the Industrial Revolutions and inaugurate what was then, a very New World Order.  The American Revolution paved the way for the French and these combined to bring forth the Russian Revolution a little more than 125 years after that.  Pluto will next enter this sign on January 26, 2008 and remain in this sign until 2024.  I believe that its passage will indicate a massive shift in the power structure of the world.  Pluto is a First Ray planet (Will/Power) and Capricorn is a First Ray sign.  Together they indicate that a great struggle for the resources of the world will ensue.  If the positive facets of Capricorn emerge—and there are many among us who are working to achieve these ends—then such recourses will be structured for the betterment of the world.  If not, more battles are ahead.  Pluto’s passage through this sign will conjoin the positions of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the huge generation of people mentioned in the three paragraphs above. This will bring these young adults into a sense of their generational power and in quick succession we will know the nature of their contribution (for good or ill) to humanity.


The relationship between cause and effect is at the very core of metaphysics and is the reason why, of all the esoteric sciences and methods of subjective investigation, astrology is the most refined revealer of occult laws and principles. Astrology adds to the appreciation of the basic unifying principle of life as it teaches that everything and everyone unfold in cycles. This unifying rhythm is called in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings “The Law of Love in Action.” It is in the awareness of this Law at work in our lives that is yet another of astrology’s greatest gifts to us. 


When we examine Libra from the Soul-centered perspective, we find that this sign represents an interlude, a place of objective assessment, a point of contemplation, and a pause between two opposing but complementary activities. Soul-centered people incarnating in Libra (Sun or Ascendant) may take this “karmic hiatus” (although as most Librans will tell you this should not be misconstrued as a “karmic vacation”!) as they prepare for the great battle that awaits us in Scorpio.1

Libra provides that seesaw experience that can be very challenging both to the Libran and to those with whom he or she may be in relationship. Libra’s life energy may be viewed as the dualistic rhythm of a person who has perceived something much deeper than the material aspects of the form life. Such an individual has come into the Presence of the Soul but is not fully anchored in its consciousness. He is thus polarized, tending to waiver back and forth between the desires and pulls of the personality and the service orientation and transpersonality of the Higher Self. Such is the great vacillation and testing ground of people born under the sign of the Scales.

The beat of this life dance is alternating, for at certain times Libra’s personality may indeed predominate while at other stages in life Libra’s Soul is in the forefront of his activities. Librans who are evolving in consciousness are often in a flux between these two major polarities, but for a very good reason—they are supposed to be learning about the nature of the relationship between the Higher and lower selves. Their real job in life in terms of this inner impulse is to harmonize and unite these contrasting but related currents. This is what I like to refer to as Libra’s innate “vertical tension.” Those Librans who are not on the Path, whose lives are only focused in the desire nature of the lower self, will experience a consistent struggle with “horizontal tension.” This means that all of the vacillation just described occurs through the “Law of Attraction and Repulsion” expressed through the desire nature. This can be summed up as the conflict between: “I want him/her/it and I do not want him/her/it. I give myself to the object of my desires or I hold myself back from such giving (though still desiring).”

In terms of a soul-centered life, we should recall that Venus, the exoteric and traditional ruler of Libra, is the esoteric and soul-centered ruler of Gemini. Gemini on the personality level represents pure duality, but on the level of the Soul, with Venus as its ruling planet, Gemini is that sign that relates and then harmonizes opposites. Libra serves to create a clear and objective awareness of the opposites that need to be united. In addition to seeking to create a state of balance between the two poles of the Rainbow Bridge (the energetic link between the Soul and the personality, also known in esoteric literature as the “antahkarana”), Libra prepares the Way for the spiritual seeker to enter into the battle for union that is inherent in Scorpio. This battle, however, has not begun in Libra. Libra is not ready as yet for this intense turmoil. Yet Libra does indeed draw out the battle lines while taking alternating positions on the battlefield.

All astrology students are aware that Libra is the sign of personal relationships. A person born with the Sun in Libra must be intimately involved in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships as the central core to their sense of self. Those people with Libra on the Ascendant will be playing out their sense of self through a set of environmental circumstances in which personal relationships provide the background and themes of one’s “personal drama.” The personality-centered Libran has relationships for the sake of having them. The need for constant interpersonal interplay and the reflected images that these relationships bring is absolutely paramount. In effect, such a Libra has a hard time seeing or identifying him or herself without the mirror of personalized and intimate reflections. In extreme cases of egocentricity, the attitude of personality-centered Librans is, “Be cooperative, do things my way.” Many people in relationship with such Librans feel that they are being used as an audience as personality-centered Libra plays out and projects him or herself.

The conscious, soul-centered Libra is quite different. This is a person who is aware of the true meaning of oppositional energies as well as having the means at his or her disposal to synthesize such oppositions into harmonious results. Such results may not necessarily fuse the opposites. Sometimes marriages and partnerships need to end, resulting in the greater evolution of truth for both parties. The soul-centered Libran no longer carries the need to be victorious over another as all situations have to be “win-win.” This urge for a greater, non-personalized harmony may also extend itself into the arts, business, politics, as well as the more abstract philosophical domains.

Libra is released from his or her particular form of duality and conflict when the life of the personality is finally balanced with the life of the Soul. Once this union and spiritual marriage take place, Libra may then emerge as an active and conscious worker for Right Human Relationships. Libra’s Venusian magnetism is still very much in evidence, but the objectives of Libra’s “urge to merge” have become far more impersonal than they were before such an inner transformation took place. What is very ironic is the fact that such a union, such a marriage takes place within oneself. It may come and certainly does come about as a result of all of Libra’s experiments, successes, and failures in relationship. But, in the end, Libra must stand alone and married to his/her Self. That Self is the soul mate for whom Libra has bean searching and yearning. Libra’s soul mate is his or her Self.

Let’s now examine the placement of all the planets in Libra as they apply to our daily lives.

The Sun in Libra: The ever-present urge to be in or facilitate relations is at the core of the Libran native. One of his greatest gifts is the ability to recognize and promote other people’s talents. Libra is the perfect social organizer, as he knows how to blend diverse people into functioning, coordinated groups. Libra is a born matchmaker, and one of his greatest joys comes from seeing the people he has brought together happily engaged with one another. His own romantic life often fluctuates between soaring heights of Venusian romanticism and disappointment when his or her god or goddess turns out to be human. If Libra should find himself in an unwanted relationship, it will be very difficult to separate, for Libra is the sign of marriage, not divorce. The Sun in a sign of Venus makes Libra a natural-born artist or, at the very least, attracted to all things of beauty.

The Moon in Libra: One of the basic orientations and functions of the Moon is to bring a sense of emotional security into one’s life. When in Libra, this orientation takes place through relationships. The Moon in this sign gives a sense of grace and poise in social interchanges as well as the urge to bring peace and harmony into any form of social interchange. This is a person who is very sensitive to interpersonal discord and does everything she can to avoid arguments and conflicts. The difficulty of such an attitude is that it can lead to self-compromise; the benefits are that this is a person whose presence is always welcomed by others. When well aspected, especially by Venus, the individual is easily able to find herself in those partnerships that anchor the instinctual need for wholeness and safety. If poorly aspected, especially by Mars or Saturn, there is a definite discomfort with emotional intimacy.

Mercury in Libra: As a rule, Librans have a hard time making decisions. This is because they always see both sides to every situation, and they are reluctant to create disharmony by making a wrong choice. Such characteristics are exaggerated by Mercury in the sign of the Scales. Although excellent for a lawyer, diplomat, or mediator, in one’s practical life Mercury in Libra can make it difficult to choose which pair of shoes to put on in the morning! There is the tendency to rationalize every thought and opinion to make sure that things are always equitable and fair. As Libra is the sign of harmony, Mercury in this placement usually gives a pleasant voice and an urge (and even the ability) to say the right things at the right time.

Venus in Libra: The goddess of love is very much at home in her own sign. This planet-sign combination adds grace, poise, and harmony in all the individual’s personal relationships. Unless Venus in Libra is in hard aspect to Saturn or Pluto, this astrological position marks a person who is at home and at ease in all social situations. Should such afflictions take place between Venus and Saturn or Pluto, there is apt to be a sense of incompletion and lack of fulfillment in one’s romantic ideals. Financial challenges, especially in relation to shared resources, can also be problematic. A romantic at heart and a lover of the arts, a person with Venus in Libra often has many friends and numerous relationships on all levels of intimacy.

Mars in Libra: Mars is not at all a “happy camper” in this, the sign of his detriment. Mars likes to be assertive and unfettered. He enjoys a free reign whereby he may express himself without too much consideration for other people’s level of comfort. In this respect, Mars is very much the adolescent male. When he is in Libra, he has to watch his step for fear of entering into conflict with others. Mars enjoys a good fight—but this he will not have in the sign of peace and balance! But Mars must remain Mars, and when in Libra he will find ways to polarize relationships and create arguments within partnerships that are less obvious than, say, when he is at his fiery best and most self-righteous in Aries or Sagittarius. In Libra, Mars feels restrained, ambivalent, and indecisive, characteristics that are very much against his nature. In relationships, Mars in Libra may appear to ask the question: “What are the differences that separate us?” This is quite different to Venus in Libra who says (always politely): “What are the similarities that bring us together?”

Jupiter in Libra: The Jupiterian urge to expand one’s understanding of life through those pursuits that enlarge one’s scope of experience is expressed in Libra through social contacts and partnerships. The tendency to travel is definitely conditioned by the need to see and experience foreign lands, accompanied by preferably one very special other individual. The urge to engage in higher mental studies often has as its goal the need to understand more about human social conditions. This is a rather favorable position in itself, adding to a general sense of conviviality and comfort in social situations. When well aspected, Jupiter in Libra can indicate a successful marriage, often with a partner of greater social status or material wealth.

Saturn in Libra: The urge to bring order and structure into any and all social situations is positively emphasized in this planet/sign combination. This position adds to a person’s ability to develop a perfect sense of timing and objectivity in terms of all social situations. It also supports the urge to find peaceful and balanced means to achieve one’s personal goals in partnerships and relationships. When Saturn is at its best, it is a bridge-builder. It works to connect people in terms of mutual goals, and it also functions to structure the intellect so that intelligence may exteriorize as practical success. When in Libra (especially if Saturn is in good aspect with Mercury), there is a tendency to considered thought, so that the mind does not act impulsively, and correct analysis of events and possibilities may result. Saturn was last in Libra from September 22, 1980, to November 29, 1982, and then again from May 7, 1983, to August 24, 1983. It will enter Libra again on October 30, 2009.

Uranus in Libra: Uranus gives the urge for experimentation and freedom in any sign in which it is placed. The last time Uranus was in this sign was from September 29, 1968, to May 21, 1969, and then from June 25, 1969, to November 21, 1974, and finally from May 2, 1975, to September 8, 1975. This was the generation of Woodstock and the tremendous social upheavals that saw the rise of the Woman’s Liberation, Gay Rights, and Afro-American Civil Rights movements. It was a time when people stood up for the first time in mass protests against the U.S. government’s war policy in Vietnam. It was a time in which the foundation for different forms of social union also came forward: stay-at-home dads, communal living, same-sex marriage, just to name a few. People who were born with Uranus in Libra will certainly be at the forefront of the general tendency to challenge the status quo of human relationships. Uranus will next be in Libra in the middle of the twenty-first century.

Neptune in Libra: Neptune likes to move us out of the practical and into the ideal. When positive, it brings a strong urge for self-sacrifice and a deep spiritual urge to move beyond the visible into the invisible world. People who respond well to this planet/sign combination are humanitarian by nature. This is also a highly idealistic position that exaggerates the romantic tendencies in all people who have it in their natal charts. Neptune in the sign of Venus produces natural-born artists and, at the very least, people who are attracted to all and everyone who produces beauty. Neptune entered Libra on October 4, 1942, briefly exiting on April 17, 1943, then entered into Libra again on August 3, 1943, where it remained until December 24, 1955. It was in Libra once more from March 13, 1956, to October 19, 1956, and, finally, from June 15, 1957, to August 6, 1957. The worldwide New Age spiritual movement was started by the generation of individuals with this placement in their natal chart. It will be once again in this sign in the early part of the twenty-second century.

Pluto in Libra: Pluto in the signs speaks about the way in which entire generations (as well as individuals within those generations) regenerate their sense of self. When negative, Pluto tends to destroy and degenerate. Pluto was last in Libra from October 6, 1971, remaining pretty consistently in this sign until its final exit on August 28, 1984. We thus have a generation who has very intense interpersonal relationships. Their contacts with and upon others are quite transformational. They need to be in those social situations that defy the status quo both in terms of their individual and collective lives. These young people are here to make a difference in the world and in themselves by the company they keep and the company they transform! Look to this generation to be the standard bearers for developments in marriage, partnership, and general human interaction that definitely seeks to modify the issues of social morality of our time. Remember, Libra has a rhythm—it moves back and forth. Look for some of these people to represent a sense of social justice, action, and activity that is definitely “retrograde” while the other half of this generation will definitely be moving “direct.”


The months of Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra 2016 are dominated by one particular, rather challenging configuration: the T-Square of Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and the Lunar Nodes in Virgo/Pisces.  The planetary and personal tension defined in the following paragraphs, takes place specifically between 9 and 13 degrees of these three of the mutable signs.  In my last two newsletters, I wrote about this same set of aspects but also added the dynamics of planets in Gemini (specifically the New Moon of June 5th at 14 degrees of the Twins), as well as the presence of Jupiter in Virgo, thus creating a Grand Cross.

In this issue of the newsletter, I want to focus on the Saturn/Neptune/Nodes combinations only as Jupiter is out of orb of the Grand Cross and will not be returning to this position in the heavens.  I will however, have more to say about Jupiter in the August (Virgo) edition as Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th.   Let me begin sharing with you by reprinting the following paragraph taken from last month’s Celestial Happenings:

“The Saturn/Neptune squares in Sagittarius/Pisces exaggerate the conflicts surrounding ideological and religious belief systems…The combination of these planet/sign combinations are like trying to put a shape around an amoeba in the hopes that such a confinement will take on some degree of permanence.  Thus there are attempts at creating social structures based on idealized beliefs and the inability for such structures to remain in place. This is a very “slippery” combination!!!  Saturn is a mental planet while Neptune is essentially one that at its highest expression stimulates compassion and universality.  Thus when these two globes are working in harmony, there is the possibility for a social order that is administered with love and inclusivity.  But when Neptune manifests on a less lofty plane of expression, it triggers the lower astral fields of life, attracting the glamor and illusion of martyrdom and religious exclusivity masquerading as universal truth.  Thus the scenario is played out that our religion is the only way to paradise and therefore the only truth acceptable and worthy of life.  When Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius square, authority is given to limited and limiting religious and political doctrines.”

The recent unjustified shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the subsequent horrors of the Dallas attacks on the police are other manifestations of this T-Square.  Authority representing Law (Saturn in Sagittarius) comes into conflict (square) with prejudiced belief systems (racism) resulting in martyrdom (Neptune in Pisces). The nodal axis indicates the involvement of large groups of people (lunar nodes=tribal consciousness and the instinctual urge of self-preservation).

The Dallas shootings took place on July 7th and began at 08.58pm (according to Wikipedia).  At the end of the following paragraphs (written and published on my Facebook pages on July 4th), I will present to you the horoscope of that date and time as well as some further astrological observations:

“July 4: Astrological Commentaries from Bali. Hello everyone. This is the summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) of the Saturn-Neptune square and if you have important points at 9-10-11-12 degrees of the mutable signs, or the fire or the water signs and/or if Saturn or Neptune is the ruler of your Ascendant or Sun (i.e. Capricorn or Pisces) then this is the “summer or winter of your discontent.” On a mundane level, it will (has already begun) to be that way, no matter what our signs or degrees (including Brexiters and Trumpetters) as we all live as cells within a collective body. So here are a few things to observe, things that will express more personally the more intimately the Saturn/Neptune square affects our lives:

1. Trying to put a form around beliefs–as in: What is the PURPOSE for ISIL other than creating chaos and expressing the perversion of sexual energy? Hmmm…perhaps that IS the purpose, one that is expressed through structured and unbalanced belief systems (Saturn/Neptune square in Sagittarius/Pisces–in esoteric language, the perversion of Sixth Ray energy fields–Religion, Devotion. Idealism.)

2. General, unsettled movement and resulting anxiety–as in: The enormous challenges and sadness of the migration crisis and the violence that results when populations of different ethnicities are forced to integrate into foreign populations who mostly do not want them and/or fear “tribal invasions.” Purpose; perhaps to create (eventually) a more integrated “global village” but the terrible cost will be felt across and during the life times of at least three entire generations.

3. The USA Presidential elections and the UK/EU “relationship.” Need I say more????

And you thought you had problems trying to make vacation travel plans, educational decisions, reducing general personal anxiety about your individual/family security and/or belief systems…And the rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in air…everywhere!

OK, deep breath: in fact, the Training and the Teachings tell us that no matter what is in the external life, “we maintain the breath,” we sustain our Self in conscious focus as this is the proof of the link to the Soul/High Self. This is “taking refuge in the Dharma” and walking the “Middle Path.” This is the Way of the Christ; this is the Hope of Glory. This is you and me acting as living and breathing Light Workers, each doing his or her share in the One Work. And who said it would be easy? We work on, we do not stop, we increase our meditation and our prayers and we continue to serve in whatever ways are open to us.  We continue, we sustain…


There are a few highlights of this chart that I would like to point out to you.  Please note that in the following examples, I am just using aspects with the tightest orbs.  This horoscope if interpreted in greater detail and depth says so much more about the profound history underlining this tragic event.

1. As Capricorn rises, the ruler of this horoscope is Saturn in Sagittarius in the 11th House.  Interpretation: the authority of the law in the area of public domain (society).

2. Saturn is at the apex of the T-Square involving Neptune and the Nodes.  Interpretation:  The authority of the law is challenged by a martyr whose belief system is itself contrary to the public good (Neptune in Pisces conjunct the Southern Node square to Saturn in the 11th).

3. Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries; Uranus square Venus on the 7th house cusp; Venus trine Mars; grand trine of Chiron in Pisces to Mars and Venus.  Interpretation:  Public death in a revolutionary manner witnessed by many people of the same (social) family.  The wounded healers are martyred and are praised and supported by the people.

4. Pluto in the 12th opposing the Sun/Mercury in the 6th.  Interpretation:  The hidden enemy representing a tradition of wounds and pain creates death and injuries.

Let us now take a look at the coming astrological month in greater detail.  Please note: all days and times are given in GMT.  As usual, I only make comments about days that feature exact, major aspects.  This entire month as pointed out in my comments above is dominated by the Saturn/Neptune/Node T-Square and is thus the predominate theme no matter what else is taking place in the sky unless otherwise mentioned.

July 24:  Venus inconjunct Pluto at 15.48 Leo/Capricorn.

Not the best day for world financial markets.  People with 15-16 degrees of Leo/Aquarius and/or Cancer/Capricorn strongly situated in their chart may find that financial complications are part of this day’s events.

July 27: Mercury trine Uranus at 24.30 Leo/Aries

In general this is a good day for communicating creative plans and projects with people of the same orientation.   People with 24-25 of the fiery signs (especially Sagittarius) as well as Gemini may feel especially gifted by this aspect in this respect.

July 29: Mercury square Mars at 28.30 Leo/Scorpio

This is an argumentative and aggressive day.  As the Moon is transiting through Gemini today, I know I would avoid traveling about if 28-29 of the fixed signs were prominent in my natal chart, especially if natal Mercury, Mars, and/or the rulers of the 3rd and 9th houses were involved.   Everyone might be better off giving themselves more time to get where you are going in order to avoid additional travel pressures.

August 1: Sun trine Saturn at 09.53 Leo/Sagittarius; Venus trine Uranus at 24.30 Leo/Aries.

What a good day to have natal planets in the fiery signs, especially at 9-10 and 24-25 degrees of these signs.  Friendships and good times surround efforts to get things accomplished.  This is good day for making or executing plans and projects involving group efforts.

August 2: New Moon at 10.58 Leo at 08.46pm.

It is always a good idea to see what house the transiting New Moon occupies relative to your natal chart.  Knowing this will give you a good idea what types of activities are featured or stimulated in your life until the next New Moon.  Example: Should 10.58 of Leo fall in your 7th House, then relationships are featured.

August 3 to August 7: Sun inconjunct Neptune at 11.24 Leo/Pisces (on the 3rd) and Sun inconjunct Pluto at 15.29 Leo/Capricorn on the 7th.

What this creates is a YOD configuration that occupies the sky during these 5 days.  This is like a “wobble of instability” in the collective energy of the planet.  When this YOD is added to the consistent presence of the Saturn/Neptune/Nodes T-Square this month, my sense is that humanity will witness a lot of “weird,” challenging, and rather conflicting situations where idealized notions, religion, and romance are concerned.  As the Moon joins the mutable T-Square on August 5th, this should be the most “wobbly” of the days indicated during this period. But also please note as follows:

August 6: Venus square Mars at 1.30 Virgo/Sagittarius; Mercury square Saturn at 09.49 Virgo/Sagittarius.

There are frequent opportunities today for (a) interpersonal conflicts and/or (b) difficulty in structuring or prioritizing details.  If you have 1-2 degrees of the mutable signs prominent in your chart, especially if Venus, Mars, the Moon or the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses are involved, then situation (a) is likely to dominate.  Natal Mutable positions at 9-10 of these signs (especially if natal Mercury or Saturn is involved) will trigger situation (b) today for you.

August 7: Mercury opposing Neptune at 11.19 Virgo/Pisces.

And the fun continues!  It is very difficult to think or act logically when these two planets oppose one another especially in these signs.  You may feel this is especially the case for you should 11-12 of the mutables (Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces) be prominent in your natal chart (especially if natal Mercury, Saturn, or the Moon are involved).

August 8: Mercury conjunct the Northern Node and opposing the Southern at 12.56 Virgo/Pisces.

Coming as it does on the heels of the previous week, this is like a celestial coup-de-grâce.  I mean a final swing to end a period of serious collective stress.

August 10: Mercury trine Pluto at 15.24 Virgo/Capricorn.

A good day to get at the bottom of things and uncover what may lay under the surface.  Research into and the discovery of more efficient ways “to build a mouse-trap” and/or resolve practical issues definitely get the celestial nod.  Benefits come to 15-16 degrees of the earthy signs, especially Taurus.

August 11-15: Jupiter inconjunct Uranus at 24 Virgo/Aries.

I am a great fan of Jupiter/Uranus aspects as they promote anthropological and sociological interests, two of my favorite topics.  But the inconjunction is not one of my favorite aspects (well, it is to study but not necessarily to experience!).  Here we can find that these five days bring about a number of social clashes between people, each of whom think they have the better solution to social (and most likely, international) problems.  Difficult challenges in terms of international sports and sports teams may also arise during this period.

August 13: Saturn goes direct at 9.47 Sagittarius.

August 14: Venus opposes Neptune at 11.08 Virgo/Pisces.

This is a good day to go see a romantic film but perhaps not to take your own romance that seriously.

August 16: Sun trine Uranus at 24.22 Leo/Aries.

If you like adventure and trying out new things, this is a good day for you.  People with 24-25 degrees of the fiery signs (or Gemini) prominent will especially benefit from such exploits.  If such a position is your Sun or Ascendant, your motto for the day is:  “I got to be me!”

August 17: Venus trine Pluto at 15.18 Virgo/Capricorn.

This is a good day for finances if 15-16 degrees of the earthy signs are important in your chart.  This is especially the case if natal Venus, Jupiter, or the Moon is involved.

August 18: Full Moon at 25.52 Aquarius/Leo.

The focus of this lunation on these two particular signs asks the questions: What is my relationship to my social group and/or political party?  Do these and my other social contacts serve me and do I serve them equally?

August 21: Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 26.02 Virgo.

This is an excellent aspect for the study of any specific area of interest that you have that is of practical worth.  It speaks about gaining those tools, methodologies, and techniques that may prove to be pragmatically beneficial.  On a personal level, this would be more certainly the case if 25-27 degrees of the earthy signs, Cancer, and Scorpio were important features in your natal chart.

With love and blessings to one and all, Alan


All of life is a result of the creative outpouring of the One Life.  As a result, there is no such thing as essential separation; there is only the illusion of separation in terms of the many forms that this Life assumes.  Metaphysics speaks to us about the processes of weaving together the “threads” of this Universal Substance, while astrology reveals much about the nature and purpose of the Weaver in terms of our individual lives as well as the timing of the unfolding of events.            —A.O.

Jupiter is called “Guru” in Vedic (Hindu) astrology.  This is the Sanskrit word meaning, “teacher.”  The lesson that comes through Jupiter is one of fusion: the blending and harmonizing of dualities.  He is especially active when it comes to the integration of the head and heart—the mind and love.  This particular energetic union produces  wisdom.  Jupiter along with the Sun is a conduit for the Second Ray, the Ray of Love/Wisdom, thus supporting our efforts to expand and evolve consciousness.  This quintessentially jovial purpose is revealed through the double rulership that Jupiter holds in traditional astrology.  Jupiter is the “Lord of Wisdom” through Sagittarius, while his rulership over Pisces brings him the title of the “Lord of Love.”

Jupiter is very given over to expansion both in terms of mind and body.  When afflicted and acting out through the unenlightened ego, he gives rise to the “know-it-all.”  When this is extended to the realms of philosophy and religion, he becomes the inquisitor, the bigot, the extremist, and the fanatic.  Jupiter also produces large people and is definitely associated with obesity when in difficult aspect to the Ascendant or Moon.  Even if Jupiter’s afflictions do not produce physically overweight people, his strong association by square, opposition, or conjunction in the chart to the Sun, produce an individual who tends to be “larger than life.”  He or she embodies the philosophy expounded in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” that states:  “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”  This statement was probably meant for someone with a strong affliction of either Jupiter in Libra or Jupiter in Aquarius!

The blessings which result from Jupiter’s beneficent presence in the chart are also huge, the particular abundance arising from two primary places: the house in which Jupiter sits natally and the houses which Jupiter rules in the birth map.  Thus it is a very safe assessment on the part of an astrologer who is studying the horoscope of someone with, let us say, a well placed Jupiter in the Ninth House ruling Sagittarius on the Second House cusp and Pisces on the Fourth:  “You will derive many benefits from long-distant travel, the study of philosophy, and teaching.  Publishing may also be an area that brings positive results for you.  You may find that at some time in your life, you will live abroad, especially in the last phase of your life.  Money is earned by you through all activities associated with the Ninth House.”

The positively expansive nature of our huge neighbor in space (11 Earths can make a belt along Jupiter’s equator!) results in a generous individual, much more open in heart than projective of personal ego.  We can thus count on Jupiter to be a potential celestial benefactor, certainly when his transits are positively linked to the natal chart.  Like all planets, Jupiter prefers several of the signs more than others and enjoys going through some of the houses of the natal and is less comfortable in other domiciles of the chart.  In this respect, the following list may prove helpful to the reader, but do keep in mind that what follows always varies according to the aspects Jupiter makes to the other natal planets and the natal chart itself.  No one said that astrology was not a complex study!

Jupiter in Aries—favorable

Jupiter in Taurus—neutral to favorable when touching other planets in earthy signs

Jupiter in Gemini—neutral to mildly unfavorable

Jupiter in Cancer—very favorable

Jupiter in Leo—favorable

Jupiter in Virgo—unfavorable

Jupiter in Libra—favorable

Jupiter in Scorpio—unfavorable

Jupiter in Sagittarius—very favorable

Jupiter in Capricorn—unfavorable

Jupiter in Aquarius—neutral

Jupiter in Pisces—very favorable

In terms of the houses, Jupiter bestows his blessings wherever he goes.  His difficult aspects in any sign or house—“Jupiter trouble”—are a result of counting too much on his benefits and thinking that his transits will last longer than they do.  Transits by definition are “transitory” and those of Jupiter to any point of the chart generally last from a week to ten days.  A safe rule of thumb is:  Don’t exaggerate Jupiter’s benefits, just count your blessings while they are happening.

As we look forwards into 2009, after January 5th, Jupiter will spend the entire year in Aquarius.  Let us therefore take the transits of Jupiter through the houses of the natal chart as it moves through the Water Bearer.  It would be of benefit at this point for the reader to refer to his or her natal chart to see where Jupiter in Aquarius falls in your horoscope.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the First House:  No matter what the sign may be, whenever Jupiter occupies the First, you will find that your urge for self-expression expands.  There will be a definite urge to widen one’s horizons and to reach out more fully into life.  When the sign is Aquarius this particular orientation will extend into the realm of social relationships.  You have a particular philosophy of life and you will want as many people to know about your beliefs as possible.  This may easily be a time when you find yourself attracted to humanitarian and/or spiritual groups that support your need to be among “your own.”  You may be challenged by your need to project your personal philosophy over the collective context of the groups you seek to join.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Second House:  When Jupiter is positive in this domicile it can bring an abundance of cash.  But take care of the times when Jupiter afflicts from this house (especially when in opposition or square to Venus and/or to the ruler of the Second).  You will then find that you are spending far more than you are earning.  When in Aquarius in this sign, you will seek out ways to use and expand your personal resources through your social connections.  You may thus seek to engage in group projects that increase income.  The difficulty of this position is that if you are not careful, you will tend to dissipate your financial base by being connected with too many people doing too many projects simultaneously.  The key to success now is right circulation and the ability to curb idealism.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Third House:  Jupiter in this position inclines one to travel and learning.  There is the distinct urge to expand the mind beyond, adding those intellectual tools that will serve you well.  When positive, Aquarius inclines us to individualize our interests. Thus you may well find yourself attracted to group situations where highly specialized learning is possible.  When weak (and personal discrimination and direction are lacking), the tendency is to take too many courses, go to too many seminars, and generally adopt a “guru-of-the-month-club” attitude.  The urge for mental expansion may thus result in a scattering of one’s intellectual forces.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Fourth House:  As Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, he likes “visiting” the Fourth House, the Moon’s natural home.  When in this domicile, he brings benefits to one’s domestic life.  When favorable, he may easily auger the move to a large house.  On more subtle levels (especially when in the watery signs), he expands our need to expand and enrich our subjective, inner life.  As Jupiter moves through Aquarius in this house, he opens the door to both your inner and outer home to friends and interesting people.  This is often a good time for those of you so inclined to offer teaching opportunities from your house.  When afflicting the chart from this position, you may find that there are too many domestic social activities and too many people coming through your doors.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Fifth House:  Jupiter enjoys life and the Fifth is the “House of pleasures.”  His presence here will open up more possibilities for enjoyment.  It is also an excellent placement to expand the scope of your creative self-expression. Benefits may also arise from our relationships to children and young people in general.  When in Aquarius, such pleasures will come through friendships and group associations.  The challenges come from trying to enjoy ourselves with too many activities with too many people as well as the tendency to dissipate our creative focus.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Sixth House:  Jupiter’s effects on this domicile can be excellent for expansive possibilities in the work area of life.  It is also very good for exploring those dynamics of education that can serve the individual well in his or her process of self-development.  Aquarius here points to a social direction for such activities.  As such, one may be inclined to engage in team/group efforts in the accomplishment of work related goals and projects as well as travels undertaken to achieve such aims.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Seventh House: In general, Jupiter brings benefits through Seventh House activities as there is a natural positive affinity between Jupiter and the natural ruler of this domicile, Venus.  When in Aquarius, much good can come into our lives through our group relationships as well as our close associations with friends.  This is an especially positive indication of expansion and potentially new learning experiences through our social contacts in general and our partner in particular.  When afflicting other planets from this position, for example transiting Jupiter in Aquarius square to Neptune in Scorpio, there may be too much idealism or disillusion and deceit within our personal interchanges.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eighth House:  This is a powerful life period that speaks about the transformation of our belief systems.  Such events can be experienced in a most positive way as we profit from Jupiter’s expansive call and widen our understanding of life.   Yet such effort may well require the abandonment of previously held beliefs and philosophies.  Nothing ever happens through the Eighth House without some form of transformation!  When the sign Aquarius is involved, this transformation of our belief system may ask us to leave behind a previous group of people with whom we have shared such creeds and/or introduce us to new groups of individuals who may take us on the next step of our spiritual journey.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Ninth House:  This is Jupiter’s favorite House position for it is his own.  It is here that he is most “at home” and where he can wield a lot of influence.  This is most likely a time in our lives when travel, spiritual growth, and educational possibilities come into view.  The addition of the influence of Aquarius is also quite positive as the natural sign of the Ninth; Sagittarius is very favorably linked to the Water Bearer.  Thus the individual having this transit may easily find him or herself involved in group interactions that highlight Jupiter’s beneficial effects when in this domicile.  Should Jupiter make some difficult aspects from this position, say a square to natal Saturn in Taurus, the individual is likely to find it difficult to rid him or herself from established and deeply imbedded values, thus making it difficult to adapt to new belief systems.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Tenth House:  Jupiter’s passage through the MC and into the Tenth can indicate a time of tremendous success in life—at the very least it will open the door to expansion in one’s career.  When creating hard aspects from this position however, Jupiter can falsely raise the level of one’s expectations for success, bring too much idealism into a more down-to-earth life situation, or especially when in Aquarius, expand one’s hopes and wishes beyond realistic possibilities.  The presence of the Water Bearer here may widen the individual’s communicative potential, thus extending the influence of his or her belief system into society.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Eleventh House:  This is quite a positive and strong position for Jupiter is in the house that Aquarius naturally rules.  Jupiter’s passage here will expand an individual’s social contacts and give one ample opportunity to come into contact with those groups and organizations that can prove to be of benefit to the individual and vice-versa.  There will be ample opportunity to share one’s belief systems with people of like minds as well as disseminate such viewpoints into society in general.

Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in the Twelfth House:  As Jupiter is the natural co-ruler of Pisces, his placement in the Twelfth is agreeable to his basic nature.  Here he is capable of bringing benefits into one’s life from unknown sources.  This planet/house combination is also very good for religious, philosophical and metaphysical studies.  When in Aquarius, it is quite possible that the individual will be inclined to become a member of an esoteric group or organization.  When afflicting from this position, there is the tendency to listen to false prophets and be taken in by fanciful belief systems that have no basis at all in occult or metaphysical truth.


The integrated astrologer is a man or woman who has developed the art of astrological synthesis.  This is a person who is both an intellectual and an intuitive, one whose intent is spiritual.  This person has the ability to guide the client into the next cycle of the unfolding of life.  The integration of which I speak is the natural result of the fusion of mind and heart as the expression of human consciousness.  When intellect is coupled with intuition (which is itself a product of love), the potential for healing emerges.          –AO                                                                                                          

As this is the beginning of the New Year and the time for assessing and reassessing one’s life goals, it might be helpful for us to take another look at the Midheaven and the circumstances surrounding the Tenth House. Before the time of one’s first Saturn return at about the age of 29, the Ascendant ranks as the most important indicator of the personality and the focus of one’s life expression.  Indeed, before the solidification of life purpose and the integration of one’s “equipment” to engage in life as an adult (all products of “Saturn’s Birthday” by transit to its natal position), a person is a distinct product of the rising sign.  At this period, for good or ill, the personality has become the vehicle through which the individual tells the world, “Here I am and this is me!”  Yet more is expected by society from a given individual than this simple egocentric statement.   By the time of Saturn’s first return, you are expected to have a professional description attached to your ego.  This “CV” entitles you to a certain function that marks your place in society, which is described by the MC (Midheaven), the cusp of the Tenth House.

Thus the Tenth House expresses the nature of your career, the particular kind of professional contribution you are to make to the collective, and indicates (via the conditions of the ruler of the MC and planets within the Tenth) your level of potential success in the material world.  If the nature of the sign on the Ascendant and the whole of the First House speak about Who you are, the Tenth reveals what the possibilities are in terms of your achievements as an individual.  Thus it is that the Ascendant discloses potentiality while the Midheaven expresses the maturation and ripening of that potential.  The astrological circumstances surrounding the Tenth House show the means by which the individual fulfills his or her responsibilities both to oneself (Ascendant) and to the world in general (Midheaven).  In addition, the MC and the placement of its ruling planet tell the astrologer the type of contribution this individual is likely to make and the nature of the profession through which this will most likely be accomplished.

The Tenth is also known as the “House of Culmination” as it gathers together our potential and actual resources (found in the Second House), integrates these with the methods and processes we have developed through our various jobs (found in the Sixth House), and then synthesizes all of this into a cohesive package ready for marketing!  This is quite the task and it is no wonder that Saturn, the astrological Task Master, is the natural ruler of this part of the natal map.  In this article and in this month especially, I want to focus on Saturn’s primary sign, Capricorn and its position in your horoscope.  As Capricorn is the natural ruler of the Midheaven, in whichever house the celestial Mountain Goal is found, it will be there where you will also find another major key to your worldly success.

Capricorn consolidates and in its determined attitude creates patterns of behavior that lead to the discipline necessary for achievement, status, and social mobility.  It is very aware of the power structure in which it has to play out its part in life and as a cardinal sign is highly motivated to create that structure within which it lives.  It is no coincidence that in the natural astrological wheel, Capricorn occupies the position at the zenith of the zodiac for this is a sign that likes to direct, organize, and administer power.  Wherever Capricorn is placed in the natal chart it will seek to dominate and will be very sensitive to the forces that try to take its “rightful place” as the commander, boss, and director of any enterprise.  Capricorn takes its time for after all Saturn, its planetary ruler, was known in Greek mythology as “Chronos” from which we get our word, chronology.

What follows is a discussion of the meaning of Capricorn as it rules each of the houses of the horoscope. Should Capricorn be an intercepted sign, it should be considered as the co-ruler of the house in which it is found. If you combine this influence along with what you already know about the Midheaven and the position of Saturn in the chart, you will get a rather comprehensive view of these sensitive and major placements in your natal horoscope.

Capricorn on the cusp of the First House:  There is a distinct need to project an image of self-control and self-discipline into the world.  It is very important for this person to maintain and sustain this image while building upon it rather than changing it.  When used wisely, the energies of the Mountain Goat in this position can give the steadfastness leading to great achievement as well as the ability to overcome any obstacles in one’s path.  This sign on the Ascendant of the chart bestows long-range vision, patience and insight.  Duty, tradition and a sense of personal responsibilities are other traits that characterize this individual.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Second House: The Mountain Goat has a careful and cautious approach to the use of personal resources.  One of the primary ways that the individual either gains status and position in the world with Capricorn on the Second is through the correct understanding of how to structure and budget one’s money.  Right responsibility to one’s own talents and the use of one’s resources will definitely pay off in the long run.  Thus the cultivation of right habit patterns in regards to saving and spending are important keys to material success.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Third House: The cultivation of a good education and the accumulation of knowledge specific to one’s career goals are major indications of success with Capricorn in this position.  This sign/cusp combination indicates a very practical turn of mind.  Pragmatism in all things is one’s attitude to dealing with life.  The early environment may have been challenging (especially if Saturn is afflicted in the natal chart), for there is the tendency to have had many early duties and responsibilities to one’s siblings.  Thus the individual may have taken on a parental role relative to his brothers and sisters.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Fourth House:  The tendency is to be quite attached to inherited behavioral habit patterns.  This can give rise to a person who builds her life upon established family traditions or a person who is so circumscribed by the past that freedom of individual choice is limited.  Rising up out of such psychological restrictions is an important test, the overcoming of which will be an important factor in shaping an individual’s success in the world.  If the indications are positive however, this position is excellent for creating the outer structure of one’s life based on solid foundations, family help, and practical common sense.  Note: If Saturn is afflicted, the person may experience the absence or loss of a parent at an early age.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Fifth House:  Capricorn is by nature a very unadventurous sign and the Fifth is the “house of pleasures and speculation.”  As a result, investments may be quite conservative and pleasures limited to what is safe and can be controlled.  On the other hand, Capricorn is also known as the “sign of habits” and should the individual be so inclined (Saturn square or opposed Neptune, for example), he may cultivate habitual and negative habits relative to gambling or other forms of hedonism.  Children also belong in the Fifth.  Capricorn on this cusp may give few offspring or one might find oneself with prolonged and difficult duties to one’s children.  Step parenting or having adopted or foster children are other common indications of this position.  Lovers are usually not plentiful for Capricorn’s conservative attitude also applies to romance, but when there is such an intimate relationship, it is usually treated with respect and responsibility.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Sixth House:  This pragmatic position leads one to try to make the most out of any job.  The urge to advance in one’s work sphere is very strong as well as the inclination to be organized and efficient.  This is an individual who takes her job seriously, sometimes too seriously and may find that she is placing too great a sense of responsibility upon her own shoulders.  If one is too controlling on the job, it will place a strain on relationship with co-workers or employees.  If Saturn is afflicted in the chart, health, especially chronic conditions, may be a problem in life (this would be especially the case if Saturn also afflicts the Sun or Moon).  Pets are usually quite important to this person as one has a very responsible attitude for animals (or plants!) in their care.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Seventh House:  This sign/cusp combination means that Cancer is on the Ascendant, indicating the need for emotional stability.  With Capricorn on the cusp of the Seventh this urge may extend itself into a tendency to having relationships with older, established people, i.e. parental figures.  It also indicates that there is a special need to come in contact with people in authority but beware—people with Capricorn on the Seventh often like to be the authority in their relationships.  This means that very often there are power conflicts with others for the individual may be attracted to the same quality in others (in this case authority and power) that she seeks in her relationships to exhibit herself.  In any event, the definite tendency is to seek those partnerships that help one advance in life.  Should Saturn be afflicted, especially to Venus, such partnerships can have the opposite effect.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Eighth House:  The Eighth is the house of other people’s resources.  When negative, Capricorn on this cusp gives the tendency to take control over and manipulate other people’s money or when positive, to use this trait for the control, structure, and disciple required to help increase other people’s wealth.  As the house of sex, the Mountain Goat here can indicate a conservative and respectful relationship to this matter or it can make a person sexually restricted and restrained.  In the extreme, it can give rise to some very difficult circumstances surrounding sex such as the urge to dominate others through the control of the sexual content within relationships.  In terms of death, if Saturn is well aspected (especially in an earthy sign), Capricorn on this cusp is traditionally associated with longevity.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Ninth House: The orientation to higher education has to conform to the individual’s overall plan for her life goals.  This is not an indication of a person who cultivates knowledge for knowledge sake but one who instead, has a definite program in mind.  There can be a strong love or hate for organized and traditional religion.  The latter is often the result of parental and family conditioning and the early circumstances of childhood.  Was religion a restrictive expression of parental or social power or was religion an extensive of love and caring?  The answer to this question will serve to determine the attitude of the adult to the matter.  History, archeology, and architecture may be of sincere interest to a person with this natal position.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Tenth House:  As one would imagine, this sign/cusp combination is the epitome of an individual with strong ambitions and a great need for worldly success.  The urge to achieve an esteemed place in society is another important factor in such an individual’s life.  Will this be accomplished?  As in everything else in astrology, the entire map has to be examined but the chances will be much improved if Saturn is strong and well aspected.  Typically this is a person who will work long and hard to achieve her goals.  There will be many setbacks along the way as such a person experiences the word “no” as a personal barrier.  But this is also a person who will never take “no” for an answer.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Eleventh House: Hopes, wishes, and aspirations have to have a practical orientation to be considered real by an individual with this sign/cusp combination.  By nature, this is a person who is a responsible and organized administrator when it comes to working with groups and organizations.  Yet, if personal aspirations are too lofty and egocentric, this position will impede positive relationships with peers, friends, and co-workers.  Such an attitude will only serve to hold the entire group back from achieving its collective goals.  When positive, Capricorn on the Eleventh indicates a person who is very connected to the idea that each person should contribute to the group in ways that are fair and just and that the group should return its resources to the individual in kind.

Capricorn on the cusp of the Twelfth House:  When positive in the horoscope of a soul-centered individual, this sign/cusp combination indicates a person with the need to understand the inner structure behind outer events.  Thus this is a great contribution factor to one who is metaphysically inclined.  On a more down-to-earth level, this position can contribute to the sense that people and forces working behind the scenes against one’s goals and plans are undermining one’s personal power.  When positive, this is a person who acts as the “power behind the throne”, lending energy and support to others in ways that often too subtle to be seen but are nonetheless felt.  If the person is genuinely well intended, Capricorn on the Twelfth thus contributes greatly to a benevolent leader.